Can dogs eat raisins? Grape Toxicity, Symptoms of Poisoning in Dogs


The idea that dogs should not eat grapes or foods processed from grapes was initially thought to be a folk saying, but now it has been proven that raisins and grapes are indeed toxic to dogs. Grapes of any kind are harmful to any breed of dog. What's more, it only takes a very small amount to cause serious damage to your dog.

Some dogs are naturally attracted to raisins and grapes, whether stored in the pantry or the vineyard, and they will seek them out. Unfortunately, pet owners even use raisins as a training treat, and some use them as a healthy snack alternative.

I. Toxicity of grapes

The Animal Toxicity Database can help you understand the toxicity of grapes, and in some cases of sudden kidney failure, dogs have had the same thing happen: they all ate raisins or grapes before kidney failure set in. Stories abound about dogs being sickened by grapes, including a 65-pound Labrador retriever who became very ill after eating a 12-gram box of raisins.

The damage to dogs from grapes or raisins is not limited to toxicity, and the serving size may be one serving of grapes or raisins, one grape or raisin, or one gram. Raisins, the dried version of grapes, appear to be more harmful to dogs. Researchers are still trying to determine what the actual toxins of the fruit are to dogs, which are still unknown. Some potential ones may include mycotoxins (fungal toxins), pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals.

A small grape can cause acute renal insufficiency

What is the difference between acute renal insufficiency and chronic renal insufficiency? The difference is that the former has a rapid onset and serious consequences but timely treatment can provide good relief, while the latter has a slow onset and even no symptoms, but it cannot be cured only long-term treatment and care to prevent a recurrence.

1 raisin may kill the dog's life, of the main causes of acute renal insufficiency

1, one of the causes of acute renal insufficiency: eating grapes that should not be eaten
Dogs eat grapes, raisins and bread cookies containing raisins may cause acute renal insufficiency, perhaps your dog ate nothing but does not have a fluke, because it is likely to cause sudden death of dogs. If you find that your dog, who usually has a very good appetite, suddenly loses interest in everything and also vomits poorly, do not hesitate to send your dog to the hospital immediately for an examination. The treatment of acute renal insufficiency lies promptly, the timely delivery of medical care may save a dog's life.

2, the original kidney stone disease of the dog
Kidney stones are likely to block the urethra of the dog, urination is not timely and incomplete will cause the kidney burden, thus causing acute renal insufficiency, so how the dog has stones, then timely treatment, otherwise it will develop into chronic kidney disease can not be cured, the dog will be more painful later, treatment costs and nutrition costs will be very high.

3, the use of analgesics side effects
Dogs have had surgery or dental treatment and other processes used analgesics, some dogs have a certain sensitive reaction to analgesics, resulting in an outbreak of acute renal insufficiency, so dogs using anesthetic analgesics must be consulted in detail, without the owner's permission doctors are not allowed to use analgesics for dogs and cats without permission.

Can dogs eat raisins? Grape Toxicity, Symptoms of Poisoning in Dogs

II. Symptoms of poisoning in dogs

Vomiting and nervous (hyperactive) behavior occur immediately after ingestion of grapes within 24 hours, and diarrhea may also occur. Vomit and feces may contain some undigested grapes or raisins.
The danger in New Year's Eve treats is that grapes are poison for dogs, even if they are raisins
After 24 hours, the dog may become anorexic and lethargic. In addition, the abdomen may be painful and the dog may stop watering and urinating. Eventually, this can lead to kidney failure. Without aggressive treatment, many dogs will die. If you notice these symptoms in your dog, it is important to contact your veterinarian immediately to help remove the toxins from your dog's body.

If the raisins or grapes were ingested within 2 hours, the veterinarian will remove the toxins from the body by doing something to cause the dog to vomit, and then apply activated charcoal to absorb any toxins that remain in the body. The dog will also require aggressive intravenous fluid therapy to maintain kidney health. Depending on the situation, the dog may also require additional kidney medication. If owners suspect that their pet has consumed grapes or raisins, regardless of the amount ingested, it is important to contact your veterinarian immediately.

Many owners like to feed their dogs fruit, but grapes must not be fed. It is well documented that dogs are unusually sensitive to sugar, and grapes contain a fairly high level of glucose and fructose, twenty percent in fresh grapes and forty percent in raisins. If a dog accidentally eats grapes, then it can cause acute kidney failure, if the owner does not understand the failure to seek medical attention in time, it is easy to miss the best opportunity to rescue the dog to lose his life.

Some people point out that dogs eat grapes, even if they are lucky not to die of poisoning, the future of the dog's body is also very harmful, grapes contain too much sugar, and the dog's physiology is not like people, can be discharged from various places, only from the kidneys slowly consumed out of the body, if the dog eats too much food containing sugar and salt, long-term, will lead to the death of the dog's kidney failure.

According to the pet doctor: grape-induced signs of poisoning often occur within 6 hours symptoms, manifested as mental depression, vomiting and diarrhea, loss of appetite, vomit or excrement may have residues of grapes, the typical symptoms are the same as acute gastroenteritis. Most dogs will begin to experience acute renal failure within 24-72 hours. Initially, there is no urine production or the amount of urine is too small, and dehydration and binge drinking is common. At this time, the ca, p, and uremic index in the blood will rise, and dogs with complications of uremia will often die if they are not properly medically treated.

Three, dog food tips

1. Dogs can't eat raisins
Dogs are sensitive to sugars, and raisins contain more than 40% fructose. Raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs.

2, dogs can not eat onions
Onions contain a toxic substance, dogs can oxidize hemoglobin after consumption, vomiting, diarrhea; mental depression, and other symptoms. Causes acute hemolytic anemia and damage to the bone marrow. Long-term feeding of a small number of onions can appear as chronic poisoning, manifested as xanthogranuloma and anemia. Mild cases can recover naturally. Severe cases should be a blood transfusion.

3, dogs can not eat chocolate
The theobromine in chocolate can cause dog poisoning. The purer the chocolate, the greater the chance of poisoning. Chocolate poisoning can cause vomiting and diarrhea, frequent urination, hyperactivity, rapid heartbeat, and respiration eventually leading to death.

4, dogs can not drink coffee, tea, and caffeine-containing beverages
Coffee and tea contain caffeine or tea polyphenols, a stimulant that will accelerate blood flow and lead to a faster heartbeat. Dogs with low tolerance, to the stimulation of stimulants, there will be cardiac arrest or even die.

5, dogs can not eat macadamia nuts, not suitable for eating nuts
Macadamia nuts are one of the most harmful foods for dogs. It is deadly. A little bit will make the dog nauseous and vomit muscle cramps. In severe cases, the dog's life will be threatened. Nuts contain too much fat, and protein, which is not conducive to the dog's digestion but also causes the corresponding disease.

6, baby dogs are not suitable for drinking milk
Baby dogs drink milk, there will be diarrhea and vomiting phenomenon, and serious dehydration will die. Because the composition of dog milk and milk is opposite, dog milk contains high protein, high fat, and low lactose, milk contains low protein, low fat, and high lactose, the baby dog's gut can not absorb and digest milk...

7, dogs are not suitable for eating raw eggs
Raw egg protein can combine with biotin in the dog's intestines, making biotin inactive. Dogs will be depressed, lose appetite, have anemia, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, etc... Eggs should be cooked and then given to the dog.

8, the dog is not suitable for eating too salty food
Because the dog sweat glands are too weak, dogs only have sweat glands on the soles of their feet. There are almost no sweat glands. Dogs are heat dissipation through breathing, salt is very difficult to excrete out of the body. Over time, it causes heart and kidney disease in dogs, leading to organ aging. Affect the life of the dog.

9, dogs can not eat tomatoes
Tomatoes contain alkaloids and atropine, and the dog's gut is not adaptable. Some dogs will be drowsy after eating tomatoes, drooling, breathing difficulties, vomiting, convulsions, and pupils dilated.

10, dogs can not eat avocado
Avocado pulp peel kernels contain glyceric acid, which dogs can not metabolize, which will cause vomiting diarrhea, breathing difficulties, and chest and abdominal cavity fluid. Severe death will occur.

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