What do dogs usually do? What do puppies do at home alone?


Do you know, whenever you go to work, what the dog is doing? It turns out they all like to do these things, so let's take a look!

I. What do puppies do when they are home alone?

1. like to be alone
When the owner goes to work, many dogs like to be alone, lying motionless for a while, sometimes getting up and walking a few steps, then looking in a certain direction.
If your dog is in this situation, then you can prepare some toys for it, so the dog will not be so bored!

2, like to look out the window
When the owner went to work, the dog can kill time, then probably is staring at the outside world, looking at the scenery outside the window and birds, and other small animals, it will also be very pleased.
When the owner returns home from work, should take the dog out for a walk!

3銆丩ike to sleep on the sofa
After the owner went to work, the dog is sleeping most of the time, it will prefer to sleep on the sofa, because this place is comfortable, and there is the owner's smell.
As long as the owner's scent, the dog will think that the owner is around, and sleep will be more solid!

4銆丷un around at home
Some dogs are particularly athletic, when the owner went to work, they will be at home to vent their energy, and well-behaved dogs will run around by themselves.
If it is a more naughty dog, then it may demolish the home!

5, like to chew things
When the owner went to work, some dogs will like to chew things, such as chew toys, chew bones, chew wall dust, chew shoes, and so on, so that it can help grind teeth, but also relieve boredom.
But if your dog will also eat shoes, socks, eat wall dust, then it means that it is lack elements, which is a symptom of omnivory, it is recommended that the owner promptly give it additional elements, or choose a vitamin and trace elements are comprehensive dog food, here will not start this topic, interested pet owners, you can click below to learn more

6銆乄aiting for you to come home
Some dogs are particularly understanding, they may spend most of the day lying at the door because it does so is waiting for the master to leave work, to be able to hear the master's footsteps in time.
If your dog will greet you every day after work, then reward it well!

7, always look at the door
After the master left, the dog still can't accept the fact that the master left home and kept staring at the door.
The dog will stare at the door and wait for the owner to come home, during which time most of its energy is spent looking at the door.
Feeling a little thirsty, it will take the initiative to drink water, feel like peeing, and will also pee back to continue to stare at the door.
When it is sleepy, it will lie down on the ground to sleep, sleep for a while, wake up and continue to look at the door, just looking forward to the master coming home soon.

8, into separation anxiety
If the dog is usually more sticky, inner, and timid, then it will lack security at home alone.
Very easy to fall into a state of separation anxiety, at home will appear to howl more than behavior.
As long as you hear movement outside, the dog will appear dry howling, scratching the door, picking the floor, and other behaviors, as a way to attract the attention of people outside.
Separation anxiety dogs, most can not leave the master, it is recommended that the owner more training to train its independence, better for its physical and mental health!

9, sleep at home
The dog's personality is more stable and mature class, usually, when they are at home, they will prefer to sleep.
Sleep on the floor for a while, and jump on the sofa to sleep for a while, or go to bed, always sleep at home, at most to change the location.
With the help of sleep, the dog will feel that time passes quickly, and all of a sudden he will be able to see his master and play and interact with him and go out together sooner.

II. What are the habits of dogs?

1, The dog is an omnivorous animal but likes to eat meat. When feeding, it is necessary to formulate more animal protein and fat in the feed, supplemented with vegetarian ingredients to ensure the normal development and healthy body of the dog.
2, the dog's digestive tract is shorter than herbivores, the dog's stomach hydrochloric acid content in the domestic animals in the first place, coupled with a thick intestinal wall absorption capacity, so it is easy and suitable for the digestion of meat food.
3, the dog is a family, not chew when eating, which can be described as "wolf swallowing". If you want to feed coarse fiber vegetables, it is best to cut up or cooked vegetables.
4, the dog's defecation center is not developed enough, can not defecate in the march, so we have to give it a certain defecation time.
5, the dog likes to chew. This is also the original when tearing prey left behind by the habit. We should often give it some dog bones when feeding (dog chew gum, can not feed it poultry bones, pigs and cattle, it is best not to feed, otherwise it may choke), to facilitate the grinding of teeth.
6, the dog has unique self-defense, after eating toxic food, can cause a vomiting reaction and vomit out the toxic food.
7, hot summer, dogs open their mouths wide, hanging a long tongue, relying on water evaporation in saliva to heat.
8, dogs in groups, there is a "hierarchy" and master-slave relationship. The establishment of such an order will be able to maintain the stability of the group, reduce the competition for food, and living space and cause fierce fighting.
9, when the dog is lying down, always turn around to see if there is any danger around, to make sure there is no danger, then will sleep.
10, the dog's neck and back like to be caressed. Try not to touch the top of the head, because this will make it feel depressed and dizzy. In addition, the buttocks and tail should not be touched. "Dogs can't change their ways", which is the biggest vice of dogs and must be corrected.
11. The dog's code of behavior towards strangers is to judge the strength of the opponent according to the height of his sight. As soon as the stranger approaches, the sense of oppression from above will make it uneasy, if it adopts a low posture, it will accept you. If it is lower than the height of its eyes to see when it will make it more at ease. The dog's weakness is on the right side, and it will act to protect the right side. When it is being chased to the wall, it will let its right side against the wall and put the left side to face the enemy. This habit is inherent in the dog***. Dogs let people look at its belly to show each other as submissive and surrender.
12, there are certain rules in the dog society, they never attack the opponent who falls to reveal his belly. The dog will lie down with its belly to the sky when it sleeps to show that it is very comfortable or trusting before it will let people see or let people touch its belly. By the way, the only animals that can violate the conventions of cruelty among their kind are humans and birds. Dogs like people more than their kind, not only because people can take care of them, and give them food and shelter. The main reason is that the dog has built a relationship with human companions. Dogs have a strong sense of protection for their masters.
13, in terms of memory, the dog for once and has had a close relationship with people, it seems to never forget his voice, and at the same time they lived in the place can also remember. But some people believe that the dog is relying on its sensory acuity to recognize the sound of familiar people and recognize places. Dogs love to sniff anything. Sniffing territory marks, new food, poison, feces, urine, etc. When a dog is out roaming, we often see it constantly urinating or crouching down to defecate, spreading its feces on the road. And it is relying on these "stink marks" to walk. Dogs like to chase creatures. Such as chasing and killing small animals. Chasing rabbits, cats, sheep, etc., and even chasing and biting humans, people use this characteristic of the dog so that it drives sheep, and cattle and protect humans themselves.
14, when the dog is sick, will *** avoid humans or other dogs, hiding in the shade to recover or die, this is a kind of "ancestral phenomenon". The ancestors of the dog are living in groups, the dog group if there are sick or injured, other dogs will kill it, so as not to be implicated or fall in line after suffering. This point should be brought to the attention of the dog owner or breeder, and should promptly ask the veterinarian. Dogs dislike alcohol the most. In the veterinary hospital the dog when the injection, before the rubbing alcohol, performs obediently. Once the alcohol is rubbed, the dog smells the smell, and the hair immediately stands up and growls. Dogs are afraid of fire, so anything that smokes, it does not like, such as scratching matches, smoking, etc...
15, the dog tail action is also a "language". Although different types of dogs, the shape and size of their tails vary, their tail movements express the general similarity of meaning. Generally, when excited or happy to see the master, it will wag its head and tail, tail not only swaying from side to side but also constantly rotating; tail up, indicating joy; tail down, implying danger; tail not moving, showing unease: tail up, indicating fear; rapid horizontal wagging tail, symbolizing friendliness. The movement of the dog's tail is also related to the tone of the owner.

What do dogs usually do? What do puppies do at home alone?

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