Can dogs eat cured meat? Puppy Feeding Precautions


Can dogs eat cured meats

No. It's definitely harmful.
Salt is a condiment, and eating too much salt for a long time can cause many diseases in humans, not to mention that the body structure of dogs is different from that of humans, and dogs can easily get sick and even die if they eat salty meat for a long time. As long as the salt content of food, should be controlled, do not give dogs to eat.

First: lead to diarrhea and vomiting

Dogs will be thirsty if they eat too salty, so they need to drink a lot of water, so that the dog's body salt and water out of balance, will lead to loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting and other situations.

Second: the dog will get fire

Dogs ingest too much salt, it is easy to get on fire, such as dogs will appear tear marks or have a lot of eye droppings, etc., then you can feed your dog some duck meat, duck meat is cool, has the effect of reducing fire, you can also feed some fire reduction of honeysuckle tea.

Third: dogs will be picky eaters

Dogs eat too salty food for a long time, will not eat the taste of light dog food, long-term so it is easy for dogs to form the bad habit of picky eating, affecting the health of dogs.

Fourth: there are skin diseases

Dogs eat too salty, the body's salt overload, it is easy to aggravate the dog hair loss, serious cases will also get skin disease, so to control the intake of dog salt, dog food is best to choose some light and low salt.

Fifth: will die of kidney failure

Dogs eat too salty for a long time, the excess salt in the body can not be well discharged, it will parent dog kidney burden, serious will also die of kidney failure. If a dog has kidney failure, it is very difficult to detect, and once it is detected, the dog is hopeless.

Can dogs eat cured meat? Puppy Feeding Precautions

Can dogs eat ham hocks

Dogs can eat ham sausage, but it is best to choose ham sausage for pets. The ham sausage people eat, made from cured meat, has a heavy human taste and the ham sausage has a heavy salt taste. Giving your dog long-term human ham sausage can easily lead to picky eating, unbalanced nutrition and easy kidney failure. And pet ham sausage is specifically dog custom-made, more in line with the health of the dog, but also can not eat too much, in order to raise a good dog, snacks should be fed less.

The consequences of too much ham sausage for dogs

1, allergy risk

Some dogs are allergic to ham sausage, a large amount of food may cause redness, abscesses and other stress reactions, which can be life-threatening in serious cases, so ham sausage should not be allowed to eat more dogs. If you must feed your dog ham sausage, try to feed only a little at a time, and the quality of the ham sausage must be high.

2. Damage to the kidneys

Ham cured from salt, the dog's kidneys are not very good at digesting salt, long-term consumption of ham sausage, may put a burden on their kidneys, eat too much will appear symptoms of fire, increase eye droppings will also increase hair loss, and even lead to severe kidney failure in dogs.

Puppy feeding precautions

1, do not feed chicken, duck, fish bones

Like chicken bones, sharp, fragile bones, such as chicken, duck and fish bones, should not be fed to puppies. This is because the bones are easy to stay in the throat, there is a risk of being stabbed or cut throat. In addition, if these bones enter the stomach, there is a high risk of perforation.

2銆丆an't eat human leftovers

Puppies' bodies do not have the same nutritional needs as we humans do, so they cannot get the same nutrition from human food. In addition, human food additives are too high for puppies and can easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort and disease.

3銆丄dequate drinking water

In addition to food, owners need to feed their puppies every day to prepare clean and sufficient drinking water, knowing that hydration is also very important for puppies.

Is it true that dogs lose hair when they eat salty food

All animals need salt. The concentration of saline used by all mammals is 0.9%, so dogs must eat salt. I don't know if there is any scientific basis for the relationship between salt consumption and hair loss, but in many cases hair loss is related to the season and the type of dog, just as people lose their hair especially in the fall. Can dogs eat salt, that dogs lack the sense of taste, identify food mainly by the sense of smell, so dogs can not feel the saltiness. Compared to the very developed sense of smell, the dog's sense of taste is indeed more delayed, but delayed is not the same as no, I do not know if you have eaten dog food, I have eaten a variety of dog food, expensive to eat, cheap also eaten. All dog food, including the cheapest dog food have a general rule: those very poor bulk dog food, but even the manufacture of these poor dog food manufacturers, still do not forget to add salt. It is because salt can increase the palatability of dog food. The physiological role of salt is to stimulate saliva secretion and promote the work of digestive enzymes, but also to improve the taste of feed and promote appetite. The main purpose of letting the dog eat salt is not yet to enhance the dog's appetite, salt is a nutrient that the dog can not lack! Dogs can never not eat salt, but must eat salt, dogs do not eat a little salt, some people may suspect that I am nonsense, we know the NRC, NRC is the United States feed nutrition standards. Usually contains 10% moisture in dry dog food, the amount of salt required should be more than 1%. If a 1 kg body weight dog eats 20 grams of dog food per day, it needs at least 500 mg of salt per day. I know many people are particularly convinced by the American standard that we should make sure our satsuma eats 500 mg of salt per day. I have never fed salt to our son, ah, now there are two main schools of feeding dogs, if they are fed dog food, dog food already contains salt, if they are their own food, it depends on how much meat you feed. It does not matter if the meat is fed more, because meat contains salt (although you do not feel salty). Then you need to be careful, it is better to give the dog a little salt supplement often. If the dog is short of salt, it will be easy to fatigue and also easy to cause growth stagnation, the skin is more likely to dry, the loss of fur, etc.. In the past, I often heard people say that dogs will lose their hair if they eat salt, and not enough salt will lose their hair. There are still people who worry that dogs eat too much salt how to do. This is actually not too worried, the dog's kidney function is very strong, as long as do not let the dog steal the drowned food, there is no problem. If you find a dog stealing a lot of bacon and so on, you have to provide the dog with a lot of water, while controlling not to drink too much at a time, then generally there will not be a problem. Many people think that dogs need less salt than people. Saline for dogs and saline for people, saline for all mammals, all mammals need the same amount of salt. This is the same amount of salt needed per kilogram of body weight. But why do many people feel that dogs need more salt than anyone else? The vast majority of dogs are lighter than people, and dogs sweat much less than people, and sweating can excrete a lot of salt. Not people need more salt than dogs, but people excrete more salt than dogs.

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