Are strawberries good for dogs? What are the benefits of strawberries for dogs? Can puppies eat strawberries?


Some owners love their dogs very much and want to provide good nutrients for their dogs and will feed their dogs some of their favorite fruits for them to eat, if it is strawberries, is it okay to give them to their dogs.
The dog can eat some strawberries in small amounts, but it is not recommended to eat more.

I. Can dogs eat strawberries?

Because of the high sugar content of strawberries, dogs who ingest a lot of sugar can only consume it slowly through their kidneys and then eliminate it from their bodies. This is not a small burden on the dog's kidneys and can seriously lead to death from kidney failure.
And strawberries are cold, if too much consumption will increase the burden on the dog's stomach and intestines causing endocrine disorders, which can cause endocrine disorders and even hair loss. In addition, strawberries are sprayed with more pesticides in the planting process, if you do not wash hurry to give dogs to eat is likely to lead to dog diarrhea.
Dogs can eat strawberries can promote the growth and development of dogs, strawberries contain a variety of vitamins and sugars are very important for dogs, strawberries may contain a lot of pesticides, not washed clean by the dog after eating, light vomiting diarrhea, serious direct poisoning death, and feeding strawberries in moderation, do not feed too much.

The sugar content in strawberries is very high, if the dog consumes a lot of strawberries, too much sugar for the dog's kidney pressure is very big, the dog can only be slowly consumed to excess sugar out of the body, regular intake of a lot of sugar, will make the dog appetite loss, serious can lead to kidney failure.
Strawberries are a cool fruit, too much consumption will also cause damage to the dog's stomach and intestines, endocrine flocculation. The endocrine flocculation can lead to hair loss in dogs.
The vitamin C and other trace elements in the strawberry itself promote the growth and development of the dog, and it is okay to eat in moderation. Once more than too much, the damage to the dog is also great, there are often dogs eat a lot of fruit, can not digest, vomiting and other situations occur, so raising dogs is, do not feed a lot of dogs like to eat things. A healthy diet is the way to a healthy life for dogs
Increase the burden on the kidneys Because of the high sugar content of strawberries, after dogs ingest a large amount of sugar, they can only be consumed slowly through the kidneys and then eliminated from the body. This is a significant burden on the kidneys of dogs, and can seriously lead to kidney failure and death.
Endocrine disorders Strawberries are cold, so if too much is consumed, it will increase the burden on the dog's stomach and intestines, causing endocrine disorders and even hair loss. In addition, strawberries are sprayed with more pesticides during the planting process, which can easily lead to diarrhea in dogs if they are not washed and consumed in a hurry.

Are strawberries good for dogs? What are the benefits of strawberries for dogs? Can puppies eat strawberries?

II. What are the benefits of strawberries for dogs?

Simply put, dogs can indeed eat strawberries, a sweet and delicious fruit that can be added to dog food or fed to dogs as a snack. Not only that, but strawberries are also full of essential nutrients for dogs. The dietary fiber in strawberries can promote intestinal motility and improve digestion, which can help those dogs with constipation. Strawberries also contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for hair and skin health. The most beneficial vitamins and minerals in strawberries are vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin K, folic acid, potassium, iodine, magnesium, etc.

Can dogs eat strawberries? What should owners pay attention to? An article to tell you
Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, helps in the absorption, transport and storage of iron, and is involved in the synthesis of corticosteroids and the conversion of cholesterol. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that helps in wound healing and tissue repair and regeneration.
Strawberries are rich in nutrients

Strawberries are rich in carotenoids, vitamin A, vitamin C and other nutrients that help to protect your dog's eyes and prevent night blindness. Strawberries are also high in dietary fiber, which promotes better digestion of your dog's food.

Three: Can puppies eat strawberries?

Puppies can eat strawberries, but not too many at a time. Strawberries are a cool fruit, and if your dog eats a lot of strawberries at one time, it will easily cause endocrine disruption and lead to a love of hair loss. At the same time, pay attention to clean the strawberries before feeding, dogs eating unclean strawberries are also prone to vomiting and diarrhea.

If a puppy eats a lot of strawberries, beyond the normal range, the burden on the kidneys becomes bigger and bigger, which can seriously lead to kidney failure in dogs and death is inevitable.

Strawberries are rich in carotene and vitamin A, which can protect the eyes and prevent night blindness, and contains a lot of vitamin C, which can effectively prevent sepsis, and also contains more dietary fiber, which can promote the dog's gastrointestinal motility, helping it digest food, etc., but when feeding, pay attention to cut into small pieces to feed, to avoid the situation of the neck.

If the dog has poor gastrointestinal function, eating strawberries may cause vomiting and diarrhea, and the vitamins and sugar in strawberries are relatively high, so it is recommended to feed them in small amounts. It is also important that you wash the strawberries before feeding them to your dog to avoid poisoning from pesticides.

4. What should owners be aware of when giving strawberries to their dogs?

The most important thing is to control the amount given to the dog so that it does not become overly obese and affect its health. Owners can usually mash strawberries and mix them with other ingredients to make homemade dog food, or they can feed a whole strawberry to their dog. However, if the strawberry is too large, the owner had better cut it into small pieces to prevent the dog from choking and breathing difficulties. In the summer, owners can also put strawberries on smoothies, and dogs will have a better appetite.
Can dogs eat strawberries? What should owners pay attention to? An article to tell you
However, owners should not give their dogs commercial products made of strawberries, such as strawberry cake, strawberry candy, strawberry ice cream and so on. These commercial foods may have some artificial sweeteners added, such as xylitol, a chemical that can poison dogs and threaten their lives.

V. What fruits are good for dogs

1. Bananas Bananas contain sucrose to promote the increase of probiotics in the intestinal tract than fiduciary bacteria, helping intestinal peristalsis, especially for dogs constipated or prone to diarrhea.
2, apples Apples are rich in dietary fiber, pectin on the body to eliminate toxins have effect. Note that contains a lot of sugar, should not consume too much.
3, avocado avocado contains a lot of protein & vitamin e, and lipids. The unsaturated fatty acids in the lipids can help keep the dog's hair and skin shiny and beautiful. Allergy conditions dogs are very recommended to eat.
4, watermelon watermelon can replenish water to eliminate the heat, but eat the dog will always run to the toilet to urinate. Watermelon seeds are not digestible and will appear in the poop. Must be careful not to eat too much, watermelon sweet high.
5, oranges, grapefruit rich in vitamin c, to replenish energy, but also to help digestion, constipated dogs can eat, but also should not eat too much.
Dogs eat fruit precautions
1, control the amount of fruit Must not give too much fruit to the dog, a lot of fruit at once to the dog is very easy to cause dog diarrhea, any kind of fruit is.
2, dried fruit also eat less peanuts, chestnuts such as eating very fragrant but easy to chew dried fruit, but also to control the amount of dog consumption, ate too much will also cause indigestion.
3, fruit seeds or nuclei can not eat seeds or nuclei large fruit if you can not remove the seeds and nuclei, do not give dogs to eat, because dogs are impossible to chew these seeds or nuclei to crush, fruit seeds or nuclei dogs are absolutely not eaten.

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