Can dogs eat fish? How to choose fish?


Many pooper scoopers are very good to their dogs, as their own children to feed, not only to simply feed their bellies, but also pay attention to their nutritional balance, often to their dogs to supplement this supplement that, afraid to aggravate the dog.
There is a newly promoted successful pooper scooper, who raised a small Shiba Inu, for the small Shiba he can be considered a worry, one day he took the Shiba Inu for a walk in the neighborhood, met next door Corgi, Corgi's hair is very bright, is the star dog in their neighborhood, usually not sick, according to the owner, their family Corgi did not eat too much nutrition, but often eat fish.
Everyone's traditional consciousness, fish should be something that cats like. But many families with cats found that cats do not like to eat fish very much. Many cats prefer to eat shrimp. And families with dogs find that dogs get up and eat fish. So, many things are not as we often say. Even the choice of food for small animals, there is something to say, dogs eat fish need to pay attention to what things to share with you today.

I. Dogs eat fish reasonably well and do have the following benefits

1, eating fish can make your dog's coat thicker and shinier.
It is the wish of every pooper scooper to have a beautiful and healthy dog. Hair plays an important role in whether a pet looks good or not, especially for some long-haired dogs, having a dense, shiny coat is very important.
But many pooper scoopers said that their dogs' hair is either dry and knotted, or hair lost without luster and even some dogs suffer from serious skin diseases, often repeated, but also with a good-looking fur, many nutrients and dare not eat, hoping to improve through dietary supplements.
In addition to feeding egg yolk to the dog, feeding fish also has the effect of improving the coat, now on the market a lot of hair products, are using unsaturated fatty acids 0mega-3 to achieve the effect of the dog's beautiful hair.
The deep-sea fish is one of the most common extracts of 0mega-3, eating fish can promote the growth of the dog's coat, can accelerate the metabolism of the coat, and the excess fat into muscle, to protect the coat.
If you want to make your dog's hair more dense and lustrous, you may want to feed your master some fish to try!

2, eating fish can relieve the dogs of inflammation, such as arthritis, dermatitis, etc...
Inflammation can affect every area of the body, and for dogs, the most common is arthritis and skin disease.
Arthritis is a major problem in the woofing world and is a common disease among middle-aged and older dogs, which can have a great impact on the dog's health and movement, and some dogs may also be aggressive because they have difficulty tolerating the pain.
The skin disease in dogs is generally due to skin allergies cause inflammation, easy to causes eczema or dermatitis, whenever dogs suffer from skin disease, the most headache than the pooper scooper, regular hospital visits, medication, medication bath for dogs both time-consuming and labor-intensive.
The ingredients in fish have an anti-inflammatory effect, which can reduce swelling and relieve the pain of arthritis, and can also effectively improve the dog's skin disease, and clinical studies have also shown that it can effectively relieve the stiffness of dogs after lying down for a long time and suddenly standing up.
For many dogs who do not like to take medicine, eating fish is simply their great gospel ah!

3, eating fish can give dogs eyesight.

Cats are night vision animals, night vision is very important to them, fish is rich in vitamin A, which can help cats' eyesight, fish contains vitamin A and DHA and other substances, for dogs, also have the same effect.
If a dog lacks vitamin A, it may cause eye diseases, dry eyes, cloudy cornea, inflammation of the conjunctiva, frequent tears, and other phenomena, if the puppy may also appear anemia and other symptoms, which are bad for dogs.
If the dog has this problem, the pooper scooper needs to take the dog to the vet for timely treatment, but also can choose to eat fish to improve these conditions.

4, fish contains a lot of trace elements, and dogs are more easily absorbed, and do not have to worry about gaining weight.
Many girls especially like to eat fish, because fish is rich in nutrients, the main thing is the fat culprit - sugar, rare in fish, high protein and low fat, delicious and not fat, is fish has become the first choice of many weight-loss people.
For dogs, too, fish is rich in protein, vitamins A and D, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, and other important trace elements, compared to livestock and poultry meat, fish is more conducive to the digestion and absorption of these substances, and pooper scoopers also do not have to worry about a series of problems caused by obesity.

It is a good choice for puppies, older dogs, and dogs with poor gastrointestinal function. In addition, fish meat is delicious and tender, and its unique taste is a good choice for dogs who want to add it to their meals.

Can dogs eat fish? How to choose fish?

II. How to choose fish?

There are many different kinds of fish that you can see in the market. Some fish are from the sea and some are from the river. So depending on the origin, the properties of the fish are different. Most of the most common fish can be found in the ingredient list of dog food. For example, salmon, halibut, whiting, and walleye. These are some of the most common fish in dog food. And in life, we all know that salmon is very healthy for dogs. There are no allergens, but also allows the dog to absorb more nutrients. So, on the level of choice, if simply feeding can not be finely processed, or choose some healthy fish. One thing to note in feeding is not to feed your dog fish, raw fish carries harmful bacterial substances such as salmonella and listeria. And when the dog is sick at the same time, frequent contact with people is easy to transmit various diseases to people. Therefore, it is best not to feed your dog the remainder.

III. Precautions for dogs eating fish

Although dogs can eat fish, you need to be careful not to feed slightly larger fish, because the hard spines inside the large fish can easily get stuck in it, you can feed some small fish.
If you want to feed your dogfish, it is best to cook the fish only to give it fish, but cooked fish may have salt and other seasonings, and the dog will eat it will lead to electrolyte disorders in the body, dehydration and other situations, try not to put salt and seasonings.
You can't give your dog raw fish, there may be parasites.
How to consume better?
First, when feeding fish to dogs do not fry raw much less fried. Also do not put too much seasoning. For dogs as long as the right amount is good, and to be steamed. Although fish is a favorite food for dogs but must control the amount.
Can dogs eat fish? Is there any benefit and what should I pay attention to?
Second, when feeding pays attention to the fish bones are small and brittle, very dangerous, and very easy to get stuck in the dog's mouth throat, and intestines. These can lead to physical problems in the dog. Therefore, you must be careful when feeding.

To sum up, there are great benefits to the appropriate consumption of fish for dogs, but the pooper scooper should pay attention to some matters when feeding fish to dogs again, first of all, can not directly throw the dog the whole fish, let them chew on their own, fish have very many fish spines, which is very dangerous for dogs, will hurt the dog's throat and intestines, so before feeding, the pooper scooper must pay attention to the fish spines first handle clean.
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