Can cats eat eggs? Contraindicated foods for cats


Can cats eat eggs

Eggs are rich in lecithin which can make your cat's coat more shiny and bright, so cats can eat eggs, but cats cannot eat raw eggs. There are bacteria in raw eggs, commonly salmonella, which may lead to infection in cats, etc. It is best to feed cats only egg yolks, generally cats also do not like to eat egg whites, individual differences, some cats will eat egg whites, but it is not recommended to feed egg whites all the time. Egg yolks are also rich in cholesterol, which can cause fatty liver and hyperlipidemia in cats. Cats eating egg whites will be prone to diarrhea. Egg whites contain ovalbumin, and too much consumption will also destroy the structure of vitamin B in the cat's body. In general, cats can eat egg yolks in moderation, but they should not consume too much at once and must be cooked thoroughly.
1. Feeding amount: Cats can eat small amounts of eggs, which provide rich nutrients for cats, but overfeeding may lead to indigestion and obesity, and the ovalbumin in the egg white may affect the absorption of vitamins in cats.

2. Feeding method: It is recommended that eggs be fully cooked and then fed to prevent bacteria and parasites that may be present in raw eggs from affecting the cat's health.

3. Cat age: The digestive function of kittens is not perfect, and eating eggs may lead to indigestion in kittens.

When feeding eggs, attention needs to be paid to scientific feeding. If the cat has abnormal conditions, please stop feeding immediately and in serious cases it is recommended to seek medical attention.

Can cats eat eggs? Contraindicated foods for cats

Contraindications for cats

Stimulating foods Stimulating foods such as chili peppers and mustard can destroy the cat's taste system and cause a lack of taste in cats if eaten by mistake.
Onions Onions can destroy the red blood cells in the cat's blood, which in turn can cause anemia and in severe cases can lead to death.
Sweet foods Cats are born without sweet taste buds, but strangely many cats prefer sweet foods such as corn, papaya, watermelon, cookies, cream, etc. Corn, papaya and watermelon are not harmful to the cat's body can be allowed to eat, but cookies, cream and other foods are damaging to the cat's teeth and can lead to tooth decay or dental calculus, of course if you can brush your cat's teeth or do regular dental cleaning, you can give it sweet food, otherwise it is still best not to feed it.
Chicken bones, fish bones Many families will feed leftover bones to their cats, which is actually very bad. If you pay attention to what your cat eats, you will find that cats seldom chew carefully but gobble up, and chicken bones and fish bones are very sharp, so cats can easily cut their mouths and intestines by mistake, which can also lead to their death in serious cases.

Can't cats eat egg yolks

Cats can eat egg yolks, but it is best not to eat too much at once. Since egg yolks contain very little water, when giving them to cats, we recommend that you crush them with your hands or soak them directly in goat milk to prevent them from choking. In addition, why do many people say that cats should not eat too much egg yolk? This is mainly because the cholesterol of egg yolk is relatively high, if the cat eats too much, it will not have the appetite to eat cat food and other food. Because the nutrition in cat food is more comprehensive, so the main food for cats should be cat food, if cats eat too much egg yolk will lead to nutritional imbalance, it is best not to often feed cats to eat egg yolk. The benefits and disadvantages of eating egg yolks for cats
There are still many benefits for cats to eat egg yolks, for example, cats can eat egg yolks to make their coats more shiny and soft, the nutritional value of egg yolks is also relatively high, and cats that eat egg yolks properly will have better health. However, there are also bad aspects of feeding cats egg yolks, such as the following two points:
1, the cholesterol in the egg yolk is relatively high, if the cat eats too much will cause a burden on the body; 2, cats eat too much egg yolk is easy to fire, because there is little moisture in the egg yolk, there is no vitamin, so often eat egg yolk cats are easy to appear symptoms of fire. Finally, whether you have the habit of feeding your cat egg yolk or not, you should be careful not to overdo it, because too much egg yolk - will definitely affect your cat's appetite, and a poor appetite will prevent your cat from eating cat food, which will lead to unbalanced nutritional intake.

Will a ten-month-old cat have a problem eating one egg yolk a day

Cats are not allowed to eat egg yolks for a long time.
There are hundreds of reasons for this.
1. Too much of it will cause fire. If you let your cat eat, you should crush the egg yolk, accompanied by cat food, or other food eaten purely to eat egg yolk will be the cat's mouth gripping
2. Egg yolks know too much cholesterol, the cat's internal organs will have a burden, occasionally eat once or twice it does not matter, absolutely not long-term. If your cat really likes it, just eat it once or twice a week, not more than one egg yolk at a time. Inside
3. Too spoiled will make the kitten become picky eaters, is not to eat long. Eat occasionally, not too much energy, preferably quail egg yolk
4. egg yolk cholesterol is very high, a long time to eat the cat's liver are not good.

Can kittens eat egg yolks for a long time?

Kittens cannot eat egg yolks for a long time. There are several reasons for this.
1. Eating too much will cause fire.
2, you should feed your cat kitten food, which is already rich in protein, and then eat too much egg yolk will cause excess nutrition.
3. Egg yolks contain a lot of cholesterol, which will be a burden to your kitten's internal organs.
Of course, there are benefits to eating egg yolks in moderation: 1.
1銆丒gg yolk is rich in nutrients, which is beneficial to the overall growth of cats and kittens.
2, eating egg yolk is good for the cat's hair growth. Extended information cats, belonging to the feline family, divided into domestic cats, system wild cats, is a more widespread pet in households around the world. The ancestors of domestic cats are presumed to have originated from the desert cats of ancient Egypt and the Persian cats of Persia, which have been domesticated by humans for 3,500 years (but not as completely domesticated as dogs). Cats under three months old are not allowed to eat dry cat food directly
After the kitten is born, it is usually nursed to get the required nutrition, but if the mother cat does not have enough milk, or if there is no mother cat, it is necessary to give the cat a professional milk powder, such as Meow Think Goat Milk Powder. Under normal circumstances, the cat lactation cycle is 1-2 months. zhidao so cats do not have three months do not give cats randomly fed dry cat food, because at this time the cat gastrointestinal very fragile, inadvertently give the cat to eat dry and hard cat food, the gastrointestinal stimulation easily, small is diluted, soft stool, large is suffering from acute gastroenteritis, sudden death.
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