Why is my cat losing its hair?


I. Cats shed a lot of hair not related to eating salt, owners should deal with it according to the three causes of hair loss, the right remedy

Cats are very cute and delightful animals, but there is one drawback that I'm sure everyone who has ever owned a cat knows, and that is - shedding hair!

The cat is a very cute and lovable animal, but there is one drawback that everyone who has ever owned a cat knows - the hair loss! The cat's hair loss problem should be solved by poor nutrition or any physical problems? So today we will talk about the reasons behind the cat's hair loss and what the owners should do during the cat's hair change period.

For all the pooper scoopers, my pet does what is good, I naturally also feel so ah!

But there is one thing that has to be said, and that is: this guy is too good at shedding hair, right?

Like a lot of friends have sled dogs at home, and in the face of sled dogs, in addition to demolition and superfood, the third to spit is their crazy hair!

Many people say no: on hair loss, my family's cat or dog, afraid of who?

Generally speaking, pets only lose hair twice a year, once for six months! The pet's hair can be found in any corner of the house, you can easily find their hair, whether it is in your bed, in the bowl, or even on your towel, so to speak, the pet's hair, in addition to their own body does not stick, what can stick anywhere!

Some people said that the pet crazy hair there is a little reason is that their food is too salty, that is, the salt intake is excessive!

And a lot of friends also feel the same way, but we are not lacking some heavy tastes around, if salt intake will lead to hair loss, then programmers are not heavy tastes?

So curious about this issue, so a simple investigation, suddenly found that we eat more salt will not lose hair this issue of enthusiasm is extremely high, not only about pets, and many of the shovels are worried about their hair ah!

But a lot of current information shows that excessive salt intake will lead to an increase in the burden on the heart and kidneys, and will lead to high blood pressure, but high blood pressure will lead to hair loss?

Some netizens half-understand: that high blood pressure will lead to poor blood flow, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the scalp, which does not lead to hair loss?

However, the guidance of Dr. Liu from the Chinese medicine hospital is that eating too much salt will not lead to hair loss, and there are many causes of hair loss, including seborrheic alopecia, blood deficiency, blood heat alopecia, kidney deficiency alopecia, and genetic factors alopecia, and it is better to treat the symptoms.

Dr. Guo, on the other hand, feels that: Chinese medicine believes that salty taste in the kidney, the hair is the remainder of the blood, the kidney external image, so appropriate salt is good for hair, will not cause hair loss, but pay attention to the amount, the World Health Organization recommends that adults consume 5-6 grams of salt a day.

Also inquired about many cases of salt poisoning in cats and dogs, where the main damage is from the kidney and heart area, as hair loss is not supported by the theory.

Therefore, it is not true that eating salt can lead to hair loss, but the salt intake of pets is indeed less than that of people, because the main component of salt is sodium, and a lot of salt poisoning in pets is also due to sodium poisoning, like seeing the shoveler put a salt lamp in the house, the result is that one day found their cats on the signs of poisoning, and finally checked to find out that it is due to salt poisoning!

Salt poisoning leads to the following signs: thirst, restlessness, screaming, salivation, vomiting, movement disorders, and hindquarters paralysis.

So pooper scoopers do need to control the salt intake of their cats or dogs because excessive salt intake can be very stressful to a pet's internal organs!

What is the main cause of hair loss in cats, if not caused by salt?

Why is my cat losing its hair?

1. Pet hair loss occurs according to the seasons!

Although we always say that dogs like Samoyed are shedding hair all the time, real contact will know they are not too shedding hair in winter, except for a very small part of the metabolic products, a large number of fluffy hair are playing a role in insulation.

Like winter to spring, no matter what long-haired animals, when the temperature begins to rise will choose to replace the fleece suitable for winter warmth because spring has come, and summer will be far away?

The people in this world who think they can keep their cats or dogs from shedding should not have touched these furry children yet, right?

What we can do is to minimize the impact of their seasonal shedding on the home, which can only be dealt with by diligent combing and cleaning, there is no other better way, so to speak, the home has dog and cat hair, which itself is the price to pay in raising cats and dogs, right?

If you can not accept the pet's hair loss, then you can choose not to keep, or to keep those without the hair of foreign pets.

2. abnormal hair loss in the problem.

In addition to the normal seasonal hair loss, there is a cat or dog hair loss, that is, its endocrine or skin problems.

Especially cats, because cats are a very sensitive animal, they respond to stimuli after the reaction is easy to stress reaction, and some cats in the stress reaction is prone to hair loss for a period of time, there are also cats in shock after their own hair ripped off the situation has occurred.

In addition, skin problems are mainly skin diseases, whether it is folliculitis or cat moss, these skin diseases can hurt the roots of the cat's hair, and the final result is the hair loss situation.

So one thing is very true, that is, no matter what the cat is shedding because of the situation, the first thing we need to find is the cause of its hair loss, and then the right medicine!

3. Cats or dogs can also lose their hair when they lack certain trace elements and adequate nutrition.

We can also find that cats in the case of adequate nutrition, their hair is oily and moist special good-looking, and when the cat is particularly thin, the body will be extra dirty, which is actually a lack of nutrition when the cat lack of adequate protection of the body surface hair performance.

So like a cat at home is always shedding, and the hair texture is poor, lack of gloss, then it is likely that the nutrition is not enough, simply rely on cat food can not fully supply the cat's demand for nutrition, at this time, the pooper scooper can additionally give the cat some supplemental food.

Or feed the cat some egg yolk, but the total amount does not need to be too much, because it contains lecithin, which can play a role in the beauty of the hair.
So at the end of the day, I would like to remind all the pooper scoopers that cats are not incapable of eating salt, they have a need for salt, but they should not consume too much salt, we all understand the truth that too much is not enough!
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