Why is my dog shedding hair?


I. Causes of hair loss in dogs

It's normal for dogs to lose hair when their coats are that long, especially during shedding season.
Normal dogs lose hair all year round, especially pet dogs, which are less exposed to extreme temperatures and sun. When the hair gets old or the season's change, dog hair will be all over the house.
However, if a dog's hair loss goes from goose feathers to a raging snowstorm, it could be caused by one of these 6 reasons.

1, the dog belongs to the easy-to-shed hair breed
The breed of the dog determines that it may be more prone to baldness than others, and this has a lot to do with human breeding. Dogs that are bred to withstand harsh temperatures, such as huskies and Alaskans, among others, have fur that thickens in the winter and then thins out in the spring, and this mass shedding is seasonal.
Some dogs shed, and then some dogs don't shed. Some dogs are bred to not shed, such as poodles and bichons, and there is a hairless dog that doesn't shed at all because there is no hair to shed.

Dogs may shed hair due to flea or skin mite infestations. When fleas bite, their saliva will cause an immune reaction in the dog's body. Dogs that are allergic to flea saliva will react with intense itching and skin inflammation. Dogs often lose fur, sores, and infections from licking, scratching, and chewing on their skin.
While worm mites live in the dog's hair follicles, puppies and frail older dogs are sometimes infested with mites. Creeping mites can cause damage and hair loss. Rest assured, wormy mites are not transmitted between dogs and people, but another common mite is highly contagious to other pets and people! The mange mite is very itchy and can cause sores, crusting, and patchy hair loss.

3 Allergies
Its spring and pollen are flying around. While pollen can cause respiratory illness in dogs, it can manifest itself more quickly on the skin. This is a seasonal allergy, but there are also allergies to food or house dust regardless of the season. This allergy can be accompanied by ear infections, itchy eyes, and constant paw licking.

4 Malnutrition
This is easy to see, either the dog is very thin and bald throughout, or in another case, the dog is fat, yet still bald. Puppies need protein and fat to grow, and if they are undernourished, their hair will keep falling out and grow slowly. Those dogs that are very fat are usually fed rice for a long time by their owners and have a nutritional imbalance. Dogs that often eat human food will also lose their hair because human food is high in oil and salt for them

5 Fungal infection
Ringworm is not listed with fleas and mites because it is a fungal infection. It causes itchy, inflamed skin and hair loss. Ringworm is more common in puppies and is contagious to both humans and other animals.

If your dog has round-shaped hair loss on the skin, see your veterinarian.

6 Hormonal abnormalities
Bitches often lose hair during pregnancy and lactation due to hormonal changes. The supply of nutrients to the hair follicles is reduced to retain as much energy as possible for the puppies. This results in severe fur shedding, similar to the seasonal shedding seen in many double-coated dogs.
If the dog has been checked and is not sick, but continues to shed, this may be a sign of stress. Isn't this a lot like modern man, stressed to the point of baldness? Dogs are generally stressed from separation anxiety, which manifests itself as compulsive scratching or licking of the feet.

Not only can this behavior lead to baldness, but compulsive licking of the body may also lead to dermatitis.

Dogs shed hair in a variety of ways, for dogs that often shed hair, the owner may not easily notice the changes, after all, the home is full of dog hair every day. But when you see a dog not licking and scratching every day, it's time for the owner to see what's wrong with the guy.

Why is my dog shedding hair?

II. Is it all the dog's fault that the dog is shedding so much hair?

Some dog hair shedding is particularly strong, so that the owner is particularly distressed, at first thought because the dog food is not good reasons, but then after changing the dog food, the dog hair shedding is still strong and serious, the shovel pooper is confused, in the end, what is the problem? The dog hair falls serious not only because of the dog food but there are also many other factors, next, we will explore the reasons for the dog hair shedding.

Dog hair condition bad reasons
1, bathing too often
To the dog bath, too diligence will destroy the woofer's skin surface environment, resulting in the loss of pet dog hair. In addition, the dog bathing body wash should also use the right, do not use human body wash! The skin environment of woofers is different from that of humans, and human body wash will change the PH value of the dog's skin environment, which will naturally cause a lot of hair loss in pet dogs after a long time. It is recommended that the best use of special body wash for pets!

2銆丒xcessive salt
This point was emphasized many times, dogs really can not eat too salty things. Human food is really too salty for woofers to eat, and pet dogs who eat too much human food can cause serious problems with hair loss, and may even lead to kidney failure. Owners are still better off feeding dog food, so you don't have to worry about hair loss caused by eating too salty.

3銆丯utrient loss
If the dog's hair falls out, it may also be due to a lack of vitamins and proteins, and other elements. With the loss of these nutrients in the body, the dog's hair will naturally fall off. The shoveler can give the dog appropriate supplements with some trace elements so that the dog hair grows faster, but also more solid.

4, parasites
Once the dog's body fleas or mites and other parasites, because of mosquito bites, the woofers will keep scratching the skin of the body. The constant rubbing, plus the dog may not know the weight of the hand, will cause hair loss. Some dogs are also allergic to fleas, and when the skin is allergic, hair loss can occur.

How to maintain the woofers' hair health
1, usually give the dog more combing hair
The dog can be combed more often to ensure that the dog's hair is smooth and looks more healthy and beautiful. On the other hand, often the dog combing fur, not only can remove the shedding fur dirt and dust, to prevent fur tangles, but also promotes blood circulation, enhance skin resistance, to lifts the dog's fatigue. In addition, the pooper scooper can also check whether the dog has a skin disease when combing the hair.

2, the appropriate time to supplement trace elements
If your dog's hair is falling out, it may be due to a lack of vitamins and proteins, and other elements. The dog can eat some micronutrient tablets to supplement the dog's body nutrition.

3銆丗eeding dog food mainly
Dogs shed serious hair or dull hair loss of color, which may be related to the pooper scooper to the dog eating too salty, then giving the dog to eat dog food is the best choice. It is recommended to choose a natural dog food with deep-sea fish oil ingredients to help the dog's hair loss. For example, this "greedy natural dog food", low salt and low oil, which deep-sea fish oil ingredients containing EPA, and DHA not only help relieve the dog hair loss problem but also beautiful hair color. It's also good for your dog's coat to be fed with egg yolk!
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