How to give a dog a bath


I. The way to bathe your dog

In the process of raising dogs, resting pet owners have the habit of helping their dogs to bathe there are still many things to help dogs to bathe, today I will tell you, the correct way to bathe your dog, see if you do it right!

To the dog bath, your method is correct?
Pre-bathing work.
Step 1: To alleviate the dog's inner fear, you can interact and play with the dog, let the dog know that bathing and play as easy and comfortable, so the dog will not be so afraid.

Step 2: comb the dog's hair, cleaning will be much easier, and combing can also promote blood circulation, so that the hair better absorbs nutrients.

Step 3: you can take the dog into the shower room, the water temperature must be controlled at 38 掳 ~ 40 掳!

The order of dog bathing.
1, the owner first with a basin, which is first filled with a little water, almost to the waist of the dog, so that the dog will not be afraid to stand in.

2, with a glass of water, slowly scoop water to let the dog pour, so that it slowly adapts, to the dog bath never wash the head first.

3, to the dog bathing order, is best to start from the paws, and then slowly to the body, and finally to the head.

Dog bathing time.
To the dog bath time must be controlled, if the time is too long, the dog will certainly struggle, and also do not like bathing, and dog bathing is best once a week, not too often, easy to destroy the dog's skin.

In the wintertime the owner can reduce the number of baths, which can be twice a month!

Bathing gel use.
To the dog using the body wash can not be too smooth, do not use our special body wash, the dog's skin is not good, to the dog bath should use the dog's body wash.

This will not be afraid to stimulate the dog's skin, resulting in skin disease problems in dogs!

Blowing hair after washing.
After bathing the dog, take a towel to the dog to wipe clean, and then immediately help the dog blow hair, can not let the dog dry naturally, this practice is wrong, and easy to cause the dog to catch a cold.

Many dogs will feel uneasy when blowing their hair, the owner can reward the dog with some delicious dog snacks chicken jerky, which will distract the dog, and the dog will be happier!

Dogs that are not suitable for bathing.
Sick: If your dog is sick or just sick, are not suitable for bathing first, because at this time the dog resistance is low, bathing will aggravate the dog's condition, it is recommended to wait for the dog to be well for about a week before bathing.

Pregnancy and lactation: At this time the dog is more sensitive and easy to get sick.

During the vaccination period: the dog's resistance during the vaccination period is not suitable for bathing.

Before and after deworming: three days before and three days after deworming should not be bathed, otherwise it will affect the deworming effect

Newly purchased puppies: Puppies are unfamiliar with their new environment, so wait at least a month before bathing.

How to give a dog a bath

II. Steps for giving your dog a bath at home

Before giving your dog a bath, comb your dog's coat smoothly. In the process of combing, you can comb away the hair that has fallen out and comb away the knots to reduce the more serious situation of tangled hair after wet water. Check the dog carefully for injuries, skin diseases and the like, and then roughly clean up the dust and shed hair.
Then clean the eyes and ears, and since you need to avoid water entering the eyes and ears when bathing, clean these two sensitive areas first. Wipe the corners of your dog's eyes with a towel moistened with warm water, and wash the eyes and ears separately with special eye drops and ear wash.

Dogs with more lint in the ear canal should also have their ears plucked to prevent the accumulation of ear wax and create a breeding environment for bacteria. Then you can stuff medical cotton in your dog's ears to avoid water getting into the ears when you take a bath later. The more sophisticated can apply eye ointment to the dog to protect the eyes.

Before bathing, the water temperature should be adjusted, the dog's body temperature is slightly higher than the human body temperature, between 37.7 and 39.2 degrees, so test the water, slightly hotter than your hands on it. Never use the water pressure of the nozzle directly to the dog spray water, scare the dog, later do not like the bath will be a problem.

The body wash is first rubbed out of the foam, then gently scratch the dog's body, evenly apply the bubbles on the dog's hair, for dogs this process is like doing a massage, they will enjoy it very much, but be sure to avoid the face, so as not to foam into the eyes or into the mouth and nose.

Remember to use a special body wash for dogs, the dog's skin is different from ours, it is weak alkaline, if you use a human body wash for dogs, it will lead to more weak alkaline, which will reduce the oil that protects the surface of the skin, resulting in dry hair, itchy skin, allergies, dander and a series of other problems, reducing the immunity of the skin and causing skin diseases.

The next step is to rinse the foam with water, making sure to rinse the foam from the roots of the hair as well.
Raising a dog to dog bathing care is a must thing, outside bathing care are in accordance with the weight of the dog to charge, like some small dogs are better, like medium and large dogs, plus it is more exercise, a week to wash once, so that the cost is also very high, then how to do? I teach you at home to the dog bath 5 steps, simple and easy to learn, can save a lot of money Oh.

Many dogs are very reluctant to take a bath, and even some dogs hear that the bath will hide everywhere, so the first step is to do is to alleviate the dog's inner fear, you can interact and play with the dog, rewarding small snacks to eat, so that the dog knows that the bath and play as easy and comfortable. So the dog will not be so afraid, and can proceed to the next step.

2, combing hair
Then the dog combing, combing smooth hair, cleaning will be much easier, and combing hair can also promote blood circulation, so that the hair better absorb nutrients, but also dead hair, hair of the dirty comb off, knotted hair can also be trimmed. If you want your hair to be smooth and not knotted, usually feed your dog food with deep-sea fish oil, you can also feed some egg yolks, carrots and so on, which also help to make your hair beautiful and make your hair more beautiful.

After the hair combing smooth, you can help the dog flush, the water temperature must be able to control the general in 38 掳 ~ 40 掳, or too high, it will scald the dog, too low, it is easy to cause the dog to catch a cold, which will leave a shadow to the dog, the next time it will not dry again bath. When rinsing water should also pay attention to, not first rinse the head, to start from the back of the dog, slowly extend to the head, so that the dog will be easy to accept.

After rinsing wet, is under the lotion, the lotion should be diluted before the better, the steps under the lotion is also the same as flushing, starting from the back, limbs, and then to the head, where dirty to clean some, cleaning process can also help the dog massage, so the dog will be very comfortable, will also love bathing, but be careful not to let the bubbles into the eyes Oh, in addition, the bath time should not be too long, generally in half an hour Within half an hour.

5銆丅lowing hair
After washing, the dog flush, flush clean lotion, and then take a towel to the dog wipe clean, immediately blow dry hair, do not let it dry naturally, which hurts the skin, easily lead to skin disease, so be sure to blow dry in time, hair dryer away from the dog, use the lowest gear, give the dog a little snack chicken jerky, so it will be good to you blow hair, you can blow while combing, so blow out will be very good-looking.

1, to the dog bathing lotion should be used for dogs, because the dog's skin is different from the human, the use of human lotion will destroy the balance of water and oil on the dog's body surface, resulting in the destruction of the protective layer of the skin, which is very likely to lead to skin disease!

2, to the dog bath time to pay attention to not let the water into the dog's ears, eyes and other parts, in addition to the frequency of bathing can not be too frequent, can not say three days on a bath, the normal is one to two weeks a bath.
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