Why is my dog peeing in the house?


I. Why Do Dogs Pee at Home

In the process of raising a dog, why do many dogs like to pee at home? There are reasons for this, and today I'll tell you a few of the reasons that lead to dogs peeing at home, see which one your dog belongs to!

1, the dog in revenge for you
Some dogs are very vindictive, perhaps because you have offended it once, then the dog will always remember, and so you are not at home when the dog will retaliate against your things.

Some dogs may demolish the home, while some dogs will be home to pee, and even pee on your bed!

2, the dog is demarcating territory
The dog's sense of territory is very strong, if your home has other animals, then the dog will certainly plan their territory by peeing, as long as someone steps into its territory, then the dog will certainly be angry.

If your dog will attack you, then that means it does not see you as the master!

3, because it is used to
If your dog has a habit of peeing at home before, and you found it did not correct it in time, then over time the dog will also have been in a fixed place to pee.

So the owner must correct the dog in time, to effectively improve!

4, the dog was scared
Some dogs are very timid, the owner may be too loud, or give something else to scare, then the dog will also appear incontinent, there is such a situation the owner does not scare it.

5, the dog will not be fixed
Many dogs like to pee at home because the owner did not teach it fixed-point urination and defecation caused, to train the dog fixed-point urination and defecation is best to start teaching it 3 to 6 months after birth.

The most important thing to remember is that you can't be too careful about what you do.

II. Dogs always pee in the house they have no choice

Sometimes dogs will pee in the house, so why do they do this? The following are a few reasons why dogs always pee at home, of which it may also be forced to oh, do you understand?

1, body structure
If the dog likes to be at home reason is related to its body structure. Just take the dog home, or puppy period, and can not control themselves, do not know how to hold urine, there will be random urination and defecation at home, this point the dog is also forced Oh. This time the owner should understand the dog, puppies are like newborn babies and do not know how to self-control, we can do is to clean up the traces of dog urination and defecation promptly, and then properly guide, and properly train the dog to fixed point urination and defecation.

2, "scared out of their wits"
Some dogs are very timid, it is easy to give something else to scare, especially very loud, such as thunder, some dogs will hear thunder and be scared to pee. For this master do not blame it, because it does not want this, the master to do things to calm the dog!

3, you ignore it for a long time
If the owner's work is usually too busy, a long time to ignore the dog, but also has been busy with work the dog will be to get the owner's attention, may make some radical behavior, in favor of the opposite of you, at home to urinate and defecate is probably one of them. Dogs this may also do is to get your attention oh, want you to accompany it.

4, too arrogant
If the owner does not have certain rules for the dog from childhood, even if the dog is found in the home urinating and defecating, but also did not let the dog know that this is not allowed behavior, but also no punishment training for the dog, which in fact will make the dog feel that it is allowed to behave in this way, so do not know where they are wrong, in the future will be this way. If you do not want your dog to do so, it is recommended to find it at home when urinating and defecating, promptly point out criticism, so that the dog knows that it is not allowed.

5, swear sovereignty
We all know that dogs generally swear sovereignty to divide the territory or something, generally by urinating to carry out. No matter what place, including home, the dog's instinct to dominate the territory will not change, so why the dog will pee in the same place every time, is a good proof.
I wonder if your dog will just urinate and defecate in the house? If the dog has this behavior it is best to correct and train it well, it can reduce a lot of trouble and so on. If you're looking for a good reason to get your dog to pee and poop at home, you should first find the right reason and then solve it, to slowly guide the training, in the process of training should also pay attention to the health of its diet, to give the dog adequate nutrition is very important, can some nutritious dog food, appropriate with fresh fruits and vegetables and meat, dog nutrition is very adequate.

Why is my dog peeing in the house?

Three, why do dogs poop and pee at home?

In the process of raising a dog, some pooper scoopers will encounter dogs that poop and pee indiscriminately, which naturally can be a huge headache, and some dogs are still repeatedly taught to do so.

This issue shares why dogs will be at home to pee messily, find the right reasons, the right remedy, your dog to correct bad habits in time!

1, lack of security
For dogs, the world's safest place is home. Some dogs are more timid, lack of security, afraid to go to the toilet outside, no matter how far, are holding back home to facilitate.

Often a home, it is difficult to control defecation, home anywhere "liberated". For this situation, the owner should train more to develop the dog's self-confidence, so that it is bold up.

2, the toilet environment is not
In fact, the owner of the dog knows that the dog is also very careful to go to the toilet, often outside will keep sniffing, looking for a good place to "take over".

If the owner does not plan out the dog's exclusive toilet location at home, or the toilet environment makes it feel unsatisfied, it will also be at home to urinate and defecate anywhere.

3, revenge on the master
Dogs are very smart animals, generally higher intelligence animals will have revenge psychology. Therefore, if the owner of the dog is not good, resulting in the dog's psychological discontent, then the dog is likely to urinate anywhere at home to retaliate against the owner.
The solution is naturally the owner to take the initiative to seek peace, lessons and punishments to pay attention to the scale, if your dog is a vengeful dog, do not be too forceful with its attitude.

4, the owner indulges in bad habits
Some dogs from childhood will be at home to urinate and defecate anywhere, but the owners do not care, that the dog will grow up to learn to urinate and defecate on their own. Too spoiled to indulge the behavior of the dog, the dog out of the habit of pulling and urinating.
Want to correct the dog, there should be punishment and punishment, do not condone the dog peeing and pulling behavior, and use snacks to reward to help it train to learn to urinate and defecate at regular intervals.

5, urinary system is not good
Dogs urinary system is not good, such as urinary tract infections, urethritis, etc., there will be incontinence, the owner can only actively treat and preventative health care, in order to correct the dog at home messy urine situation.
In the diet, pay attention to eat light and low salt, care for the kidneys and urinary system, but also do not choose to contain enterococci dog food, this probiotic is a double-edged sword, can take care of the stomach to promote digestion, but also increase the risk of urinary tract infections in dogs!
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