Can dogs eat kimchi?


Can dogs eat kimchi

First of all, from the conclusion, you can't give your dog kimchi. Dogs have a better sense of smell than cats and always want to eat what their owners eat, and this happens a lot. When we see how our dogs look when they eat what their owners eat, we sometimes pamper them by saying, "It's okay to eat a little once in a while. ......" This "It's okay to eat once in a while..." idea. ..." thinking is actually fatal to the dog. It's because it doesn't matter that it poses a threat to your dog's health, so in general kimchi is a food that dogs should not eat, and I'll explain why below!

Reasons not to give dogs kimchi

As mentioned earlier, kimchi is a dangerous food for dogs.

Because it contains leeks and green onions dogs love vegetables, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, squash, and groundnuts are all vegetables that dogs love to eat and are actually fine for dogs to eat. On the contrary, as the dog can not eat vegetables, more famous is onions and long onions and the like.

Not only that, leeks can not be given to the dog to eat. Everyone should know that there are many cases of using chives in kimchi. When dogs eat leeks, and onions, long onions and other onions, causing the phenomenon of "onion poisoning". Put the onion leek kimchi, for dogs is a very dangerous food, so you can not give.

Because of the use of many spices dogs eat spices is not good for the body? In fact, this is not the case, but if the spices are containing chili, pepper, pepper, etc. then not, and can cause harm to the health of the dog. Among the spices such as pepper and pepper and other stimulants, for dogs is very dangerous spices, and kimchi put a lot of this spice it. Dogs eat peppers and other stimulants spices, then, will cause diarrhea, stomach pain, so you can not give dogs to eat kimchi. On the contrary, cilantro, perilla, dates, etc. on the dog's blood sugar level down, on the antibacterial effect can be expected, adjust the intestinal environment, etc., there are also spices that become beneficial to dogs, there is no problem if given in moderation.

Salt intake in large quantities is also bad when dogs eat kimchi, they will take in large quantities of salt. Kimchi of course also has a lot of salt, in addition to the salty dishes also contain a lot of salt. Radish, eggplant, kimchi and other often used cabbage, as sauces to eat with dogs is certainly not okay.
Dogs can not eat kimchi, some owners will think "then give it pickled radish, eggplant, cabbage and other pickles". Yes, these actually have health benefits for dogs, but don't give pickled vegetables? The types of food dogs must avoid to pick their food

What to do when your dog eats kimchi

Although you know that kimchi is dangerous for dogs, in case a dog eats kimchi, it is advisable to take him to the vet as a precaution. For the reasons I have already told you, kimchi has vegetables in it that dogs cannot eat, and kimchi that contains a lot of spices and salt is harmful to dogs. At worst, because of intestinal and stomach problems, there is also the danger of causing symptoms of poisoning, etc., and should never be given to dogs to eat.
If the dog wants to eat cabbage, remove the spices, less salt, with cabbage, eggplant, roughly these, hand-made good for the body of light savory is also a way. While considering the physical condition of the dog, while looking for vegetables suitable for dogs, hand-made food for dogs, dogs are able to be very happy!

If the dog eats a small amount of kimchi, it will take about 15 minutes at the earliest after eating it, and if it is long, it will show symptoms of poisoning after 2 or 3 days. Therefore, the dog will observe the situation after eating kimchi for about 15 minutes to 3 days, and if the dog has no problems, there is no problem.

Can dogs eat kimchi?

The types of food dogs must avoid to pick their food

In the beginning, when human biologists studied human organs and systems, they started to get their research results from dissecting dogs. From dog dissection experiments, not only did we discover more about human physiology, but we also learned about the composition of the internal organs of dogs, helping us to better feed and care for them. Dogs who dedicate themselves to science are great.

In the study of dogs, we found that the internal organs of dogs are mainly the heart, stomach, spleen, small intestine, etc., of which the main role of digestion is the digestive tract and digestive glands. Compared to the human digestive system, the dog's digestive tract is shorter and not as strong as the human digestive capacity. Therefore, when we take care of the dog, we can not treat the dog as a human to take care of it, can not give the dog what we eat, many of our daily life food dogs are not suitable to eat, the dog ate easily sick. To choose food for dogs, you must avoid the following types of food.

A sweet food. Dogs can not eat sweets, because the dog's digestive system is not strong in the degradation of sugar, which can easily lead to high sugar and induce disease. Especially chocolate, chocolate contains not only a lot of sugar, but also contains theobromine, the dog's degradability of theobromine is extremely low, also prone to induce disease.

Second, the food containing high salt content. Dogs not only can not eat sweets, but also can not eat food with high salt content, such as kimchi, dried pickled fish, etc.. Excessive intake of salt will increase the burden on the dog's kidneys, affecting kidney health and leading to various diseases. Just like humans, if you eat a lot of salty food, you will drink a lot of water to balance the body fluid concentration balance, the same for dogs.

Third, the bones of chicken, duck and fish. You can properly give the dog pig, sheep, cattle and other large bones in order to let them sharpen their teeth, but the chicken, duck and fish bones can not be given to the dog to eat. Because the chicken and duck fish bones are small, and many bones are sharp, especially the fish spines, these bones are not easy for dogs to chew, easy to pierce the dog's mouth, but also easy to get stuck.

Fourth, part of the fruit. Fruit is rich in nutrients, can be appropriate for dogs to eat, but some fruit nuclei toxic need special attention. Just as we eat fruit will not eat the core of the fruit, the dog to eat should also pay attention. It is best to help the dog to process the fruit and then let the dog eat.

Five, potatoes, mushrooms. The unripe potatoes can cause poisoning, most mushrooms are also toxic, so it is recommended not to give dogs to eat these two types of food.

When selecting food for your dog, you should think about food from your dog's point of view and select food from your dog's point of view. You can generally pick the right dog food for your dog, which is generally different for different kinds of dogs, plus supplementary nutritious food to go with it.

Prevention of food poisoning in dogs

1, food cooked and fed to the dog, now cooked and eaten, do not put long.

2. Discard and dump the fermented and deteriorated food, and resolutely do not feed it again, because the toxins released in the food by the germs, which cannot be destroyed after heating, can still cause food poisoning and even death. For example, the toxin of Salmonella has heat resistance and is still toxic after 1 hour at 75 degrees, which can cause food poisoning in animals.
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