Why does my dog keep whimpering


I. Why do dogs whimper?

Dogs usually make whimpering noises in addition to barking. If owners don't understand the reason for their dog's wailing, the dog will whimper all the time and may even engage in other negative behaviors. Next, take the owners to understand the common reasons why dogs whine and how to stop them from this behavior.

1. Dogs have needs

Owners often hear their dog whimpering when they are eating, and the reason for this is usually that the dog wants your food. Not mealtime, the dog may also want to go out for a walk, play with toys with the owner, etc. They will circle the owner's feet, or run to the door or toys to suggest to the owner.

2. To attract the owner's attention
If the owner is busy with other things and ignores the dog, then he may whine to attract your attention. Especially when the owner is playing with other pets, the dog will be jealous and wail.

3. Dogs are excited
Dogs will also whine when playing with their owners, which is a sign of excitement, usually accompanied by jumping up and down or running around.

4. Dogs are too bored
There are many manifestations of dog boredom, home demolition, digging, tail chasing, and so on, and whimpering is also a very obvious manifestation. If the dog does not exercise enough, it will tell the owner by wailing, if the owner ignores it, it may develop into a catastrophe.

5. Dogs do not feel well
Sometimes a dog is uncomfortable or in pain, it will also make a whimpering sound, at this time the dog may lie still, but the spirit is not. This is not only to get the owner's attention but also may simply want to calm down on their own. If you find that your dog has little energy and is not whimpering out of boredom or need, then the owner should promptly take him to the vet for a checkup.

6. Dogs are anxious and restless
When a dog is feeling stressed and anxious, owners can usually hear him whimpering and the dog will have another body language such as yawning, licking his lips, avoiding eye contact, etc.

Why does my dog keep whimpering

II. How do I get my dog to stop whimpering?

1. First of all, the owner needs to determine the reason why the dog is whimpering, observe the dog's other body language, and pay attention to whether it is in physical discomfort. If the dog is in pain, the owner should be careful about touching the dog to avoid causing secondary damage and contact the vet promptly. If the dog is anxious, the owner also needs to pay attention to the dog's emotions, to prevent it from making aggressive behavior, the owner must not shout to stop the dog from whimpering, otherwise, it will make its fear deepen. The owner can look for the cause of the dog's anxiety, if it is fireworks, thunder and other common reasons, the owner can adapt it through training.

2. If the dog is bored or needs to go to the bathroom or other legitimate needs, the owner can meet it to stop the dog from whimpering. However, if the dog wants food or whines when the owner is busy, the owner should not easily respond to its needs, otherwise, the dog will only intensify.

Owners can respond selectively to the dog's needs, and if there is free time to play with the dog. When the dog asks for food, the owner tries to ignore the dog, and then praise the dog with words of praise after the dog is silent and calm. The owner can also give the dog a "stop, quiet" command, as long as it sits quietly, the owner can reward it with a snack. After the dog whines, the owner can directly use the command to stop it.

Dog whimpering behavior usually can not be easily solved, after all, it has a variety of reasons. Most of the time the dog is just trying to get the owner's attention. If the owner can't stop it, he or she can have a special dog trainer train the dog to reduce the whimpering. What is your dog whimpering for in general?

Three: Why do dogs whimper?

Anyone who has a dog must have heard a dog whimpering and thought it was crying or feeling aggrieved when they first heard it, but in fact, the dog is just using its voice to communicate to you that it needs something. Dogs whine when there are usually the following seven conditions.

1. The dog is bored
If the owner does not take the dog out to play outdoors, it does not have its toys to play with, it will make its voice comfort itself when it feels boring. If the dog lying on the ground next to the toy is also uninterested, it may be that the dog is tired of playing, and want to go for more intense activities, such as going for a walk outdoors, sports, and so on, the owner may wish to take it out for a walk, the dog is like a child, the owner needs to spend more time to accompany it. Of course, sometimes dogs eat and drink enough, there will be nothing to whimper a few, just like a person after a full meal of wine and sighs of satisfaction.

2. Dogs feel scared
Dogs are scared when the characteristics will be more obvious, it may be in addition to whimpering, the tail will be clenched, the whole body shrinks into a ball, ears into aircraft ears, eyes constantly dodging, and may even be constantly trembling. Dogs just whine and bark, possibly to embolden themselves or to scare off the enemy. Dogs can be scared for a variety of reasons, they may hear thunder or car horns, go to a new environment or see a more powerful aura of the same kind. If the owner detects its fear, try to take it away from the source of fear and let it gradually adapt to the new environment.

3. The dog is hungry and thirsty
Eat, drink, poop and scatter are all about the dog's major issues, eating and drinking are in the top two, the dog sometimes whimpers to the master, and may want to tell the master that it feels hungry or thirsty. Some owners are eating, the dog will run over to whimper a few times, this is the dog is begging for food, then the owner should look at the situation to consider whether to give it food. If the food in hand is not suitable for the dog to eat, the dog should be allowed to eat their food.

4. Dogs feel anxious
When the dog is in a tense and dangerous environment, will not be able to help itself whimper, when it feels insecure will also do so. If the owner is away from home and finds that the dog has been whimpering, it may be because it has a mild case of separation anxiety and it doesn't like being separated from you. The owner should find a way to alleviate this condition by providing it with toys and also by diverting its attention from you.

5. The dog feels physically ill
If the dog has been frequent whimpering, or only recently appeared in such a situation, the owner should pay special attention, because the dog is likely to be sick, or if there are wounds on the body, it feels pain.

6. The dog is greeting you
When the dog sees the master or other friendly companions, will also make a whimpering sound, which means it is very happy and exciting, this is a natural, normal reaction.

7. The dog is showing obedience
When the dog interacts with people or similar, if the dog whimpers and appears submissive behavior, such as clamping the tail, the body slightly curled, to avoid four eyes, etc., this indicates that the dog to the other side of obedience.
They are small animals with their thoughts and emotions, understand more about them, and you will find that they are very intelligent. After reading it is not to think that the dog is very interesting it?
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