Can dogs drink milk? Reasons why dogs can't drink milk


Can dogs drink milk

Milk is high in lactose, and most dogs are lactose intolerant and cannot digest and absorb the lactose in milk. Drinking milk can cause bacteria to multiply in the gut, resulting in dysentery, diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort, so dogs are not recommended to drink milk. Of course, a few dogs do not have symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort after drinking milk, which means that the individual dog's gastrointestinal function is relatively strong tolerance to the lactose in the milk component, can be eaten normally. If the owner wants to supplement the dog's nutrition through dairy products, the best choice is the pet-specific goat's milk, the lactose content in these dairy products is much lower compared to milk, and will not cause harm to the dog's body. Dog recipes are recommended to be low in salt, oil and sugar, so most human recipes are not very suitable for long-term feeding of dogs, and some even need to be banned.
Milk is good, but it is not suitable for puppies to drink. The reason is that most dogs are lactose intolerant and cannot absorb it, and will be prone to soft stools and diarrhea.

Although not all puppies have this problem, but it is still not recommended to try. Because puppy resistance is very poor, if frequent soft stool diarrhea, it is likely to lead to worse health, or even life-threatening oh. There are puppies need to feed, you can consider the following three kinds of milk, but also are very suitable for puppy gastrointestinal Oh.

First: pet milk powder

To give the dog to drink special pet milk powder, the dog is basically not upset stomach. Pet milk powder is specifically formulated for puppies, nutritionally balanced, and suitable for puppy gastrointestinal. There is no dog mother feeding the puppy, drinking pet milk powder is the best.

Second: Goat's milk

If you can buy goat milk or goat milk powder, you can also use it to feed your dog temporarily. The molecules in goat's milk are relatively small and can be absorbed by the puppy's intestines, and it is not easy to have a tummy when you drink it. If the supermarket sells goat's milk or goat's milk powder, you can also buy it for emergencies.

Third: Softened milk

It is possible to drink it no matter if you have lactose intolerance or lactose intolerant dog. Softened milk is relatively easy to buy and not very expensive, used to feed puppies temporarily, is also a very good choice.

All three of these milks can be used to feed puppies. Of course, it is naturally best if you can have the dog mother feed it personally. If you need to feed your dog manually, it is recommended that you prefer pet milk powder, and if you can't get it at the moment, then consider goat milk or softened milk.

Can dogs drink milk? Reasons why dogs can't drink milk

Reasons why dogs can't drink milk

Dogs can't drink milk because it contains a certain amount of lactose, and many dogs become lactose intolerant after drinking it.
The lactose intolerance is the lack of lactose breaking enzymes in the dog's body, and when the dog drinks milk, the phenomenon of over, which is lactose intolerance, manifested as diarrhea and vomiting.
Dogs need high protein, high fat and low lactose for their body growth, while milk is low protein, low fat and high lactose, so it is not suitable for dogs to drink.
But dogs can drink goat's milk because its ingredients are compatible with dogs and will not cause diarrhea or vomiting problems!

What are the benefits of drinking goat's milk for dogs?

1, goat milk contains a large number of vitamin B, can promote the dog's brain and intellectual development.

2, goat milk is rich in vitamin A, which can enhance the immunity of dogs and promote development.

3, goat milk has small fat globule cells and twice as much unsaturated fatty acids as cow's milk, making it easier to absorb.

4, goat milk contains 1.3 times more calcium than cow's milk, which can make your dog grow stronger and more robust.

What goat milk powder is better to choose?

1, choose the pet goat milk powder must choose some inspection report transparent, quality assurance brand.

2, quality dog goat milk powder, shiny texture, uniform size, while the more inferior dog goat milk powder, the size varies.

3, bad goat milk powder color is not natural, looks much whiter than ordinary goat milk powder, the color and shape of milk powder can well reflect the quality of goat milk powder, recommended this "greedy goat milk powder" to natural goat milk as raw material, contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, rich in nutrients, but also special added fructooligosaccharide composition, can promote It also has a special fructo-oligosaccharide component that promotes gastrointestinal motility and protects your dog's gut!

The dog in the process of growth, need to intake a lot of nutritional elements, especially the intake of protein, dog food protein can not choose too low nor too high, generally speaking, the dog food inside the 22%-35% is appropriate.

Will dogs die if they drink pure milk

Dogs will not die if they drink plain milk. Dogs can't drink plain milk because some of the ingredients in milk are not digestible and absorbable for the dog's gut, so it can easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort, such as diarrhea. But the dog will not die after drinking some pure milk, diarrhea is serious to go to the hospital to see, stop diarrhea will be good.
Dogs are mainly allergic to the lactase in milk, if the milk does not contain this enzyme, dogs can drink such milk. Usually lactase free dairy products are yogurt, so most owners usually feed their dogs yogurt.

Can puppies drink milk?
Puppies are not allowed to drink milk. This is because the puppy's stomach is fragile and there is a serious lactose intolerance, and milk, although nutritious, has a high lactose content, which can easily induce gastrointestinal discomfort after feeding it to the puppy, even leading to loose stools, not eating and other symptoms. Finally, puppies are recommended to be fed with foods such as separated milk cake food and pet goat milk powder. Due to the poor physical condition of puppies, if abnormalities occur, you need to consult your vet promptly.

How to remedy a puppy drinking milk

Many dog owners know that dogs should not drink milk because they can have indigestion reactions to some of the ingredients in milk, so when a dog has milk, it is easy to develop diarrhea. Especially in the dog's early years, the dog if the diarrhea in the early years of the situation, it is easy to threaten life safety. But these are only some dog owners for many years to know the pooper, there are some pooper is not aware of the dog can not drink milk. So when their dogs accidentally drink milk, what should they do to get them out of danger?

1, observe the situation
Generally after the dog drank milk, if the body has a bad reaction, there will certainly be some previous actions, but if not, the pooper scooper can be slightly relieved. The dog may drink the milk for their own impact is not a big problem, if the dog to appear some diarrhea, it is likely to have a poor appetite or depression, this time the pooper scooper should pay attention to the dog to feed some probiotics to regulate the gastrointestinal, to prevent the dog diarrhea lead to dehydration.

2銆丗ast food
Dogs after drinking milk diarrhea situation, must pay attention not to let the dog in this period to eat food again, because if the dog in food will still diarrhea, multiple diarrhea behavior will make the dog's physical exhaustion. In addition, the dog originally needs to rely on food to maintain physical strength, when the dog has diarrhea, the dog's physical strength is already very exhausted situation, but if at this time the shoveler still feed the dog food, again diarrhea may make the dog into a more dangerous situation.

3, treatment situation
Some dogs may not have diarrhea after drinking milk, but the vomiting situation is very serious. How should the pooper scooper remedy it? When the dog if it has been vomiting, the pooper scooper feeds the dog some anti-vomit medicine, if the dog in this case is not eaten, the pooper scooper takes the dog to the hospital as soon as possible for more professional treatment.

What kind of milk can dogs drink?

Some people say that the most common is milk, if the dog can not drink milk, then he can drink what milk? In fact, the best milk for dogs should be goat's milk, because goat's milk is very low in protein and lactose, and has very rich nutrients. This substance can play a very good regulating role for the whole body of the dog, so dogs can drink some lactose-free milk in addition to goat's milk, there is also yogurt, yogurt must buy original yogurt, do not buy other fruit flavored yogurt, because the original yogurt does not contain any additives, or additives are the least, this yogurt will allow the dog's stomach and intestines to be regulated, if If the dog has not eaten for a long time, or after vomiting and diarrhea, you can provide some yogurt to regulate the dog's intestines.

Puppies receive more damage than adult dogs

Why do you say that? The physical quality of puppies and adult dogs is completely incomparable, the dog's body is very fragile before three months, until six months later, the body may slowly slowly become stronger. And during this first six months, the dog's body is so fragile that drinking milk will have some adverse effects, this situation is certain if the adult dog accidentally drink pure milk may not be particularly large reaction, but if the puppy drink milk, its reaction will be particularly strong. So in daily life, the pooper scooper must pay attention to not only the milk dogs can not drink, there are other foods, for dogs are drugs.
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