Can dogs eat cat food? What are the effects of a dog eating cat food for a long time


Can dogs eat cat food

Dogs can eat cat food, but only once or twice occasionally, and there are no obvious problems for dogs. However, if you feed your dog cat food for a long time, it may cause deficiencies in certain trace elements or malnutrition, poor coat color, or serious internal diseases caused by improper diet. For example, cat food contains taurine is beneficial to the development of the cat's eyes, while dogs do not need additional taurine, the proportion of protein and fat in cat food is more than that of dog food, for dogs, long-term feeding is more likely to lead to obesity, cardiovascular, cardiomegaly, pancreatic and other diseases. . So it is recommended that the dog or dog food.
Just try not to give your dog cat food, because cats and dogs do not have the same nutritional needs in food, cat food does not have the carbohydrates that dogs need. Theoretically, cats require a higher amount of meat, so cat food contains a lot of protein. In addition to the different protein protein requirements content, cats also need a special amino acid also known as oxalic acid to promote the function of night vision, while dogs do not need it. If you feed your dog cat food for a long time it will easily lead to an excess of oxalic acid and poisoning.
Cats, unlike dogs, require higher levels of carbohydrates, but cat food does not have such ratios and ingredients. Cats can easily digest fat, which is their main source of energy, so cat food has a high fat content, while dogs do not need food with too much fat. And in order to prevent some cats from suffering from urinary stones, the acidity in cat food is relatively high, so if you give it to your dog, it will easily affect your dog's bone development.
In addition, in economic terms to consider, the practice of feeding dogs with cat food is very uneconomical, because most of the cat food is relatively small package, so in terms of price will be very high. And the calories inside the cat food is higher than the dog food, so it is not suitable to use cat food to feed dogs. With dog food, why must we still use cat food? Just let the cat food and dog food do their job, no need to do the open and shut thing.

Can dogs eat cat food? What are the effects of a dog eating cat food for a long time

What are the effects of a dog eating cat food for a long time

Cat food contains too much taurine, protein and other nutrients that are good for cat growth. Dogs who eat too much can suffer from insomnia, obesity as well as heart disease, which is very harmful.
Dogs eat dog food, cats eat cat food, certainly not mixed, when raising a dog must be careful.
Dogs also can not eat grapes and raisins: grapes and raisins can lead to kidney failure in dogs, and sometimes just a raisin can kill a dog. Raising a dog to pay attention to a lot of things, try to still feed the dog dog food, which is the healthiest.

Dogs diet approach
Dogs are carnivores and need to be fed with more animal protein in the feed, supplemented with vegetarian ingredients to ensure proper development and health of the dog. Dogs sometimes eat grass, but eat very little, and occasionally spit it out. Dogs eat grass not to fill their stomachs, but to clear their stomachs, mainly because of the unique structure of the dog's gut.
The dog's stomach is very large, accounting for about 2/3 of the abdominal cavity, while the intestines are very short, accounting for about 1/3 of the abdominal cavity, so the dog is basically using the stomach to digest food and absorb nutrients, easy to digest meat food, not easy to digest things like leaves, grass and other "tendons". Although dogs are carnivores, they can live on vegetables and grains when survival is difficult.
Typical wild carnivores derive nutrition for this diet from the stomach contents of the herbivores they capture. In addition, scientists have found that a high-protein diet (high consumption of meat) can help prevent muscle tissue damage in situations such as dog sled races in Iditarod, Alaska, and other similar situations where dogs are subjected to extreme stress.
Dogs like to chew on bones. This is also a habit left over from when they tore up prey in their original habitat. We should always give it some bones when feeding. (Remember: do not use poultry bones, which may pierce the dog's intestines). Dogs generally have varying degrees of human and their own fecal habits for food.
Some research suggests that dogs have acquired this habit over tens of thousands of years of domestication with humans, and that this was one of the major sources of food that dogs had to accept in early human societies when food was scarce, and it is also believed that this is a pathological manifestation of a dog's lack of food, malnutrition, or parasitic disease. This behavior can also be reduced when supplementing with micronutrient elements.

How to stop your dog from eating cat food

If you have both a cat and a dog, be careful and make sure your dog avoids eating cat food, because eating cat food for a long time is not good for your dog's health at all. And for the dog that has become addicted to eating, the owner will have to find a way to stop it.

Since a dog's gut is different from a cat's, the requirements for food are different. In theory, it's okay for dogs to eat cat food once in a while. However, long-term eating can be very harmful to your dog's health. Because the demand for meat is higher than that of dogs, so the food needs a higher content of protein, and cat food contains taurine, if the dog eats cat food for a long time will lead to taurine excess and poisoning. At the same time cat food has a small proportion of carbohydrates, and dogs need these components to maintain the absorption of energy in the body. Also cat food has a high acidity level, which can cause poor bone development in puppies. Therefore if you find your dog eating cat food, you must take the following ways to avoid it.

If you find your dog eating dog food, you must stop it immediately and scold it in a stern tone and say "bad boy". Or take a spray bottle and when you see your dog eating, spray it with water.
2. Place the feeding dish out of your dog's reach. This will prevent your dog from stealing cat food when you are not around and causing health problems.
3. Develop the dog's habit of eating at regular intervals. This way the dog will not be hungry and look around for something to eat. Unlike dogs, cats do not like to eat food at a fixed time, they can eat 13 meals a day.
4. Install a wireless reactive fencing device. When the dog approaches the cat food, the fence will automatically close to warn the dog.

For dogs or choose a healthy dog food is the way to go, dog food can be good for the dog's coat and body development.
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