Can dogs eat oranges? The benefits of oranges for dogs


Can dogs eat oranges

Dogs can also eat some oranges, but when we feed them, we try to peel off the skin and feed them only the pulp inside. But too much pulp will lead to gastrointestinal irritation in dogs, a small amount of supplementation, but also with the dog to provide some trace elements, vitamin intake. So we need to pay attention to what fruits are damaging to dogs when choosing fruits, such as common avocado, grapes, cherries, these fruits are causing organic damage to dogs, this fruit we need to try to avoid. Then when feeding apples, pears, and watermelon food, you also need to control their dosage, even if these fruits do not have too many side effects on the dog, but after too much feeding, it can lead to discomfort and diarrhea in dogs. This is why you need to control the amount of fruit in your feeding, mainly with your dog's food.

Can dogs drink orange juice

You can drink orange juice, but make sure you drink it sparingly. Sweets are not good for your dog. The danger of giving your dog a sweet treat once diarrhea occurs, the muscles quickly dehydrate, resistance decreases, the intestinal tract's constant flora and pathogenic bacteria and viruses take advantage of this time, quickly multiplying in large numbers, leading to the occurrence of gastroenteritis, when many of the bacteria and viruses that cause canine infectious diseases are also prone to rampant at this time, resulting in the occurrence of canine infectious diseases.
1. often eat sweets dog susceptible to dental disease soft sweets is not conducive to exercise dog teeth, dogs do not often brush their teeth, residual sweet crumbs become a good medium for bacteria, easier to promote the growth of bacteria, which leads to dental plaque, tooth decay, gum problems and the generation of various dental diseases, especially sweets eat more dogs, the probability of dental disease is much higher than those who do not eat Sweet dogs.
2. often eat sweets dogs are prone to obesity sweets in sugar, fat ratio is high, even if you do not eat much, but also can make the dog intake of energy and other nutrients out of proportion. In addition, the calorie content of sweets is very high, often eat sweets will cause the dog's energy intake is high, and can not be consumed and converted into fat deposits in the dog's body, it will cause obesity in dogs. When the dog enters old age these diseases will threaten the life of the dog. Dogs also tend to feel full when they eat sweets, making regular meals unappealing to dogs, which can lead to paranoia and nutritional deficiencies. Diabetic or overly obese dogs, is also very unsuitable for eating cakes and sweets, and even bread is harmful to their bodies.
3. often eat sweet food dogs prone to gastrointestinal and oral diseases dog's digestive system can not be secreted to break down disaccharides (such as sucrose, etc.), so can not break down, absorb sucrose; therefore, often eat sweet food for them no good. Once a large amount of sucrose or fructose is consumed, a hyperosmotic environment will form in the digestive tract, causing a large amount of body fluids to enter the intestinal cavity, which can lead to diarrhea.

Benefits of oranges for dogs

Dogs can eat oranges in small amounts. 1. Oranges are rich in nutrients and can be supplemented with vitamins and minerals when eaten in small amounts by dogs; 2. Oranges are rich in vitamins and can help dogs digest their intestines and prevent constipation when eaten in moderation; 3. Oranges are sour and sweet tasting and can be fed in small amounts by dogs if they lose their appetite. But dogs should not eat too many oranges, its acidity will stimulate the dog's stomach acid secretion too much, triggering stomach problems.
Oranges are rich in nutrition, containing vitamin c, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, carotene, citric acid, hesperidin and aldehydes, alcohols, alkenes and other substances, dogs can eat a small amount of oranges in moderation to supplement the body's nutritional requirements. To dogs eat oranges have the following benefits.
1. oranges are rich in nutritional elements and can be consumed in small quantities by dogs to supplement vitamins and minerals.
The nutritional value of oranges is very high, it is rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. A small amount of consumption by dogs is beneficial to replenish the nutrients required by its body.
2. oranges are rich in vitamins and can be consumed in moderation to help dogs digest their intestines and prevent constipation.
Dogs chewing habits are usually swallowed, for food will not be finely chewed, so it is easy to have difficulty digesting the situation, appropriate for dogs to eat oranges can supplement vitamins to help their gastrointestinal digestion, to prevent constipation.
3, oranges are sweet and sour taste, dogs can be fed in small quantities if their appetite is low.
Dogs may lose their appetite if they are depressed, or physically injured, or after neutering, when they should be given a little appetizing food, oranges are sweet and sour, and giving them to dogs in small quantities can help boost their appetite.

In addition, dogs should not eat too many oranges, the dog's stomach acid secretion itself is stronger than humans, the acid in the oranges will stimulate its stomach acid to strengthen secretion, too much to eat easy to damage the dog's stomach, causing stomach problems.
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