Is raw meat good for dogs? Can dogs eat raw chicken?


Chicken, geese, and ducks are all essential meat dishes on the New Year's Eve dinner table, but some owners may casually throw raw chicken necks or chicken meat at their dogs when they kill the chicken. But in fact, this is likely to paralyze the dog and can seriously lead to death. Isn't eating raw meat good for dogs? Why is chicken meat harmful instead?

I. Can dogs eat raw chicken?

Causes of paralysis in dogs due to raw chicken
A study conducted at the U-Vet Werribee Animal Hospital at the University of Melbourne found that eating raw chicken in dogs may increase the risk of acute polyradiculoneuropathy (APN), a disease that can lead to paralysis, by more than 70 times.

Researchers selected 27 dogs with APN symptoms and 47 uninfected dogs to study their physical symptoms and recent behavior and diet, especially their raw meat-eating habits. When the dogs showed APN symptoms, the researchers collected fecal samples for seven days and found that the chance of having Campylobacter jejuni was 9.4 times higher than normal.

Therefore, they concluded that Campylobacter jejuni is very likely to make the dog's immune system dysregulation, resulting in paralysis. The reason that Campylobacter jejuni paralyzes dogs is that it contains molecules similar to nerve cells, which can easily disrupt the immune system. Campylobacter, which causes paralysis in dogs, comes from undercooked chicken, unpasteurized dairy products, or contaminated water.

Symptoms of APN Paralysis in Dogs
In dogs with APN, the hind legs become weak, then the front legs become weak, then the neck, head, and face are affected, and if the dog's chest is paralyzed, death may result. Matthias Lechevole, a veterinarian with negative page research, pointed out that some dogs can heal on their own, but severe cases may take up to six months to recover. Pet hospitals receive about 30 cases of APN every year, and 30 percent of these dogs, because of the severity of the disease, are paralyzed for life.

APN is thought to be the canine counterpart of human Guillain-Barr茅 syndrome (GBS), as Campylobacter spp. is also thought to be a trigger for the disease. GBS disease is a disease in which the body's immune system attacks the nerves, and early signs of GBS in humans include leg weakness, numbness in the fingers, toes, ankles, or wrists, pain, difficulty walking, and loss of bladder control. If left untreated, it can eventually lead to paralysis as well.

Don't give your dog leftover chicken bones either
In addition to raw chicken, the leftover chicken bones we eat are just as bad for dogs. Many people like to throw the finished chicken bones to their dogs, but in fact, cooked bones are harder than raw bones and are not easily digested. This can easily make the bones get stuck in the dog's esophagus, and swallowing them for a long time can hoard them in the gut causing the risk of obstruction.

You may have questions, dogs used to hunt for a living, right? Why is it not okay to feed them raw meat and bones now? In fact, after years of human domestication, dogs have evolved into omnivores. If you eat raw meat for a long time, it will be a huge burden for the dog. In addition, once upon a time when the dog lived in the wild, it chewed on raw bones rather than cooked bones. Raw bones carry minced meat and are therefore less likely to get stuck.

Therefore, do not give your dog cooked chicken bones or skeletons. Due to the fine size, the dog may swallow it directly, causing the bone to get stuck in the esophagus. In addition, large bones with joints should not be given to the dog to chew, because there are ligaments connected at the joints, and the dog's teeth can easily set in the bone cracks when gnawing, resulting in broken teeth.

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Is raw meat good for dogs? Can dogs eat raw chicken?

II. Can dogs eat raw meat

A new climax has recently emerged on online platforms, where pooper scoopers have started to show off their skills and make all kinds of homemade dog meals that are colorful and super appetizing to look at. It is a great way to get the most out of your dog's life, and you can't help but envy them for meeting such a good pooper scooper. But when watching the video, we found that everyone mentioned raw bone meat. All reported a refusal to feed the dog raw bone meat, fearing that there will be a large number of parasites. For this reason, the flower sister pushed glasses and decided to find out.
First of all, let's understand what is raw meat and bones? Raw meat and bones are raw, with the meat of the bone.

I have many large dogs around me with raw bones, and I sometimes feed raw bones to the little flower, but there are no problems, but feeding raw bones to the dog is good for the dog's body.

Teeth grinding and teeth cleaning
Dogs grinding teeth cleaning has always been the most concern about the pooper scooper, after all, the dog teeth good appetite is good, and the body can be twice as good. This is the effect of raw meat and bones, the dog will eat raw meat and bones, chewing, and tearing. There will be friction between the raw meat and teeth, which can clean the teeth stains, but also rub some plaque, and calculus. The longer the dog chews, the more obvious the cleaning effect, but be sure to check if there are sharp parts.

Easy to digest
The intestines of dogs and humans are different. The ancestors of dogs used to live in the wild, and they consumed raw meat. Dogs eat raw meat and eating cooked meat is easier to digest and absorb, dogs who consume raw bone meat defecation will be reduced oh.
Then the question comes, many people will certainly ask Sister Flower, that raw meat is raw, there will be bacteria and parasites. Here is the response!

Feed raw bone meat to your dog, be sure to buy regular immune qualified, the product can be traced. It is recommended to freeze raw bone meat in the refrigerator for more than 7 days, this method can effectively kill some of the parasites, and the remaining parasites that are not frozen do not need to worry. Deworm your dog regularly, both internally and externally, and treat your dog's poop promptly. The parasites will be excreted with the poop, so be careful if your dog eats them again.

Bacteria are everywhere, use a microscope to look at our body, but also all bacteria. Bacteria from the meat will be destroyed in the dog's body once the dog consumes it. Dogs have powerful stomach acid in their gut, which has a bactericidal effect. Remember to take your dog for an annual physical examination to determine if its gut is healthy.

Feeding precautions.
Do not feed raw or cooked at the same time to avoid flatulence! This is very important, many pooper scoopers feel that feeding raw meat and bones at the same time and then some cooked to avoid diarrhea. This approach is a big mistake, alternating raw and cooked, hot and cold, can lead to damage to the dog's stomach and intestines, triggering flatulence.
Nutritional mix, eliminate feeding a single! Although there are benefits to raw bones and meat, you can't keep feeding raw bones and meat, which can lead to malnutrition in dogs. After all, dogs need other nutrients.
Do not feed fat! Remove all fatty fats before feeding. If you eat too much fat, your dog's anal glands will get clogged and they will secrete a solid slushy liquid.
Cross-feed raw bone meat to avoid picky eating! Dogs can become picky eaters after eating raw bones and hate tasteless dog food, so cross-feed and eliminate raw bones mixed with dog food.
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