Can dogs eat beans? Do dogs eat beans for health?


Just like people, dogs don't want to eat the same old dog food every day. On the contrary, they will want and expect something different every day to stimulate their taste buds. But it's not realistic to give your dog extra meals every day, and it's not good to give your dog extra meat too often, so that's where beans might be a good option for you.

I. Legumes are good for your dog's health

Why are beans a good choice to add to your dog's diet? Because beans for dogs are good for their health. In addition to protein, beans are rich in nutrients, such as iron, potassium, and vitamin B, which help dogs digest properly. In addition, beans contain antioxidants that help regulate blood sugar levels. However, when feeding beans to your dog, not all beans can be given to your dog, for example, do not give raw beans to your dog and also try to avoid canned beans. Then the question arises, which beans are allowed to eat? And which ones are not allowed?

Dogs can eat kidney beans
Kidney beans (also known as string beans), pinto beans, and kidney beans are all okay for dogs to eat. However, as mentioned above, do not feed your dog raw beans directly, as it may cause diarrhea. When preparing to feed your dog beans, they must be soaked overnight before cooking. Soak the beans in cold water inside the water for at least 4 hours, if not soaked or cooked properly, the beans will be almost impossible to digest, then you can cook the beans directly in boiling water, without adding salt, and give them to your dog.
Lectins are natural proteins found in beans and some plants, and soaking beans will reduce the number of lectins after cooking, making them easier to digest. Also, soaking and cooking beans will reduce the likelihood of bloating after your dog eats them. Conversely, a hard or uncooked serving of beans may cause nausea and even vomit in dogs.

Dogs should not eat chili beans or canned beans
While humans love chili, it's not a food dog can eat. Although chili is usually made from kidney beans, the spicy taste of this dish is too irritating for a dog's stomach. Dogs should not eat chili powder, and usually, garlic and onions, which tend to destroy your dog's red blood cells when consumed. Canned beans are also not ideal for dogs to eat, as their sodium content is usually higher and the added preservatives can cause stomach upset. So they are not recommended for everyday consumption.

Can dogs eat beans? Do dogs eat beans for health?

II. Dogs eating legumes

Some legumes can be eaten by dogs, but it is important to note that not all legumes can be eaten by dogs, as the dog's stomach is relatively fragile, once not properly fed will cause gastrointestinal problems in dogs, among which legumes are peas and soybeans are foods containing alkaloids, alkaloids are easy for dogs to cause abdominal flatulence, causing gastrointestinal burdens, so In the feeding time need to pay attention to the choice.
Dogs eat legumes benefits
Soya beans are sweet, flat, enter the spleen, stomach meridian, clear heat and urine, detoxification; made of soy milk is cold, the stomach and intestines are easy to digest and absorb, can clear the urine and stool, heat relief and lung, broaden the lower gas; main treatment of heat accumulation in the stomach, water swelling, swelling and poison, urine is unfavorable. But the dog's stomach disease is not used to digest plants. Although plants also provide protein, digesting plant protein will add a burden to the dog's kidneys.
Can dogs eat beans?
Dogs can eat beans, but when feeding them, be careful to cook them and feed them without putting too much salt. Beans are mostly produced in the summer and are rich in vitamins and minerals.
Usually used for stir-fry. If you add some meat and fry it, the taste will be better.
Eat more beans is good for the body, kidneys, and appetite, but also a good vegetable. Dogs have no problem eating beans, but they must be cooked before they are given to the dog so that the dog tastes good and the nutrition can be absorbed by the dog.
If you can give the dog some soup and meat, the dog will like it more. When feeding your dog, you need to choose one that is suitable for your dog.
Can dogs eat tofu?
Many owners like to give their dogs a little bit of what they eat in the process of raising them, but dogs are different from us people, after all, there are some things that people have no problem with, but they are extremely harmful to dogs, so can dogs eat things like tofu or not?

3. Can dogs eat tofu?

The dog can eat tofu because the nutritional value of tofu is relatively high, especially since it contains a lot of protein, so it can make the dog more healthy, and can promote the growth of the dog, but it must be remembered that when feeding the dog tofu, do not feed it too much at once, because eating too much will actually affect the growth of the dog, especially, adult dogs in The body development process if you eat too much is not conducive to its growth.

Four: Foods your dog can't eat

The dog, after all, is very different from us, so not what people can eat can be eaten by dogs. There are many foods in life that are delicious for humans to eat, but for dogs, it is like poisoning, if not eaten, it may damage their health, or even directly threaten their lives. Therefore, the owners feeding the dog must remember that the more common foods in life like chocolate, coffee, or strong tea, and then grapes and raisins, these things can not be fed to the dog to eat will threaten its life.
So you can give your dog a little tofu in life, it is good for its body, but the above-mentioned foods that can not be eaten must be kept in mind, do not give your dog to eat yo.
Dogs can eat soybean skin?
Dogs can eat soybean skin but can not eat too much, soybean skin contains a lot of protein and can give pets supplement protein, but soybean skin in the process of digestion of pets will produce a lot of gas, eat too much will cause the phenomenon of pet flatulence, soybean skin eats too much will also affect the pet to eat other foods such as dog food caused by the pet's picky eating.
Soybeans contain very much protein of about 40%, containing more protein than beef, the calcium content of soybeans and the calcium content of milk more soy products are mainly divided into soy foods and other soy products made from soybeans as raw materials two categories. Soy foods include soy flour, tofu, shredded tofu, soy milk, soy milk powder, tofu skin, tofu skin, bean curd, vegetarian chicken, vegetarian ham, fermented soy products, soy, and its products, soy sticks, soy frozen foods, etc.
The nutrition of soy products is mainly reflected in their rich protein content. The essential amino acids contained in soy products are similar to animal proteins, and also contain essential minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron, as well as vitamins Bl, B2, and cellulose.

V. How to give your dog beans more healthfully

Once or twice a week, adding a tablespoon or two to your dog's bowl is a great option to give your dog a nutritional boost. However, just as with dog snack intake, your dog's beans need to be kept to less than ten percent of your dog's total weekly food, and not too much. Because they are only a supplement, they are not meant to replace the protein in your dog's food.

As good as beans are, they have to be accepted by the dog to be truly good. So the owner, in the beginning, you can first give some dogs to try to eat, to observe whether the dog can accept, if several times in a row the dog does not like to eat, you may have to look for other healthy alternatives. And when eating, you can add the beans to other food prepared for the dog together, for example, can be mixed with the dog's favorite pumpkin or sweet potato, together, so that the dog is more acceptable and more like to eat.
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