Why do dogs put their paws on you?


I. The reason why dogs put their paws on you is to express these things

You've had dogs put their paws on you during dog ownership, right? The reason for this is that the dog is trying to say these things. In fact, the reason why dogs put their paws on you is to express these things!

Dogs are very emotional animals, they are in a stressful environment, will also feel afraid.

This time the dog will put his paws on you to relieve the fear of emotions.

It is also a request for protection from the owner, more often seen in insecure dogs.

Comforting you
Many people who have dogs believe that dogs are very spiritual animals.

When you are sad, it will be by your side quietly with you, or even put its paws on your body to comfort you.

When you are happy, it will also feel happy.

Such a spiritual dog, raised to, is lucky!

Love you
In fact, every dog is deeply in love with their master, only the owner does not know.

After all, the dog can not be expressed in words, so it will put its paws on your body to express love for you.

This time, the owner can echo it, let it know your heart, so it will be very satisfied, happy Oh.

Dogs are injured and feel uncomfortable when they are looking for the owner, after all, they are not stupid.

But it can not speak, so it can only do some action to express its meaning to the master.

And put their paws on the master, is to express their own injury.

Want you to play with it
Dogs love to be close to their owners and love it when they play with them.

If the master has been engrossed in his work, completely ignored it.

Then it will put its paws on your body, wanting you to play with it, expressing your neglect of its meaning.

Owners should be careful not to neglect their dogs, oh, busy again also take some time to accompany the dog.

Play games with it, go out for exercise, training is also possible, but also reward some dog snacks to it to eat, so that it is satisfied.

But you need to pay attention to the choice of dog snacks, not at will, after all, is to eat into the stomach of things, choose some nutritious and healthy best.

begging for food
Dogs are very smart, feel hungry, will go to the master, but can not use language to express with the master.

So there is the action of putting paws on the owner's body, as a way to beg for food.

If it's time to eat, then the owner can feed it.
Many times, pet owners will find that their dogs will always put their paws on their own body, you know what this means? In fact, this is the dog in the signal to you, do not ignore it!

From now on you are my little brother
If your dog always for no reason, put their paws on the body, then it may be suggesting that you, it takes you as a little brother.

Because in the dog world, only dogs of high status will put their paws on dogs of low status, so when a dog puts its paws on you and you don't have any work to do, the dog thinks you are your big brother by default.

Let's go out for a walk
Dogs are very needy exercise, the space at home is not enough for it, so many times, dogs want to go out. So what does a dog do when it wants to go out?

It will put its paws on the owner to please the owner, let the owner take it out for a walk, and if the pet owner agrees, then the dog will become very excited.

I am super fond of you
Many pet owners may not know that the dog is actually willing to put its paws on you, is an indication that it is super fond of you, so it wants to be close to you.

If you and the dog are not yet that close, it means that the dog is still wary of you, and the pet owner has to slowly cultivate the relationship between you.

I'm hungry
If your dog puts his paws on you and sticks his tongue out to lick you, it means he is hungry and asking you for food. For the sake of your dog's health, pet owners should feed their dogs regularly and quantitatively.

And it is best to give your dog dog food, after all, dog food is the most suitable food for dogs, is formulated according to the nutritional needs of dogs, try to choose some meat and vegetables balanced dog food.

You ignore me for a long time
Dogs are very sticky master, if the owner has not paid attention to the dog for a long time, then the dog will feel sad, then the dog will put the paw on you, let you notice it, and tell the owner, you have been ignoring me for a long time.

So pet owners have time to spend with their dogs, play with them more, and reward them with appropriate snacks.

Why do dogs put their paws on you?

II. The meaning of your dog's paws on you

There are times when a dog will put its paws on you, and at that point do you think the dog is holding you up? No, it turns out there are actually a lot of them, one of which may be sick, and you may not know all of them after years of dog ownership!

The meaning of the dog's paws on your body, the dog for many years, you may not know all
In fact, the dog paws on your body, it is likely to be sick, such as paws injured, the body feels uncomfortable and so on. These situations make the dog feel painful and unbearable, so they want to tell the owner to help themselves.

But many times, the owners do not understand, but feel that the dog is delaying you, in the face of such owners, the dog is still saved?

If your dog puts his paws on you, and with the meaning of pleasing, it may be the dog is showing you friendship, just like a child showing friendship.

If your dog will do this, it means that it loves you and likes you very much, so it will show you goodwill, the pet owner can pet it at this time.

When the dog has a parasite bite it, the dog will be itchy, painful, then you need to help the owner to scratch off the worm, the dog will pick its paws to you.

This is when the pet owner focuses on the deworming of the dog, whether the dog is regularly dewormed, otherwise the dog is easily infected by parasites, resulting in itching.

Dogs can also feel lonely, so sometimes dogs feel lonely, they need the owner to play with it, and then they will put their paws on you and invite you to play together.

The pet owner has time to play some small games with the dog, with some snacks as a reward.

When the pet owner is eating, many dogs will put their paws on the owner, which is actually the dog wants to grab your hand to eat, the dog is too smart.

But the pet owner had better stop it immediately, because human food is not good for dogs, eat more will only malnutrition, hair loss, etc., the most suitable food for dogs or dog food.
Dogs put their paws on people, and we comfort sad people when the hand on each other's shoulders is very similar to the action. Therefore, some people believe that dogs put their paws on people is actually comforting people. However, although research has proven that dogs can indeed sense people's sadness and do comfort people, the behavior of dogs comforting people does not include putting their paws on people. In addition, even when the owner is stable, the dog will also appear to paw behavior. These show that dogs put their paws on the owner is comforting this argument is not valid.

Dogs put their front paws on each other this action in fact often occurs in the play between dogs. Two dogs often go to great lengths to put their paws on each other's bodies or faces when playing, while doing everything they can to avoid the other dog putting their paws on them. The dog's pawing behavior is generally considered here to be an act of boasting their dominance to the other dog. In other words, dogs do everything they can to get their paws on each other in order to prove that they are the boss.

So this behavior extends to humans, does it mean that the dog is provoking the master? There is indeed such a statement that the dog paws on the master is a challenge to the master's authority, but in fact, this is just a misunderstanding of our dog behavior, and there is no basis for it.
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