Can dogs eat walnuts? Precautions for Dogs Eating Walnuts


Can dogs eat walnuts

Dogs can eat walnuts to make their coats shiny, but don't eat too many walnuts at once because they are not easy to digest and nuts can easily get stuck in your dog's throat. Dogs eat walnuts easy to swallow a whole directly, will be stuck in the dog's throat, there is no way to swallow, it will lead to choking, threatening the dog's life, so when the dog is fed walnuts, it is recommended to break the walnuts a little smaller. To the dog to eat walnuts must be the original flavor, because some walnuts are processed, the salt content will be heavy, the dog eaten is not conducive to health, but also make the dog's tear marks aggravated. Dogs are eating dog food daily, eat more snacks such as walnuts, will affect the meal picky phenomenon, the dog will also be very easy to become thin, walnuts are not conducive to digestion, eat more is also easy to trigger obesity, diarrhea problems. The dog is prone to farting when he eats too many walnuts.

Can dogs eat walnuts? Precautions for Dogs Eating Walnuts

Cautions for dogs eating walnuts

Dogs should pay attention to the following points when eating walnuts; firstly, for dogs with good digestion, owners should feed walnuts to their dogs in small pieces and pay attention to the feeding amount to avoid dogs getting stuck with walnuts or having diarrhea symptoms. The second is for dogs with poor digestion, such as puppies before 3 months of age, dogs with gastrointestinal diseases, the owner had better not feed walnuts to dogs to avoid indigestion.

Can dogs eat dates walnuts

Dogs can eat red dates and walnuts, but it is not recommended to feed dogs to eat these two foods, because the dog's gastrointestinal for this food is not strong digestive capacity, eat may cause indigestion, intestinal obstruction, intestinal gas and other gastrointestinal diseases in dogs. If you must eat them, remember that dates should be de-nucleated so that the nucleus does not cut through the intestinal tract.

Dogs are allowed to eat walnuts, but don't overdo it, you can eat less. The reasons are as follows.

1, nuts are easily stuck to the dog's throat.

2, to the dog to eat walnuts must be ordinary original, because the salt dog eat is not good for health.

3, dogs are carnivores, eat more snacks such as walnuts will affect the main meal.

4, walnuts are not conducive to digestion, eating too much is also likely to cause obesity and other problems.

Some dogs dogs contraindicated diet

1, grapes and raisins can lead to kidney failure in dogs, and sometimes just one raisin can kill a dog.

2. Macadamia nuts can lead to deficiency, muscle spasms, and paralysis. Other nuts are also bad for dogs, nuts have a high phosphorus content may lead to kidney stones, should be avoided. Peanut butter is an exception, but such as feeding peanut butter, organic unsweetened peanut butter should be selected.

3, the avocado itself, the kernel and the fruit tree are toxic. It can cause breathing difficulties in dogs as well as the thoracic abdominal cavity and fluid accumulation in the heart. According to the theory of some people, the oil of avocado is good for dogs.

4, apples, cherries, pears or similar fruit seeds and kernels contain cyanide, which is a deadly poison for both humans and dogs. Cyanide can also exist in the dog's intestines and kill the dog within 24 hours without any warning.

5, onions and shallots contain disulfides, which are harmless to humans, but can cause oxidation of red blood cells in dogs, which may cause hemolytic anemia and hematuria. Even by heating, the harmful substances cannot be destroyed, so do not feed your dog food with onions and scallions.

What to do if your dog swallows a whole walnut

If a dog swallows a whole walnut, it is best to take it to the vet and use an endoscope to remove it, or use vomiting to help the dog vomit the walnut. The whole walnut is difficult for the dog to digest, especially if it is in the shell, and if it enters the intestine it is likely to cause an obstruction in the dog's intestines.

The dog swallowed the whole walnut basically can not be digested, timely stomach walnuts out to avoid walnuts into the small intestine caused by the dog's intestinal obstruction, or even small intestinal necrosis. Large walnuts may also be stuck in the throat or esophagus, so that the dog can not eat normally caused by esophageal damage, endoscopic removal of foreign bodies in the esophagus or stomach is a good solution to avoid the pain of opening the dog. The hard shell of walnuts in case of damage may damage the dog's gastrointestinal tract, promptly brought to the veterinary hospital to check the X-ray and ultrasound to determine the site of the walnut obstruction, for the intestinal foreign body timely surgical removal.
Dogs in the process of playing may appear to swallow foreign objects, toys, bones and plastic bags may be the source of foreign objects in dogs, timely clean up the garbage can, if the gastrointestinal symptoms promptly seek medical attention to find the cause to ensure early detection and treatment.

Dogs eat peach kernels can digest?

Dogs eat peach kernels are not digestible, dogs are not able to eat food with kernels, the first is not digestible, the second is because the kernels contain chloride, the dog's cells will lose the ability to absorb oxygen resulting in death. Dogs with developed gastrointestinal function are able to pull out the peach kernel, the gastrointestinal bad will be blocked in the rectum, requiring surgery to remove.
Dogs eat peach kernels can digest?
Can not digest, peach kernels contain chloride, easy to make the dog food poisoning, and even death.

Dogs eat peach kernels should first be checked
To be safe, or to give it an X-ray, to confirm the size and location of the peach kernel, if too large, or stuck in an inappropriate location, is unable to discharge, hurry up, a long time caused by gastritis and gastric bleeding will be more trouble, the surgery or have to operate, saving lives is the first.

The dog ate a peach kernel can digest the dog accidentally ate a peach kernel can digest it by itself

Swallowed peach kernels to let the dog fasting ban water
1, when found after the dog swallowed a large foreign body, the first thing to let the dog fasting water, to avoid foreign bodies continue to damage the digestive tract.

2, check the inside of the dog's mouth, if you can see the foreign body stuck in the mouth, you can try to remove with tweezers.

3, the owner should put the dog's head down, hind limbs up, maintain a low front and high back posture, pat the dog's back with your hand, while using your fingers into the dog's mouth, press the dog's tongue to help the dog vomit, but need to prevent being bitten

4, if you can confirm that the dog swallowed cigarettes or cosmetics, etc., you can use a lot of light salt water from the corners of the dog's mouth to pour in, the dog may vomit the foreign body in the stomach.

5, if the dog swallowed can not confirm the drug, please immediately take the dog to the veterinary hospital for examination, do not handle it yourself.

Walnuts are toxic to dogs?
Dogs can eat walnuts, because walnuts are not toxic to dogs. However, walnuts have a high fat content and it is not recommended to feed them for a long time or in large quantities to avoid increasing the digestive burden of the dog and even inducing pancreatic disease. In addition, macadamia nuts should not be fed to dogs, it is easy to cause dog poisoning. Finally, it is recommended to feed your dog pet-specific food, such as dog food and other staple foods, or canned snacks, etc., do not feed other messy food.
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