Can cats eat watermelon? Is watermelon bad for cats


Can cats eat watermelon

Cats can eat watermelon. Watermelon is not a poisonous food for cats. Most cats are not naturally water-loving, and watermelon will hydrate them. However, care needs to be taken when eating watermelon to give cats room temperature fresh watermelon to avoid gastrointestinal diseases.

The most relieving fruit in the hot summer is of course watermelon, some cats like to eat watermelon, or cat owners will feed watermelon to cats that do not like to drink, as watermelon is relatively sweet is not recommended to feed to cats with diabetes. Cats naturally do not like to drink water, they are more likely to be infected with some urinary tract problems. Watermelon is rich in water, which is very beneficial for some cats infected with urinary tract diseases. However, when feeding watermelon to cats, you need to pay attention to not feeding frozen watermelon just taken out of the refrigerator, as well as not feeding fresh watermelon or broken watermelon, which may cause diarrhea in cats, or cause acute gastroenteritis in cats due to improper diet, increasing the burden on the cat's gut.

Cats can eat a lot of fruit, in addition to watermelon, papaya, cantaloupe, apple and kiwi fruit, as long as the feeding is appropriate for the cat's health is still very beneficial. Although fruit can give cats vitamins, but after all, cats are carnivores, so fruit is recommended to feed less.

Young cats are advised not to eat watermelon. Although watermelon is rich in water and vitamins, watermelon is cold. The gastrointestinal function of kittens is not fully developed and the gastrointestinal tract is fragile. Feeding watermelon can easily lead to diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain in kittens, and in severe cases, other diseases can occur, which is relatively troublesome to treat, so it is recommended not to feed watermelon to kittens. When kittens are 4-5 months old, they can be fed a small amount of watermelon.

Cats can eat fruit

For cats, fruit can be supplemented with micronutrients and sugar, but first the cat is willing to eat, not all cats like fruit, the vast majority of cats have their own personalities, will be very picky, do not force the cat to eat the fruit they do not like, this will only anger the cat, over time will be fearful of the owner.

Can cats eat watermelon? Is watermelon bad for cats

Is watermelon bad for cats

For cats, watermelon is edible, but in moderation. If you feed your cat too much watermelon, it can lead to too much sugar in the body, and cats have a limited ability to break down these sugars, increasing the risk of diabetes. Care should also be taken when for watermelon to eliminate the seeds, as watermelon seeds are not absorbed by cats and can increase the gastrointestinal burden. In the heat of summer, feed your cat some watermelon to cool off and hydrate them. But be sure to feed room temperature, chilled watermelon from the refrigerator is more harmful to the cat's stomach and intestines, will make the cat constipated, loss of appetite and depression.

Not all fruits are suitable for cats

Cats are very sensitive to acidic food, acidic food will stimulate the gut of cats, and most cats do not like acidic food, such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit, etc. If cats are exposed to or eat this type of fruit for a long time, it can easily lead to cell necrosis, vomiting, or even death. For cats, avocado is a very dangerous fruit. The leaves, pulp, seeds and bark of avocado contain a chemical toxin called "Persin", which is poisonous to cats and very harmful.

What are the remedies for stomatitis

For cat stomatitis, if medicine is applied directly to the wounded surface of the mouth, the medicine can act directly on the ulcer, which is very effective for the treatment of cat stomatitis, but it should be noted that before applying medicine to the cat's mouth, the mouth should be rinsed first. You can use one-thousandth of potassium permanganate aqueous solution to self-match, if all can not buy, you can also use warm light saline.
1, Tong Ren Tang's mouth ulcers San Tong Ren Tang's mouth ulcers San's main ingredients are Qing Dai, Bai Fan and ice chips, have the effect of clearing heat and astringent sores, the treatment of mild stomatitis effect is good. Mouth ulcers are light blue foam, parents can use cotton swabs dipped in the foam rubbed in the cat's mouth ulcers, 2 to 3 times a day, mild stomatitis can generally be cured within a week.
2, bing boran the main ingredients are ice chips, borax (calcined), cinnabar and xuanming powder, has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, reduce swelling and pain, mainly for the treatment of human mouth and tongue sores, the use of a cotton swab dipped in powder is also used in small amounts several times in the cat oral ulcers.
3, watermelon cream spray watermelon cream spray is commonly used in the treatment of oral diseases, in the treatment of moderate stomatitis in cats have a certain degree of efficacy, the cat's family must have a watermelon cream spray, not only to treat cat stomatitis, can also be used to treat cat ear mites, the effect is remarkable. Commonly used topical medications for cat stomatitis are all Chinese herbal medicines, and they are all medications with heat-clearing and detoxifying effects. At the same time, it is important to know that the mouth of the cat is very painful when stomatitis strikes, the cat will not easily let the parents to their own medicine, which is also a point of headache for many parents, about this, can only come tough, more than a few people to help, the cat held down, although the process is more painful, but for the recovery of the cat, it can only be so. Cats with stomatitis, pet owners should not be superstitious what healing particularly fast prescription, but should use a more scientific approach to help cats. If a cat suffers from stomatitis, the pet owner does not have to worry too much and can try the following experiences to help the cat recover faster.
1, pay attention to the cat's diet during the cat suffering from stomatitis, the pet owner should not give the cat too dry cat food, it is recommended to feed some liquid food, or soak cat food with goat milk powder, which can reduce the pain of dry and hard cat food on the cat's mouth.
2, improve the oral hygiene of cats cats suffering from stomatitis may also lead to cat halitosis, this time the pet owner should pay attention to improve the cat's oral for hygiene, use pet mouth green such as pet oral cleaning spray to help cats reduce bad breath, but also to help cats faster recovery of the oral environment.
3, supplemental vitamin B cats are also the same as humans, need to maintain a certain amount of vitamin B composition. In this regard, you can feed your cat a special vitamin B for cats, such as Home Fun vitamin B, with the pet mouth to pay to take more conducive to the recovery of cats.
4, antibiotics if the above methods are not able to help cats to recover well, pet owners can feed their cats anti-inflammatory antibiotics such as cat amoxicillin. Of course, you can also take your cat to the vet for an injection, but this is only a temporary relief of pain, after which a period of care is required.
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