Can dogs eat kiwifruit? The benefits and disadvantages of kiwi for dogs


Can dogs eat kiwifruit

Dogs can eat kiwifruit. Kiwifruit is not a stimulating fruit and can be eaten, but don't feed your dog too much of it.銆€銆€Kiwifruit (scientific name: ActinidiachinensisPlanch), also known as kiwi fruit (kiwi is an artificially selected variety of kiwi that has become synonymous with kiwi due to its widespread use). The world origin of kiwifruit is in the town of Wudouhe, Yiling District, Yichang City, Hubei Province, China. On November 6, 2008, at the International Kiwifruit Congress held in New Zealand, more than 200 experts from 19 countries around the world unanimously concluded that China is the native center of kiwifruit and that the world origin of kiwifruit is in the town of Wudouhe, Yiling District, Yichang City, Hubei Province.銆€銆€The fruit is generally elliptical in shape, greenish-brown in appearance in the early stages and reddish-brown when mature, with a dense fleece-covered skin and edible flesh, inside which is bright green flesh and a row of black or red seeds. It is named kiwi because kiwi monkeys like to eat it, or because the skin is covered with hairs and resembles a kiwi monkey, making it a fresh, nutritious and flavorful fruit.銆€Kiwifruit has a soft texture and a sweet and sour taste. The taste has been described as a mixture of strawberry, banana and pineapple. In addition to organic substances such as kiwi alkaloids, protein hydrolase, tannin pectin and sugars, as well as trace elements such as calcium, potassium, selenium, zinc, germanium and 17 amino acids required by the human body, kiwifruit is also rich in vitamin C, gluconic acid, fructose, citric acid, malic acid and fat.
In general, it is recommended not to give kiwifruit to dogs. Because kiwi is a cold fruit, dogs may have a series of adverse reactions after eating it. Such as intolerance leading to vomiting, diarrhea, etc. If the dog appears in this situation the owner should not worry too much, the owner if the dog eats too much kiwi then it may easily cause diarrhea in dogs, so control the amount, and do not feed refrigerated or frozen kiwi, which is worse for dogs.
Kiwifruit also contains a lot of phytic acid, which has a stimulating effect on the stomach and intestines and should not be eaten on an empty stomach, so dogs with a weak gastrointestinal tract should not eat it.
Secondly, kiwifruit contains more minerals, which have many benefits for the body, but dogs that absorb too many minerals can put a burden on the kidneys and even have stones. If the dog eats too much food other than the main food, it can easily cause the dog to be picky and lead to malnutrition, etc. Especially acidic is not recommended, and kiwifruit that is too acidic may cause gastrointestinal discomfort in dogs. So if owners want to feed their dogs kiwis, they can feed them appropriately, not for long periods of time or in large quantities.

Can dogs eat kiwifruit? The benefits and disadvantages of kiwi for dogs

Does a dog's digestive system differ from that of a human

The general structure of mammals is the same, but the digestive system of dogs, and humans are very different in function. As human beings, our stomachs are strong and can absorb nutrients from a wide range of nutrients to replenish themselves, whereas dogs do not function the same way
The dog's digestive system consists of 2 parts: the digestive tract and the digestive glands. Literally, the digestive tract is the passage through which food enters the dog's mouth until it becomes digestive residue and is expelled from the anus. The digestive glands are the organs through which food does not pass directly but which secrete digestive juices that aid in digestion.
Dogs are animals that have been domesticated and domesticated by humans over a long period of time, and although dogs can be made to accept some human food over a long period of time, they are still not able to adapt to most foods due to the evolution of the food process. Dogs can digest part of the starch, which is why many places have to give dogs a meal, but dogs do not have the ability to digest food containing sugar, salt, containing a lot of fat. On the one hand, due to the long domestication process, initially dogs were eating human scraps, and humans were not so much better off at the time. The dog's stomach in the long evolution of the cooked food but not adapted to human condiments. The other aspect is that dogs have been domesticated but still retain many of the attributes of wolves and are primarily meat eaters.

Benefits and disadvantages of kiwis for dogs

What are the benefits of kiwi fruit for dogs?

1. Regulates the stomach and intestines
Dietary fiber is a substance that is found in many fruits and plants. But they play a role in regulating the intestinal tract. If your dog has recently experienced gastrointestinal discomfort, then try to give them some dietary fiber, which can play a role in regulating the gastrointestinal tract. The dietary fiber, which is present in the kiwi fruit.

2. strengthen the immune system
In the body of kiwi fruit, there is a large amount of vitamin C, eat a whole kiwi fruit, can meet the daily vitamin C needs of dogs. Adequate daily intake of vitamin C can keep dogs healthy. It can prevent your dog from getting sick and fight colds and asthma. 3.

3. Reduce the risk of cancer
Kiwi fruit is considered to be a fruit with anti-cancer properties. This fruit can reduce the possibility of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a reaction that can lead to DNA damage, and DNA damage can bring chronic disease, or cancer, to dogs. Therefore, kiwi fruit is considered to have anti-cancer properties.

4. Managing blood pressure
Like humans, dogs sometimes face abnormal blood pressure. And there are many reasons that trigger abnormal blood pressure. Owners may not be able to identify them all. But if there is simply an abnormal blood pressure, then eating some kiwi fruit can be a good way to regulate your dog's blood pressure.

5. can rehydrate
In the body of kiwi fruit, 83% of its weight is from water. Therefore, eating kiwi fruit is a good way to rehydrate. If your dog doesn't like to drink water, you can replace it with fruit for a little while. And kiwi fruit is one of them.

Is kiwi fruit safe for dogs?

Kiwis are similar to other fruits in that they have a pulp, a skin and a core part. The pulp is definitely edible, while the peel, on the other hand, needs to be removed. Because id fruit skin is not easy to digest, and there may be pesticides or other bacteria residue on it. So, for safety reasons, it is better to choose to remove. As for the kernels, there is no need to worry too much, just cut them into small pieces. The black seeds, on the other hand, can be followed by the pulp and go inside the dog's stomach.

How to feed kiwi fruit to dogs?

When feeding kiwis to dogs, the owner needs to be careful to prepare fresh kiwis for them. Then peel them and cut them into small pieces for the dog. Generally speaking, only fresh kiwi fruit does not contain other flavorings in its body. So it can be safely consumed. As for pickled and dried kiwis, they are not the best choice for dogs. Because no one can guarantee that there are no additives that are harmful to dogs.

In fact, for dogs, fruits and vegetables should take up less than 10% of their daily food, so owners need to pay attention to the amount of kiwi they feed their dogs, whether it exceeds the recommended standard. After all, dogs and humans alike, many things can eat, but eat too much, but will suffer the effects. I don't know if the dogs in your family have tasted the kiwi fruit?
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