Dogs can eat sweet potatoes? What are the benefits of sweet potatoes for dogs


Can dogs eat sweet potatoes

Dogs can eat sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes are nutritionally balanced, which is rich in vitamins C and E, as well as potassium, can strengthen the dog's resistance, care for the coat. Sweet potatoes contain lipocalin, and eating sweet potatoes in moderation can regulate insulin metabolism. Sweet potatoes also contain carotenoids and lipocalin, which are good for dogs to strengthen their immune system. Therefore, dogs can be eaten. Appropriate consumption of sweet potatoes can enhance the dog's gastrointestinal tract peristalsis, enhance digestive function. Because sweet potatoes contain more fiber, dogs with diarrhea or soft stools, it is not recommended to feed sweet potatoes. Moreover, sweet potatoes should not eat more, its high starch content, the dog will eat too much will cause indigestion, flatulence does not defecate, do not eat too much. Especially a few months old puppies, because the puppy digestive system is not fully developed, eating sweet potatoes may lead to diarrhea. In addition, it is best to eat pet snacks sold in pet stores that contain sweet potatoes. But a single sweet potato is not enough, you can add some chicken, beef, cabbage, etc.
Dogs can eat sweet potatoes, and there are benefits. The main benefits are reflected in the following four points.
1, help intestinal activity, improve constipation.
2, to prevent cardiovascular disease, good for the heart.
3, can slow down aging.
4, improve their immunity.

Next we mainly understand, why dogs eat sweet potatoes is beneficial for four specific reasons.

One, because sweet potatoes are mainly composed of water and dietary fiber, protein, starch amino acids, etc., dogs eat sweet potatoes help it intestinal peristalsis, thus improving the constipation.

Second, sweet potatoes contain carotenoids, vitamins, potassium, etc., these substances are effective in preventing cardiovascular disease, so it is good for the dog's heart.

Third, sweet potato skin has a substance called chlorogenic acid, this substance has a strong biological activity, its role is mainly to prevent the accumulation of internal fat, help dogs lose excess fat, can make dogs have a good physical condition.

Fourth, a large number of vitamins in sweet potatoes can increase the dog's resistance, in addition to the lipocalin in sweet potatoes, can mediate the metabolism of insulin in dogs.

Although there are many benefits of eating sweet potatoes, but dogs can not eat more. Because sweet potato starch content is also high, eat more easily undigested, flatulence. In addition to sweet potatoes there are many foods that are good for the dog's body, such as oatmeal, beef, salmon, peanuts and so on. Dogs are a starvation-resistant animals, so it is best to feed them seven percent full each time. The dog's diet must be regular and quantitative, to develop good eating habits, and not too much supplementation of the good stuff.

Dogs can eat sweet potatoes? What are the benefits of sweet potatoes for dogs

Can two-month-old puppies eat sweet potatoes

Yes, they can, and they love them. But remember, don't eat too much, because sweet potatoes have a laxative function, eat too much will be diarrhea! It is best to give your dog a pet store to buy pet snacks inside sweet potatoes. Always eat sweet potatoes nutrition is not enough. Add some chicken, beef, cabbage, or cabbage, boil some bone broth soak rice to eat.
Dogs or - eat their own food it, dogs can not eat food. As follows
1. Chocolate: deadly. Absolutely can eat.
2: onion onion: can eat cause hemolytic anemia.
3: chicken bones: can eat. Its empty structure is not easy to bite and cut the esophagus or stomach. Causes bloody dysentery.
4: its bones fish: willing to eat. Bone must be the whole bone or cooked in a pressure cooker thin rotten. Eat fish must be thorns are picked out.
5: raw eggs: can not eat. Affect the hair of the dog. Diarrhea. Cooked and then eat it.
6: raw meat: will diarrhea. And easy to parasitic disease. Cooked to eat.
7: high oily fat content: puppies can not eat. Big dogs ... Try to eat less. Become fat.
8: animal liver: this is the most important. Do not eat. Especially small dogs. Cause vitamin A poisoning, severe calcium deficiency ... And so on a series of chronic problems. Occasionally eat some wood relationship.
Can dogs with kidney failure eat sweet potatoes?
The dietary principles of kidney failure is low salt, high quality low protein diet, low salt mainly refers to the usual easy to hypertension, edema of such patients to reduce the intake of salt, high quality protein usually refers to animal protein-based, this protein contains more essential amino acids, intake, help protein synthesis, not to increase the burden on the kidneys.

Can dogs eat cooked sweet potatoes

Dogs can eat cooked sweet potatoes, but not too much of them. Sweet potatoes contain too much sugar and cannot be fully digested by the dog's intestines, so eating too much can lead to obesity and bloating.
Although sweet potatoes can promote the dog's intestinal peristalsis, to promote excretion. But the breeder needs to feed a small amount to avoid adding burden to the dog's stomach and intestines, causing gastroenteritis in serious cases.
If you want to feed your dog sweet potatoes, you can crush them into a puree and mix them with dog food. This ensures that the food is not a single, but also to avoid dogs only eat sweet potatoes easy belly flatulence.
Dogs can eat sweet potatoes?
First, dogs should not eat sweet potatoes dogs should not eat sweet potatoes, if you must give your dog sweet potatoes, you must also a small amount. Because too much sweet potato may cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps and other adverse reactions in dogs, and even critical life when serious.
Second, the dog eats sweet potatoes precautions
1, indigestion sweet potatoes are high in nutritional value, and fragrant and delicious, loved by people. But the dog's gut is fragile, poor digestion, feeding a lot of sweet potatoes may lead to indigestion. Therefore, if you must give your dog sweet potatoes, you must also reduce the amount of feeding.
2, diarrhea and diarrhea sweet potatoes have laxative effect, a small amount of sweet potatoes for dogs to eat, can to a certain extent regulate the gastrointestinal, speed up intestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation and strengthen the digestive capacity. But the dog eats too much, it will be diluted, diarrhea, the loss is not worth the gain.
3, malnutrition sweet potatoes are rich in a large number of nutrients, but these nutrients can not be quickly and effectively absorbed by the dog, at the same time, the palatability of sweet potatoes is relatively good, may make the dog develop a bad problem of picky eating, become uncomfortable with dog food. Therefore, eating too much sweet potato will make the dog malnutrition.
Third, the dog or eat their own food, dogs can not eat food as follows.
1. Chocolate: deadly, must not eat.
2. Onion onion: can eat cause hemolytic anemia.
3. Chicken bones: can eat. Its empty structure is not easy to bite and scratch the esophagus or stomach, causing bloody dysentery.
4. Its bone fish: can say eat, bone must be the whole bone or cooked in a pressure cooker thin rotten. Eat fish must be thorns are picked out.
5. raw eggs: can not eat. Affect the dog's hair, diarrhea, cooked and then eat.
6. Raw meat: will be diarrhea, and easy to parasitic disease. Cooked to eat.
7. High oily fat content: puppies can not eat, big dogs eat as little as possible, easy to become fat.
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