Can dogs eat tomatoes? What are the benefits of tomatoes for dogs


Can dogs eat tomatoes

Dogs are omnivorous animals, theoretically can eat tomatoes, but we still try not to give dogs tomatoes, although tomatoes are rich in vitamins and trace elements, a small amount of consumption can enhance the dog's intake of vitamins and trace elements, but dogs due to individual differences, individual dogs after eating light diarrhea and vomiting and other adverse symptoms, serious may lead to watery stools, bloody stools, abdominal pain, vomiting and so on. Severe cases may lead to watery stools, bloody stools, abdominal pain, violent vomiting, etc., more likely to cause electrolyte disorders and gastroenteritis and other diseases. Especially for puppies, it is recommended not to feed them at all. Puppies have a more fragile gastrointestinal function, and diarrhea and vomiting can lead to decreased resistance to dehydration and increased chances of infectious diseases. So the dog is best to good quality dog food, good quality dog food can basically meet the daily nutritional needs of the dog.
Ripe and juicy tomatoes are safe for dogs, and dogs can eat properly. However, it is important to note that tomatoes contain a substance called lycopene, which can lead to dog poisoning. Lycopene is usually found in the stems and leaves of tomatoes.
1, dogs can certainly eat tomatoes, but it is not recommended to feed too much. Tomatoes contain alkaloids, and if a dog eats too much, it can lead to dog poisoning, convulsions, salivation and other kinds of discomfort. Although some dog food will also contain tomatoes, but the proportion contained in it is very small. Dogs who eat too many tomatoes are prone to spasms and heart rate disorders and various other conditions. And we usually difficult to control this amount, may eat a bite, it will make the dog very uncomfortable, so although the dog can eat, but still not recommended!

2, it is recommended that dog owners or dog food as the main food for dogs, at most add some vegetables and fruits and meat as a snack for dogs can be, do not feed too many vegetables. If the dog is greedy, you can usually prepare some special dog snacks for it, such as chicken jerky, goat cheese, etc. to the dog to relieve cravings Oh! But I still hope that dog owners are best to prepare special snacks for dogs, so as to well protect the health of dogs, not to feed!

What are the vegetables that dogs can eat? Eat more vegetables on the growth of the dog or have a great help.

Although it is said that tomatoes try not to eat. But in fact, there are still many vegetables can feed dogs, such as the following!

1, carrots - can help dogs beautiful hair, very good to help dogs maintain their hair.

2, cucumber - cool, mild, for dogs have a very good effect.

3, sweet potatoes - supplement starch and sugar, good to help dogs grow

4, pumpkin - improve constipation, nutritious

5, spinach - rich in iron and antioxidants

Can dogs eat tomatoes? What are the benefits of tomatoes for dogs

What are the benefits of tomatoes for dogs

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants of all natural plants. Lycopene can play a role in preventing and inhibiting tumors, thanks to its antioxidant effects, as well as blocking tissue cells. In addition to this, tomatoes contain a lot of fiber and beta-carotene, vitamin A and vitamin C. Ripe tomatoes also help in the digestion of dogs. And tomatoes are low in calories, making them a great vegetable for dogs who are overly obese and need to control their diet.

What's bad about tomatoes for dogs

Tomatoes may be tart and sweet to eat, but they are not a very safe food. Spanish and Italian colonists who visited South America long ago wanted to introduce tomatoes back home, but the people of northern Europe did not support them at the time because they thought they were poisonous. Tomatoes are in the Solanaceae family and like mandrake it contains biotoxic bases, many of which are used to make poisons. Unripe tomatoes also contain a substance called lobeline, which releases toxins in the presence of stomach acid, and it cannot be extinguished even at high temperatures. If you eat unripe tomatoes, you will get a bitter feeling in your mouth, and if you eat them, they will cause vomiting, diarrhea, stomach burning, and possibly even poisoning.
But talking about harm out of dose is a hooligan. Even though the stems and leaves of tomatoes contain toxic substances, it takes more than a pound of portions for a person to experience significant discomfort. In the case of a dog, the discomfort depends largely on its age, weight and health, as well as the amount it eats. But I believe no owner should give their dog tomato stems and leaves.

How dogs should eat tomatoes

Before owners want to give their dog a tomato, it is best to cut it into small pieces or dice it, otherwise the dog may choke on it and cause choking if it takes a big bite of it. When we eat tomatoes, we may use sugar to mix, but it is best not to let the dog eat this way, it is best for the dog to eat the original flavor. Owners can also mix tomatoes and other vegetables together as a vegetable supplement for every meal for dogs.

It is best not to eat a lot of tomatoes for the dog, a small amount to feed it a taste of sweetness, better for the body. Owners should also observe if he has any adverse reactions after eating tomatoes, and if so, don't give him any more, as it is possible that different dogs have different digestive abilities for vegetables and fruits.

Dog eating tomato poisoning symptoms

Because it is rich in vitamin C, it is a healthy food rich in vitamins for humans.

But for dogs, are tomatoes good for them?1. The digestive system of dogs, and the digestive system of people is completely different, and the digestive enzymes in dogs are different from those of people, so that dogs have their own unique food, which includes dog food or canned dog food.

Some for humans is delicious food, for dogs may be deadly poison, such as chocolate, onions and so on.

2, dogs can eat tomatoes, such as the summer heat, tomatoes can be used as fruit for dogs to eat a little, but be sure to pay attention to the portion.

Although tomatoes are not poison for dogs, is relatively safe ingredients.

But the tomatoes contain those nutrients, and not the dog growth and development process must have nutrition, so it is not necessary to eat too much.

3, tomatoes are rich in alkaloids and atropine.

If the dog consumes a large amount, it may pose a certain threat to their lives.

If consumed too much, the dog may appear drooling, drowsiness and breathing difficulties and other symptoms, in serious cases, there may be abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, some individual dogs may also appear constipation, muscle weakness and convulsions and other phenomena. This is an obvious phenomenon of poisoning.

4, so the final summary of the words, tomatoes can be given to the dog to eat, but must pay attention to control the amount, remember not to be too much.

If too much is easy to cause dog poisoning.

Can be used as a condiment, or a spice, when the dog is bored of eating, tired of eating dog food, a little spice, as a small snack safer, so the owner still need to dog food to the dog as the main food, do not indiscriminately feed Oh.
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