Why is my dog's nose dry


I. Is it normal for my dog's nose to become dry?

Dogs are exposed to the outside world with a sniff and then a lick, and their superb olfactory ability allows them to distinguish different objects by smell alone. So the nose is important to them, and if there is a problem, it can affect their ability to perceive. People used to say that when a dog's nose becomes dry, there is a physical problem. This is not entirely true, it is just possible to be sick, there are many other factors that can cause a dog's nose to become dry.

Causes of dryness in dogs' noses.
Environmental and behavioral factors influence

1. when the dog has been outdoors for a long time and has been exposed to direct sunlight, the moisture in the nose will evaporate faster because of the high temperature and will become dry, and may also be sunburned. The dog's whole body is protected by fur, and the nose and foot pads are the most sunburned parts of the summer, the owner takes it out to play, remember not to spend a long time in the sun.

2. in the dry weather in the north, or home often turn on the heating, because the air humidity is low will also make the dog's nose become more dry.

3. dogs after strenuous exercise, the body will lose more water, because the exercise process requires frequent tongue heat, will take away part of the body moisture, the owner will also find it nose and tongue will become more dry. So the owner of the dog after exercise to give it timely moisture, to avoid the lack of water on the body.

4. dogs wake up after a nap, the nose will be a little dry, but this is a normal phenomenon. Because when they do not sleep are from time to time lick their nose to keep it moist, which will make the nose become more sensitive. This action is like people feel dry lips will unconsciously lick it. When they go into a deep sleep, they will not be able to lick their nose from time to time, so it will be slightly dry.

When a dog becomes an older dog, its body functions will decline and its nose will become drier than that of a healthy adult dog, but this is a normal condition. Owners should be alert to whether there are other symptoms along with the dry nose and remember to take their dogs for regular medical checkups.

Influence of disease factors
1. If the dog's nose is chronically dry, there may be a problem with the tear ducts in the eyes, which normally allow tears to moisten the dog's nose.

2. Dogs have a higher body temperature than humans, around 38掳C to 39.5掳C. When it exceeds 39.5掳C, it is already considered a fever. The fever will cause the dog's nose to become dry, and the dog will also have a corresponding loss of appetite, depression and lethargy, the owner will know at first glance that the dog has a physical problem.

3. dog nose dry may also be due to fire, the owner needs to let it intake sufficient water, can also help it supplement some minerals and glucose. But remember not to let it drink people drink fire herbal tea, because it may hurt its body.

4. Owners who find their dog's nose dry should also look out for signs of illness, such as loss of appetite, thirst, diarrhea, lethargy or vomiting, which can provide clues to the veterinarian's diagnosis.

If the dry nose is accompanied by diarrhea and white mucus with blood in the stool, the dog may be infected with a small virus and should be treated immediately, otherwise it could be life-threatening.

Therefore, it can be said that a dog's dry nose is not necessarily due to disease, but it is a reminder signal of certain diseases. Owners should be alert when they observe dryness in their dog's nose, and many times the earlier the first signs of disease are detected, the better the cure.

Why is my dog's nose dry

II. These 4 conditions are normal for dogs with dry noses

Probably pooper scoopers have heard that a dry and hot dog nose means that the dog is sick. In fact, it's not. Many times the dryness of a dog's nose has little to do with being sick. Sometimes a dog may have just woken up from a nap, or maybe it's just old enough to have a dry nose. But if you find a dog with a dry nose, along with symptoms such as coughing, discolored gums or vomiting, the dog is probably sick.

Reasons why a dog's nose stays moist

A dog's nose sharpens its sense of smell by secreting a thin layer of mucous membrane that allows it to absorb odor chemical molecules. In addition, the dog's nose does not have nasal hairs and cannot block dust and bacteria from being inhaled into the lungs like humans do, so its nose is easily covered with a lot of dust. Therefore, dogs will often lick their nose to keep it moist and to prevent inhaling dust and germs and other substances.

In addition, the dog's nose has an olfactory system called Jacobson's organ, which is not used for smelling other food scents, but for mastering the chemical properties of the smelling object. Therefore, if the dog's nose is dry, it can cause a lot of dust to get on the nose, thus preventing this organ from receiving information from the outside world, and the dog will not be able to "listen" to the surrounding gossip. Therefore, dogs need to keep their noses moist at all times.

In addition to moistening the dog's nose to improve olfactory sensitivity, the dog's external nasal glands are also the rare glands in the dog's body that can excrete body fluids, and the dog can also use this method to dissipate heat.
The normal condition of dry dog nose
When you find that your dog's nose becomes dry, you don't need to panic, you can first observe the situation of your dog. If the dog is in the following 4 situations, the dog's dry nose is normal.

1. is dozing
Dogs do not sleep, almost every few minutes will lick the nose. When the dog is asleep, such work will naturally be suspended. If the dog has not used his tongue to lick his nose for some time, his nose will become dry. So when the dog is sleeping, or just waking up, the nose will become dry.

2. After strenuous exercise
After a lot of exercise in the dog, because of a lot of sweating, the body may have a dehydration situation. Insufficient water in the body, it will stop secreting fluid, the dog's nose will seem dry, at this time, as long as you give the dog more water to drink on the line.

3. Under the sun exposure
Hot summer, under the sun, as well as dry wind blowing, will make the dog's nose dry, which is related to the lack of water absorption. At this time to give the dog some moisture, the nose will naturally restore the wet state.

4. Ageing
As dogs grow older, their body functions gradually deteriorate, the water in the nose may also be slightly reduced, the nose may also become dry, this is a normal situation. If you are concerned, check with your veterinarian.

Diseases that cause dryness in dogs

If you find that your dog's nose appears dry, along with coughing, thirsty, vomiting or diarrhea, or even general weakness and loss of appetite, then your dog is probably sick. This time, the owner should also observe the dog's gums, can more effectively understand the dog's health situation.

Use your fingertips to press the dog's gums for about two seconds, the white position should be able to return to the blood color in 2 seconds. If it takes too long, the dog may have low blood pressure or be in shock. If it takes too long, it could be a sign of heat stroke or poisoning. If your dog's gums appear red-purple or brown, you should seek immediate medical attention.

In addition, you can also observe the mucus on your dog's nose. Generally speaking, the mucus on your dog's nose should be clear and odorless. However, if you find that the mucus on your dog's nose is sticky, yellow, green or even black, you should take your dog to the doctor. Some of the following diseases can cause your dog's nose to become dry.

1. Sunburn
If you find that your dog's nose is dry, red or the nasal skin is flaking off, there is a chance that it is sunburned. Dogs with pale or pink noses are particularly susceptible to sunburn. If the dog's nose is sensitive, it is best to let the doctor prescribe some special lotion from the sun, because repeated sunburns can easily lead to skin cancer in dogs.

2. Skin diseases
The dog's nose is actually considered part of the skin, and the bacteria that cause skin diseases can also affect the dog's nose when it reaches the vicinity of the nose. If you find that your dog's nose is dry and cracked, scabbed or sore, it may be caused by skin disease.

3. Severe dehydration
If a dog is severely dehydrated, it may show symptoms such as a dry nose, sunken eye sockets, dry gums and loss of skin elasticity. Sometimes dogs get heatstroke on hot summer days and also have a dry nose. At this time, the pooper scooper should immediately give the dog enough water.

4. Allergy problems
Dryness of the dog's nose may also be due to blocked nasolacrimal ducts. The dog's nasolacrimal ducts are blocked because of allergies, so the body fluids can't reach the nose, thus causing the dog's nose to be dry.

Although a dog's dry nose is not necessarily a disease, a pooper scooper can keep track of the dog's health by observing the dog's nose. And very often, the dryness of the dog's nose is caused by a lack of water in the body, so the pooper scooper should usually remember to provide the dog with sufficient clean water Oh ~.
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