Why are my dog's eyes red?


I. Why do dogs' eyes glow red?

As more and more people have dogs, many questions have surfaced. The first thing you need to know is that it's not that easy to raise a dog, and it's not that different from taking care of a small child. The pooper scooper has to take care of the dog's food, drink and food, and if they are a little uncomfortable, the pooper scooper is really more anxious than anyone else. It can be said that the heartache of raising a dog only the pooper scooper knows.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time. The vet also received a lot of private letters asking the vet Ming that his dog's eyes are red, what is the reason, and how to do it? We know that the eyes of healthy dogs are relatively clean, generally sick dogs may have increased eye droppings, eye swelling, eye redness and other phenomena. And one of the most common ophthalmological symptoms is the redness of the dog's eyes.

The reason for the redness of the dog's eyes is a variety of reasons, some pooper scoopers feel that the redness of the dog's eyes is distemper, this statement is certainly not correct, pooper scoopers do not make too much fuss, understand clearly the cause is the key.

If your dog is in a serious situation, it is advisable to send him to the hospital for a checkup. This way the pooper scooper can also be a little bit of peace of mind. The following veterinarian Xiaoming to talk to you about the dog's eyes red several more common causes it! The pooper scooper can learn about it!

1, the dog did a lot of exercise

In fact, this situation is more common, the dog did a lot of exercise after the eyes red is a normal phenomenon, the pooper scooper do not have too much anxiety. The reason for this situation is probably because the shoveler usually does not have time to walk the dog until he is free to walk the dog wildly. The dog may be too excited to play with the shoveler and they have been running non-stop, no sense of fatigue, and the shoveler see the dog so happy also think let them run a little more should be fine.

In fact, a lot of exercise will make the dog's blood circulation speed up and thus lead to red eyes, but this situation will naturally be fine after the dog's body temperature drops. So this reminds the pooper scooper in the normal exercise must control the dog's exercise time.

2, the dog is on fire

If you suspect that your dog's eyes are red because of fire, you can first observe the dog's eye condition. The general dog fire eye stool will become more, the white part of the eye becomes red. And the dog will frequently drink water, but also with a little breath.

This condition is caused by internal fire, the pooper scooper should improve the dog's diet, give them appropriate fiber such as fruit and vegetable food, but also bear in mind that there are fruits that can not be given to the dog to eat, and to reduce greasy and high salt food, like canned food, ham are not recommended to the pooper scooper to feed the dog. You can follow the instructions to the dog with anti-inflammatory canine eye drops to use, adhere to a period of time, the dog's eyes will improve the problem of redness.

3. Dogs are infected by bacteria and parasites

If the dog's eyes are swollen, or if the dog scratches its eyes frequently with its paws, which causes the eyes to become red, it may be caused by parasites or bacteria. In this case, the dog's eyes will feel painful and itchy, so it is better to treat them immediately after the dog is found, in order to prevent the dog from scratching its eyes.

Veterinarian Ming has also been emphasizing the need to do a good job of deworming dogs, and it is better not to let them go to places that are too dirty. If the dog's situation is light every day you can give them with saline rinse 3 to 5 times, and then drops of anti-inflammatory eye drops can be, but if the dog's situation is more serious or recommended that the pooper scooper take the dog to the hospital for treatment.

4銆丗oreign objects in the dog's eyes or fighting with other dogs

If your dog's eyes are red, you can think about whether your dog has fought with other dogs in the last few days, or possibly been beaten.

The actual fact is that the dog's eyes are in a foreign body, if this is the case, the shovel can not be anxious, observe a few days, the dog may be back to normal.

5, dog eyelid inversion

Some dog eyelashes are inverted, which will stimulate the dog's cornea, so that the dog's eyes feel very uncomfortable. The dog's eyes will be red and teary, so you can help your dog trim off the extra eyelashes or take your dog to the hospital for surgery to solve the problem.

The last thing I want to say is that the redness of the dog's eyes is not only the above points, but also the dog is suffering from lacrimation or distemper and other diseases, which will also lead to the redness of the dog's eyes. The only thing you need to do is to feed your dog scientifically, and if your dog has symptoms of red eyes, find them early for treatment.

Why are my dog's eyes red?

II. Must the redness in the puppy's eyes be pinkeye?

Not necessarily.

Redness and inflammation that affects one or both eyes can be due to a variety of factors ranging from mild allergies to glaucoma.

However, one of the classic symptoms of red eye, which causes inflammation of the eye in puppies, is that we can see the eye in a red state with the naked eye. This inflammation is caused by a variety of factors, including excessive blood in the eyelids or the influence of blood vessels around the eye. It occurs when blood vessels are outside the eye, when inflammation occurs inside the eye, or when blood is passively pooled and dilated.

Redness may be accompanied by watery, watery eyes, puppies that can't stop rubbing their eyes on the floor, squinting, red eyes, occasional temporary closure of one eye, and green pus-like discharge from the corner of the eye. It may involve the surface of the eye, ruptured blood vessels in the eye or other causes of inflammation of the eyelid.

If owners notice redness in their puppy's eyes that lasts more than 24 hours, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian immediately.

Red eyes in puppies have many different causes and may be as simple as an allergy, a mild sign.

Excessive irritation, however, can be as serious as glaucoma. Other maladies in the body can complicate the condition causing the inflammation of the eye.

Inflammation and redness of the eyes

Why are dogs' eyes so easily sensitive?
The puppy eye, like the human eye, is able to observe the outside imaging, constantly adapting to the light, being able to focus on looking at an object, and transmitting the information of the image seen to the brain.

The difference is that puppy eyes have one more thing than humans, and that is that they have a third eyelid - the transepithelium. The membranes cover the conjunctiva of the eye and mainly protect the cornea and remove foreign bodies.

The membrane extends upward to protect the eye from foreign objects. This is the reason why puppy eyes are overly sensitive.

But unfortunately, according to the data, there are certain breeds of puppies that are more prone to eye problems, including the following.

Breeds with longer hair, such as Poodles (Poodle), Scottish Shepherds, and Maltese.

Older puppies with their own medical conditions. (Too many complications from high blood pressure or diabetes)
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