Do dogs have menstruation? How do I take care of my dog when he gets his period?


Dogs do get their periods, but only when they are in heat, not when they are male. The first time a female dog comes into heat and has her first period is at 6 to 8 months of age, and then every six months for about half a month, when the dog's mood and behavior will be different and her body condition will be lowered.

I. How do I care for my dog when he gets his period?

Clean up the discharge
Some dogs will have a small amount and will lick it up themselves. Some dogs have more and need to be treated with warm water and a towel to avoid dripping on furniture that is hard to clean or on the floor where bacteria can grow. After the treatment, you can prepare a clean mat for the dog to lie down and rest. If you are going out, it is recommended to wear physiological pants to avoid bacterial infections in the private parts or mating with a male dog from unknown sources.

A dog's period comes with estrus, so it will be more emotional, may walk around and pee everywhere at first, and will be closer to its owner. The owner should spend some time with the dog and prepare some snacks or toys to divert the dog's attention. Also, pay attention to keeping the dog warm to avoid getting cold and flu, you can dress the dog in clothes.

Supplementary nutrition
Some people will have abdominal pain and poor appetite after menstruation, and so will dogs. But you can't let your dog not eat, or you'll be prone to malnutrition. There is time to boil some meat porridge, chicken soup, and fish soup to feed, there is no time to use goat milk powder to soften the dog food after adding nutrition cream, or canned food to feed.

If the dog has scratched the door, howling and other rowdy dog behavior, has affected the rest of the owner and neighbors, you can consider feeding some pets to help replenish nutrition and ease the agitation. If you want to breed your dog, you can do it on the 13th/14th day of your period.

Increased care and attention to hygiene

When a dog is in menstruation, it also means that the female dog is in heat, and the smell will attract the attention of the male dog, which will lead to the riding behavior. If the dog is still young or the owner is not planning to breed the dog at the moment, it is important to protect the dog from other male dogs and to avoid leaving the house alone.

You can use clean warm water and cotton cloths to clean your dog's private parts daily, clean and blow-dry the surrounding hair before putting on your physiological pants to prevent menstrual blood from dripping around and soiling your home, and to increase security to avoid infection of your dog's private parts.

Calm your dog's anxiety

Dogs in this period will be restless, often a dog, pet owners can first use some toys, snacks, etc. to distract the dog's attention, if the owner does not have much time and energy to take care of, maybe appropriate to feed the dog some pet all happy, to help the dog calm the anxiety, slow down the fuss, and promote the dog to restore the normal physiological state.

Pay attention to warmth and diet

During this period, the dog's body resistance will be reduced, the owner should not bathe the dog and stay in a cool environment, need to pay attention to warmth, and prepare a clean and comfortable soft pad for the dog to rest.
The newest addition to the lineup is the newest addition to the lineup.

Do dogs have menstruation? How do I take care of my dog when he gets his period?

II. The specifics of menstruation

The first thing you need to do is to get your dog's period out of the way. You heard it right, but don't make a mistake with your girlfriend, dogs are not the same as humans.

1. Duration
A woman's period comes every month and stays for about 2-8 days each time it comes. In contrast, a dog's period comes once every six months and stays for ten to twenty days.

2. The amount of bleeding
When women have their period, the volume will be a lot. During a dog's period, only a small amount of blood will ooze out, and the dog will often lick it off itself. However, some large dogs have a lot of blood when they have their period. Therefore, special physiological pants for dogs are designed.

3. Reasons for bleeding
The bleeding of a woman's period is caused by the shedding of the uterine lining and is crimson. The bleeding of a dog's period is the oozing of blood from the endometrium. In a dog's period, there is only a small amount of red blood cells and the color is a little lighter, mostly pink or red.

4. Performance
Men who have girlfriends know that their girlfriends will become unusually bad-tempered once they have their period, and will also have symptoms such as stomach pain, headache, dizziness, etc. If men are not afraid to provoke their girlfriends at this time, they will be punished unpredictably. The dog is sending a courting signal to the male dogs, but the dog will not pay attention to the courtship of other dogs during the aunt, when the period is over, it will go to the initiative to find those male dogs.

5. Effects
Women's period can be the body's toxins with the menstrual blood out of the body, but also promote blood production function, for the female body is very beneficial. But dogs are different. The dog's period comes to allow the nutrients in the dog's blood to seep out into the uterus and provide nutrients for the baby dog. If a dog does not mate after his period comes, then more and more of these nutrients will accumulate and eventually become toxins. The dog is prone to develop uterine pus accumulation as the months go by.

6. whether it will be menopause
We all know that when women reach a certain age, due to the degradation of various body functions, the period will not come.

How to care for your dog's period

1. When dogs have their period, just like us humans, they will have reduced resistance, a reduced appetite, and become easily constipated. The owner should feed them more vegetables, and high-fiber dog food, give them warm water in time and avoid eating cold, irritating food. You can also appropriately give the dog some calcium and trace elements to enhance the dog's immune system.

In addition, at this time the dog's body is relatively weak, this time do not bathe the dog, if not necessary, the owner can use a towel to help them wipe their bodies, and timely blow dry, to avoid causing disease.

2. You can put diapers on your dog to prevent secretions from soiling the floor. Secretions may also cause pubic infections, so the owner can gently wipe the dog's fur with warm water and pay attention to drying the fur in time to keep it clean.

3. If you don't want your dog to get pregnant, walks are best avoided during the peak dog-walking season, as females in heat are very likely to run away with males or have males pounce on them like wolves.

4. regularly disinfect the kennel and dog contact items, such as blankets, mats, etc., on sunny days more out to the sun, sterilization, to ensure that the dog's living environment is clean and tidy.
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