How do dogs grow fleas? Ways to get rid of fleas on dogs


I. Reasons for fleas in dogs

1, not regularly dewormed
Dogs need to be dewormed regularly for good health. Puppies need to be dewormed for the first time at about 25-30 days of age, and then once a month until they are half a year old. From the time your dog is half a year old, deworming should be set at every three months. If the dog is not dewormed regularly, it is very easy to get fleas.

2銆丯o regular bathing
Dogs need to be bathed regularly to keep their bodies clean, and if they are not bathed for a long time, they can easily harbor parasites. It is best to bathe your dog once every one to two weeks and use a special bathing shampoo for dogs to help keep their skin healthy.

3銆丏rilling grass, mud
Dogs can get fleas when they play in the grass or mud and come into contact with other small animals. In the summer, the parasites in the grass and mud become more active, and dogs can easily get infected when they walk through the grass. Even if a dog does not leave the house, it can still get the parasite. People can also act as carriers and bring the parasite and its eggs back home through their clothes and shoes, indirectly infecting the dog.

Why do dogs suddenly get fleas when they are always clean?
Yes. Adult fleas spend most of their time on the host dog, feeding on the dog, secreting irritating saliva, and the bites cause itching in the dog. This itching can be even more intense if the dog is also allergic to flea saliva. In addition to fleas, if a dog has mange mites, they can also cause itchy skin. The mange mite is also a parasite that can burrow into your dog's skin disease and form mange, causing intense itching. Some mange is contagious and can be transmitted from one dog to another, and some are not, but even mange that is not contagious can make your dog's skin itch and cause inflammation. Some severe cases can also give off an unpleasant odor, accompanied by hair loss.

Why do puppies have fleas on their bodies?
First of all, the dog can not bathe every day, because washing every day will destroy its skin secretion of a kind of oil, which is not good for its skin. It is better to wash once in 2 weeks or more, and you can wash 3 times a month in summer. For fleas, there is a special collar for dogs in the vet hospital to cure fleas, and there is also a kind of medicine to wipe, and there is also a bath. The collar is about 2 yuan, the medicine is about 4 dollars a bottle, the bath I bought is more than 20 kinds, there are also cheap. The price may vary depending on where you are. Generally speaking, fleas do not jump from animals to people, as long as they are not too close to the contact is good. This year, because the weather is more humid, so more fleas, is the legendary "year of the sky", so be patient with your dog's fleas, he does not want to have them, he is also very uncomfortable.

The adult fleas on your dog may have all been killed, but the eggs and larvae in the environment may still be developing and are about to become new adults. Because of the growth cycle of fleas, it takes at least 3 months of continuous medication to kill all stages of fleas if the home is rampant.

Most fleas do not live on the dog. Usually, by the time you can detect the presence of fleas, there are a lot of fleas. It is unlikely that every flea will be a good snail on your dog. Anywhere in your home or even on you can be a home for fleas to reside.

How do dogs grow fleas? Ways to get rid of fleas on dogs

II. Ways to get rid of fleas on your dog

Fleas like to survive at 50% or higher relative humidity. Dehumidifying and keeping your home below 50% humidity for a few days will effectively kill adult fleas and larvae, and stop flea eggs from hatching. Then once the vacuum cleaner is on, just suck up all the dried flea carcasses and eggs.
For those in the south, remember to dehumidify on the return day to avoid a lot of unnecessary bugs and bacteria breeding.

Washing clothes
With fleas already on your dog, he may bring them anywhere in the house. It is better to kill than to let go. Wash the sheets, towels, clothes, and all kinds of dog household items through and through.

Clean with a vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaners are great inventions that can suck the eggs, larvae, and pupae of fleas from all corners cracks, and dead ends. However, don't dump the garbage from the vacuum cleaner in the garbage can of your house, just throw it away to avoid fleas escaping!

Disinfectants OR insecticides
A quick and effective way to kill insects on a large scale. Close the doors and windows, spray full of insecticide, and then happily take the dog out to play. But when you come home, remember to let the house ventilate for a while first.

Sulfur soap bath
To get rid of fleas on their dog, pet owners can buy a bar of sulfur soap, dissolve it in a basin with boiling water by one-third, add appropriate cold water and soak their dog in the bathtub, making sure the whole body is soaked for about 10-15 minutes, then rinse it off with water, and the dead fleas will fall off naturally when the dog's coat is dry.

White Vinegar + Lemon
Some people say they can't buy sulfur soap, so they can also use white vinegar and lemon. Add some white vinegar and lemon to your dog's bath water and give your dog a full-body bath, this will also easily kill the fleas on your dog.

Juice from citrus peels
Pet owners can also cut the fresh citrus peel into pieces, then wrap it in gauze and squeeze out the juice hard, then mix it with boiling water, stir and cool it, sprinkle it evenly on the dog, then wrap it on the dog with a wet towel, and after an hour, the fleas will all be dead as well.

Flower water
Many people may not be aware that flower water is actually very effective in removing fleas and flower water is also very easy to buy. Pet owners just need to spray some flower lotion in their dog's supplies, such as blankets, kennels, etc., or in areas where fleas tend to breed, and the fleas will soon be gone.

Insect Repellent Spray
Pet owners can also buy some insect repellent sprays, which are specifically designed to deal with dog fleas, and spray them regularly to remove fleas. However, after spraying, the dog should not be bathed, and the dog may vomit and have diarrhea, so it is best to feed some probiotics at this time.

Herbal medicine
Herbs are left over from ancient China and can not only cure diseases but also fleas. Pet owners can fill their dogs' small pillows, stuffed toys, sleeping mats, etc. with some herbs, such as cedar, laurel, bittersweet, fennel, mint, etc., and it will have the effect of removing fleas. Usually, you can also put some in the places where your dog goes in and out, which can also get rid of fleas.

Dog fleas must be removed as soon as possible, otherwise, it will affect the health of the dog, of course, the dog's diet is also related to its health, so pet owners should also pay attention to the dog's diet, do not give it to eat poor quality dog food, which will only hurt the dog, try to give the dog some quality dog food.
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