Can dogs eat pumpkins?The benefits of eating pumpkin for dogs


Dogs can eat pumpkins.
Pumpkin has the same color as a carrot at first sight and is rich in vitamins A, E, and C, as well as fiber.
Yes, pumpkin is also a good thing.
Consisting of 90% water, the pumpkin provides healthy hydration as a remedy for diarrhea in dehydrated dogs. While providing hydration, pumpkin contains soluble fiber that soothes the dog's digestive stress and can help control diarrhea by absorbing water.
Fiber also acts as a prebiotic, and prebiotics are different from probiotics. They stimulate the growth or activity of probiotics in the gut and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. Vets sometimes recommend taking prebiotics with a little pumpkin.
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I. Benefits of pumpkin for dogs

Pumpkin is rich in many nutrients, such as vitamin A and vitamin C, minerals, fiber, lutein, beta-carotene, etc. Giving your dog some pumpkin has great benefits.
Beneficial to the health of the urinary system
Pumpkin is good for the urinary system of dogs because of the oil in the pulp, which is very helpful for dogs with urinary incontinence, and pet owners can add some pumpkin to their dog food.

Helps digestion
Because pumpkin is rich in fiber, this is very good for the dog's stomach, especially dogs with poor stomach, constipation, and diarrhea dogs, you can feed some appropriate to help digestion.

Weight control
If the dog is too obese, then the pet owner can give the dog some pumpkin because pumpkin is very low in calories and high in fiber, which can make the dog full, but also to control the weight does not rise, many pet owners will give the dog to eat pumpkin to lose weight.

It has some worming effect
Pumpkin is also rich in citrulline, which can remove roundworms, schistosomes, pinworms, and other parasites from your dog's body. If the parasites in your dog's body are serious, it is recommended that you go to a regular veterinary hospital to have your dog dewormed.

Weight control
If your dog is overly obese, you can feed it some pumpkin to eat. Pumpkin is rich in vitamins and fiber, and relatively low in calories. Dogs on a diet sometimes look at you pitifully because they don't have enough to eat, so feeding them some pumpkin can help them feel full! Great for dogs on a diet! Of course, it is not advisable to give your dog only pumpkin, but you need to give it with other nutritious food.

Digestive aid
As mentioned before pumpkin is rich in fiber, it can also help constipated dogs' digestion. If your dog is constipated or has diarrhea, you can give your dog some pumpkin. Especially for older dogs whose digestion is not so good, you can feed some pumpkin in moderation.

Can dogs eat pumpkins?The benefits of eating pumpkin for dogs

II. Precautions for dogs eating pumpkin

Dogs are allowed to eat pumpkins, but only adult dogs; puppies are not allowed to eat pumpkins. The adult dog eating pumpkin is also good for the dog, but if the puppy eats pumpkin, the stomach and intestines can not stand it, because the pumpkin is high in sugar, feeding too much can easily cause the dog's body heat, but also cause skin problems or gastrointestinal problems.

Daily dogs eat pumpkin, there are certain benefits, for example, can help dogs digestion, play the role of internal deworming, and rich in dietary fiber pumpkin can effectively control the dog's weight, but also conducive to the health of the urinary system, for urinary incontinence of the dog is a very good food Oh.
Despite the many benefits, but also have to pay attention to some small details, then the daily feeding process in the dog, the dog should pay attention to some problems when eating pumpkin?
First of all, we must pay attention to the distinction between adult dogs and puppies, puppies can not eat pumpkins, because their digestive system is not perfect, the gut is smaller the food digestion ability is weak, this period puppies try to choose the right dog food feeding.

The second is that pumpkin is a high sugar content food when feeding must pay attention to timing and rationing, even adult dogs can not feed too much, to prevent bloating, and gastrointestinal discomfort.

Fiber helps with satiety, and a little pumpkin will make your dog satisfied and not look at you for food. As dogs get older, constipation can become a serious problem, and pumpkin can go some way to promoting bowel movements. But make sure it's fresh pumpkin; dried out and dehydrated pumpkin can make constipation worse.

Nearly 100% of dogs will develop BPH by the age of 9

BPH, benign prostatic hyperplasia. Benign because the enlargement of the gland is not painful for the dog and usually does not cause discomfort to the dog, so the owner usually does not notice it. However, if the condition is severe, it can cause problems such as difficulty in defecating.

Pumpkin seeds can keep your pet's coat and skin moist, and beautiful coat and reduce skin diseases. Foreign dog owners usually roast pumpkin seeds because raw pumpkin seeds are slimy and not easy to store.

In addition to helping with digestion and the urinary system, they can also help dogs lose weight. For dogs that are overly obese, owners can mix pumpkin in dog food and feed it to their dogs together to help them lose weight and regain a healthy body and perfect shape. Most dogs love the taste of pumpkin, and perhaps pumpkin can be used to deal with picky eaters.

When feeding a pumpkin to your dog, it is best to cook the pumpkin. Although it is popular to feed canned pumpkins abroad, they are just lazy, if possible, or feed freshly cooked pumpkins. For dogs with constipation or diarrhea, it is best to make pumpkin puree and feed a small spoonful every day.

Eating pumpkin diarrhea?
Pumpkin products with added sugar and various additives, like pumpkin pie, should not be fed to dogs.

Pumpkin is rich in fiber that is difficult to digest, and too much can lead to problems such as intestinal gas, bloating, and cramping (an exhortation from an old stomach bug). Start adding a small amount of pumpkin to your pet's diet slowly, as little or as much as you like, and then slowly increase it to allow the bacteria in your dog's digestive tract to gradually adapt.
Fed in moderation, pumpkin beats eating supplements.

III. How to make pumpkin

1銆丳umpkin puree
Ingredients: pumpkin, water锛?
Peel and slice the pumpkin, then add some water and cook, without adding any seasoning, without adding oil or salt, after cooking, drain the water and crush it with a spoon, a little water will come out during the crushing process, you can fish out that water.

Pumpkin puree only needs to be fed occasionally, about 2 or 3 spoons at a time, not too much.

2銆丳umpkin with rice
Ingredients: pumpkin, rice, water
First cook the rice, then cut the pumpkin into slices and cook it. Finally, the pumpkin and rice are fully mixed.

3銆丏ried pumpkin
Pumpkin in addition to daily ingredients can also be made into snacks for dogs, healthy and delicious, the operation is not difficult. If you have an air dryer or oven at home, you can do it.

Ingredients: pumpkin
The same peel, cut into columns, let the dog use the air dryer or oven for air drying, so the dog also loves to eat, but also as a teething snack, if there is no time pet owners can choose chicken jerky, chicken jerky is rich in protein, not only can grind teeth, but also can supplement nutrition.
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