Why is my dog throwing up?


I. Dogs are prone to vomiting? Common causes

Dogs are inherently vomit-prone creatures, so for adult dogs, if they vomit only once or twice occasionally, it's considered normal, and the rest will probably be fine, so there's no need for the owner to worry too much about it. But if the dog is vomiting many times a day, or even if vomiting is more serious, then the owner can not be unconcerned, and should intervene in time to prevent the problem from getting worse. So, in general, why do dogs vomit? And how to prevent dogs from vomiting it?

1, vomiting caused by gastroenteritis in dogs
Dog gastroenteritis is an inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, which is usually caused by parasites, bacteria, or viruses that enter the body of the dog. When your dog suffers from gastroenteritis, you should avoid feeding your dog acidic food, consult your vet about how to adjust their diet, and also give your dog some probiotics to improve your dog's gastrointestinal immunity.

2, dog intestinal parasites lead to vomiting
When there are parasites in the dog's gastrointestinal tract, the dog may vomit. These parasites may be tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms, roundworms, etc. To prevent your dog from suffering from various parasites, the best way is to deworm your dog regularly, generally speaking, at least once a month, both inside and outside. If the dog often walks in an environment that is very dirty, or often runs to the grass, then the frequency of deworming may be higher. The next thing is to try not to go so much to places with dirty water and a poor environment to reduce the chances of your dog getting infected with various parasites.

3, vomiting caused by heatstroke in dogs
Hot summer days, if the dog is left in the car for a long time, or hot days with the dog out may lead to heatstroke. Especially if the dog has epilepsy or a history of heart disease, obesity, or old age, it will be more likely to get heatstroke. Shih Tzus, pugs, and St. Bernards are also dogs that are more afraid of heat.
At this time, many owners may want to help their dogs shave their hair to let them cool off, the dog's hair cut can be cut, but not suitable for shaving, shaving instead will let the dog's skin directly exposed to the air, increasing the possibility of injury. If you want to help your dog cool down, you may want to walk your dog again in the morning or evening, walk your dog with plenty of water to properly hydrate your dog. If the dog looks hot, you may want to let them stay in a sheltered place or even a place with air conditioning to rest.

4, vomiting caused by abdominal bloating in dogs
When the dog's stomach is full of liquid, food, or gas, it will expand and it will cause the dog to vomit. The cause of dog abdominal bloating may be caused by the dog eating too quickly, exercising too aggressively after meals, or the dog eating too much. The preventive measure is to exercise after meals do not let the dog exercise too aggressively, and run and jump, a calm walk is good. Second, avoid feeding your dog cereal, which tends to increase the risk of bloating. Third, use a slow food bowl to ease the problem of dogs eating too fast.

5, dog pancreatitis caused by vomiting
Dog pancreatitis refers to inflammation of the pancreas, which is caused by obesity, hypercalcemia, lipemia, toxins, or damage to the pancreas, which can also lead to vomiting symptoms in dogs. If left untreated for a long time, it can cause serious damage to the dog's pancreas and can even lead to brain damage. Therefore, it is recommended that we choose a low-fat diet and avoid high-fat foods when feeding our dogs. On the other hand, you should avoid allowing your dog to eat grains as the staple of its daily diet.

A healthy dog usually means saving heart, money and time. So, when we have a dog, if we can put more effort into the dog's daily eating and drinking, the dog will be healthier too. On the contrary, if your dog is really vomiting to the point of no return, the best solution is to seek medical attention in a timely manner.

Why is my dog throwing up?

II. Don't ignore dog vomiting

Nowadays, many people have dogs, and most pooper scoopers are very concerned about their dogs' health. The first thing you need to do is to get a dog that is like having a son or daughter, and it's really sad when it gets sick. So today to talk to you is about the dog vomiting things, I wonder if any pooper scooper encounter dog vomiting situation? So in the end the reason for dog vomiting you know what it is?

I want to say that the first time a dog vomits to observe the color and shape of the vomit. And like a friend's dog just eat dog food vomit, it is likely because the food is not well digested, such as food too hard or particles too large will lead to vomiting dogs, shovel can check what the dog eat. This situation generally occurs in dogs with bad stomach.

The dog vomiting should not be ignored, that in addition to this situation what are the more common causes of dog vomiting? Here's a brief description of it, there are roughly 3 kinds of reasons.

1. food or utensils unhygienic, digestive system diseases and internal parasitic infections
If the dog did not vomit when eating, but after a while the dog has begun to digest food when vomiting, then the pooper scooper should first check whether the food eaten by the dog is not expired or dishes are not cleaned for a long time, and whether the dog fed the food can not bear, in addition to the recent dog has not been to a very dirty place licking and sniffing.
Because the dog will lick their own nose and feet, if you go to a dirty place it will not necessarily eat but will use the nose to sniff, the dog then lick with the tongue, it is easy to be infected with parasites. So it is recommended to regularly clean and check your dog's utensils and food, and watch your dog not to let it run around.

2. Foreign body in the esophagus
If the dog spits out something like white mucus, it may be the dog spitting saliva. This situation is generally something stuck in the dog's esophagus, if the dog has not recovered in 24 hours, the pooper scooper should hurry to take them to the hospital, if the bone stuck in the dog's esophagus for too long then the consequences will be very serious.
It is not recommended to feed some small broken bones and other things to the dog, which is very easy to get stuck in the dog's esophagus.

3. Acute gastroenteritis
The dog's vomit is transparent that is like diluted white, this situation dog vomit is generally gastric juice, this is a more common case of acute gastroenteritis, if the dog's mental state and bowel movements are normal, then you can feed some anti-inflammatory drugs to the dog to eat, of course, the pooper scooper has no experience or go to the hospital is the most secure.
In addition, if the dog continues to vomit gastric juice, it is not only acute gastroenteritis caused by the best to go to the hospital to do the examination.
If the dog is vomiting, there are other situations, such as yellow, green or red vomit, then it is best to take the dog to the hospital for examination and not to miss the best treatment time.
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