Why do dogs eat grass? What is it about pet dogs eating grass


Why do dogs eat grass

Dogs may eat grass because they have indigestion and want to relieve their gastrointestinal discomfort by eating grass. Grass eating can also occur when a dog is deficient in trace elements, commonly known as xenophagy. Dogs sometimes eat grass to stimulate the body, so that the body of foreign substances out of the body.
Digestive problems
If the owner usually gives the dog too much to eat, or for them to supplement a lot of meat, then they will have indigestion, so the dog will want to eat grass to relieve their gastrointestinal discomfort. Owners should still feed their dogs reasonably, supplementing meat or the right amount, to mix meat and vegetables evenly, so that the dog will not appear to eat grass behavior.
Lack of certain elements
If the owner usually prepare the food for the dog, nutrition is not too comprehensive, it is easy to cause the dog can not take in the full range of nutrition, then their bodies will be lacking in some trace elements, then the dog will suffer from xenophagia, which leads to some bizarre behavior, such as eating grass, eating dirt, eating their own poop and other behavior. They are simply eating for fun and seem to be trying to find the substances that their bodies are lacking. When owners provide food for their dogs on a regular basis, they must ensure that the food is comprehensive so that the dogs can consume more complete nutrition and will not suffer from a deficiency of trace elements.
To expel foreign bodies
The dog sometimes picks things on the ground to eat, or accidentally eat their own hair or other debris, they simply can not digest it, long time to accumulate in the dog's gut, so the dog will want to eat grass to help these substances to discharge the body, so as not to cause harm to the dog's health, which can be said to be their own way of protecting themselves.

What happens when a dog eats grass

Dogs eating grass is actually a reflection of their own disease. When dogs have parasites in their bellies or are suffering from infectious diseases, they tend to swallow grass indiscriminately. So when it comes to this situation, the owner should keep an eye on it. Although dogs are omnivorous animals, but still should be mainly meat. Grass is not necessary for the development and growth of the dog itself. However, generally speaking, eating grass is a basic and normal behavior of dogs. Unless he eats too much grass, there is no need to worry too much. There are two main reasons for dogs to eat grass: one is to cure diseases, because the dog's body itself has its own function of vitamin C, so the dog does not need to involve additional vitamin C. But sometimes the dog's function will fail, because the loss of this function, can not produce their own vitamin C, that will make them reluctant to fight the virus to reduce the epidemic, so they will go to eat grass to supplement vitamin C. In addition, when dogs do not feel well, they will also go to the roots of plants containing salicylic acid to eat (salicylic acid is also the raw material for the production of aspirin). The second reason is good food, even if the wild canine and wolf foxes are not sick, they will go to eat some delicious quality fruit food, especially low and sweet fruit food.銆€銆€In fact, you can observe carefully that when a dog swallows grass, if it is kept indoors where there is no grass, the dog will swallow other objects such as scraps of cloth, plastic bags, paper towels and even small rubber toys. If the dog is found to eat grass frequently, the owner should be vigilant and take the dog to the clinic to have the dog's health checked by a veterinarian if necessary.
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