Why do dogs lie on your feet?


I. What is the reason why dogs like to lie on their owners' feet

When we are at home, dogs not only like to follow wherever they go. Even if you find a place to sit down, the dog will immediately jump on you or lie at your feet. Some dogs like to sleep at people's feet, as long as someone is sitting, it is inside to occupy this VIP seat, not until the owner drives it never get up. In winter, the dog may also sleep on the owner's feet to keep each other warm, just like a baby warmer. But in the summer, obviously very hot, why do dogs still lie at our feet.

1, to keep warm
On cold days, your dog likes to get close to any part of your body to help keep himself warm. Don't look at the dog with all fluffy hair some small dogs are still very afraid of cold in winter, and some also especially like to drill to the master's nest. If you do not let them climb on the sofa chair, the best way for them to get warm is to sit by your feet.

2, the dog is expressing his love for you
Studies using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) have shown that dogs value their owner's scent more than anyone else, or anything else. The owner's scent more than any other scent stimulates brain "reward center" activity so that they produce pleasure. Dogs leaning on our feet is just another way for them to be close to us, and only love someone enough to be able to adapt to such proximity. For those who do not like people and dogs, before they get close, the dog has already started barking warnings.

3, sleeping next to you is safe
Highly anxious dogs may prefer to snuggle up to their owners. Lying next to your feet and clinging to your feet may be a sign of their separation anxiety. Especially if the dog also exhibits these behaviors: tail often between the legs, shaking, whimpering, cowering, breaking up the house when the owner is not home, and eating strange things, the owner should consider if they are overly spoiled with the dog, causing it to have separation anxiety.

Curled up at the owner's feet, is lying in a narrow gap between the two feet, but also makes the dog feel safe. For dogs, too big a space is rather unsuitable and can make them feel a sense of insecurity when sleeping. So want to give your dog a sense of security, you can prepare a separate crate for your dog, covered with a black cloth to create the security of the cave.

4, think you own them
Sitting on your feet, your dog tells the world that this is my property, you are not allowed to touch you belong to them. If you have more than one dog, you may notice a power struggle between dogs, a dog stealing another dog's food, territory, etc... Some of the more possessive dogs, but also by the owner as their possessions, see you a sit, to go over to occupy a pit guard.

If more than one dog in the family for the position to fight, the best solution is to give each dog at your feet are left a place.

5, protect their families
Dogs are pack animals, genetically, they tend to protect the group's family. In the wild is that dogs act in packs, so they will follow you wherever you go home. When you sit down, it feels like staying with you too, so that what happens, we can also protect each other.

Some dogs want to keep in touch with their masters physically and will stick to them all the time. If your dog has been in this situation, you should be careful of separation anxiety. Dogs with separation anxiety usually have severe anxiety when they are alone and often start having attacks when they realize you are getting ready to go out.

Although dogs love us very much and like to sleep at our feet, it is advisable for owners to stop this behavior, if it exacerbates their dogs' separation anxiety, as appropriate.

Why do dogs lie on your feet?

II. Dogs love to lie on their feet, these reasons can not hide!

One problem that I believe many people have encountered is that dogs especially, like to lie on their owners' feet.

Some shovelers will think there is no problem, anyway, back home directly on the sofa lying corpse, the dog wants to press the feet will be pressed for a short while ~.

But most people will be very uncomfortable, not to mention the feeling of feet being pressed numb, that is, you are in the way of the feeling it ......

So many people are struggling with this problem, why do dogs like to lie on the back of their feet, it is difficult to have any special hobby?

A friend brought home a small dog from his hometown, although not a pet dog, he likes it very much, after all, this is a partner raised from childhood!

So the shovel can often see the dog at home after he came home on his feet.

But lying for a while is okay, this pressure for a long time is unbearable ah!

Although this is not a big dog, the weight of this twenty pounds on the back of the foot feeling that is properly life is difficult to bear the weight of a long time ah!

The pooper scooper should also understand that the dog loves to lie on your feet, these four reasons can not hide!
Encounter such a situation, each time he only kicked a foot, kicked a foot after the dog will go away, but the dog walked away and also a naive smile at it.

The worst is sometimes also to the bed to press his feet, friends do not have a cleanliness fetish, but let the dog in bed is not very happy, not to mention the quilt these soiled.

Until the old family came, because there were many people, so the dog was lying on his feet at once, so they complained to the old family and said a bunch of complaints.

As a result, the old family looked and laughed: you're not spared! People are warming your feet!

This touched my friend, it turned out that the dog did not want to press him, but wanted to use its belly to warm its feet?

Think about it, it seems that only when you are shaking your feet, the dog will run over to do so!

This is perhaps the unique feelings of dogs, right?

But in addition to this argument of dogs warming their owner's feet, other netizens often encounter such problems, which must be more than just a reason to warm their feet!

So why do dogs like to lie on the back of their master's feet?

In addition to warm feet, there are probably these three reasons!

1. dogs: in the master's side extra security hey, especially on the feet, especially comfortable!

Dogs to now and humans get along with the time is extremely long, and in the process, slowly formed a symbiotic relationship with people.

Scientists have also found that the response to humans in the dog's brain is extremely unique, close to the master, the dog's brain will secrete hormones that make it quiet and stable, and comfortable, which will make the dog feel secure!

2. dogs: the smell of the master's feet I know, the old recipe for the old combination!

At the same time on the master's side, after smelling the master's scent, this reaction is stronger, and the strongest smell on the human body and the easiest place to be touched by the dog is none other than the master's feet!

Because the dog's sense of smell is many times that of humans, so simply human smells foot odor in the dog's nose is divided into many kinds, and some dogs are particularly fond of this smell.

This is why dogs especially like to grip the master's shoes to play, just because the smell of the above can make it happy!

3. dogs: the lack of master's company during the day, only want to cherish the time where the master!

In addition to the impact on the physiology of the dog, many dogs inevitably rely on the master psychologically, during the day when the masterworks, and the master back at night is very tired.

So the dog can only try to get along with the master as much as possible after he returns.

Lying on the owner's side and touching the owner's feet is also a very relaxing form for the dog.

The dog has always been very dependent on the master, when you meet the dog, if you just want a tool to accompany you to pass the time, then you can play with the phone ah!

Dogs are life, they will laugh and cry, they will be happy and sad, it is not a tool, it tries to give the master the best of himself.

If your dog lying on your feet, you will choose a kick away from it?
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