Why do dogs salivate?


I. Is a dog always drooling a sign of disease?

Why do dogs always drool? Some people say that a dog's drooling is the result of a disease, so is this the case? Today we will talk about several reasons for dogs to drool, how much do you know?

Normal physiological phenomenon
Generally speaking, large dogs have more saliva than small dogs, and when they are too excited and anxious or nervous, they will secrete a lot of salivae; if the weather is too hot, or just after exercise, the dog needs to open its mouth wide to breathe quickly, it will produce a lot of salivae, which should be supplemented with sufficient water for the dog.

Rabies causes
If a dog begins to drool severely it may also be infected with rabies. The dog's voice will gradually become hoarse and saliva will gradually increase. The mental state is disturbed, the body coat is rough in color, the expression is dull, and the drooling is abnormal and somewhat like epileptic symptoms at a glance.

Separation Anxiety Disorder
When a dog is stimulated by the outside world or frightened, it will also drool a lot, but when the trigger is removed, the dog will return to normal. For example, dogs with separation anxiety may salivate a lot when they know their owners are leaving.

Tooth and gum problems
Tartar, tooth decay and inflammation of the gums can cause pain in the dog's teeth and gums, stimulating the salivary glands to produce excessive saliva. For this condition, the owner can gently lift the dog's upper lip to inspect the teeth and perhaps see the tartar that has collected. Also, inflammation of the gums can make the dog's face swollen, so the owner can visibly detect the problem. To prevent dental gum problems, the best thing to do is to clean your dog's teeth regularly.

Dog Drooling
The most common reason for dog drooling is greed, when the pooper scooper is eating with a rice bowl, this time the woof would like to end a small bench sitting in front of you, waiting for you to reward it with a bite of rice to eat. Even if the rhubarb next door came to play with it, probably indifferent, after all, no creature can resist the temptation of food, in front of the food, rhubarb is simply a gust of wind, and is insignificant. Their drops of saliva fell on the floor, shovel, and hurry to reward others with a bite to eat ah.

Teething period
When the dog is teething, due to the constant stimulation of salivary glands, resulting in increased saliva secretion, coupled with the swallowing function is not fully developed, it is also easy to drool. The dog's teeth will be painful during the teething period, so it will lead to the dog biting or something. The owner can buy the dog some teeth grinding toys or moderate hardness of chicken jerky snacks, etc. so that the dog bite grinding teeth to relieve the discomfort caused by teeth.

Food poisoning
If a dog mistakenly eats unclean and toxic food, the poisoning phenomenon will also be severe drooling and accompanied by pupil dilation, rapid heartbeat, diarrhea and vomiting, and coma. If the dog is found to have symptoms of food poisoning, it should be sent to the doctor for treatment in time to avoid delaying the best time for treatment. In addition, bones pierce the throat causing difficulty in swallowing and will also keep drooling. Therefore, the owner should avoid giving the dog hard bones to eat.

Does your dog usually drool a lot? The dog drools or finds the right reason to know the specific situation Oh. Usually, the owner should also feed the dog regularly and quantitatively, which is best for the health of the dog. The choice of the main food is also very important, after all, what the dog eats every day, has a great impact on health, dog food is best to choose low oil and low salt, nutritional quality, easy to absorb, appropriate, and then with some healthy supplementary food so that the dog nutrition is more comprehensive.

Why do dogs salivate?

II. Causes of dog drooling

If a dog is not born with drooling, it could be that the dog has a mouth ulcer. When a dog suffers from a mouth ulcer, there will be some small red bubbles or red and swollen gums inside the mouth, causing the dog's mouth to be sore and unable to close, and the phenomenon of drooling will occur. Frequent drooling will cause the dog's mouth hair to stick together and easily breed bacteria. In this regard, pet owners need to help dogs to solve the problem, you can refer to the following methods.

1銆両mprove dietary habits

The reason why dogs suffer from mouth ulcers is that often eat some high-calorie greasy food, such as fried food, fried food, barbecue, ice cream, etc. leads to internal fire in the dog, thus appearing mouth ulcers. Pet owners usually do not feed their dogs when they eat, but also pay attention to their food, to avoid dogs stealing food, garbage should also be cleaned up because some dogs will go through the garbage can.
During the dog's mouth ulcer, do not give the dog to eat dry hard dog food, it is best to soften it with warm water before feeding, to reduce the pain during the feeding process. The usual diet should be noted to be light, liquid food is the main, to urge it to drink more water.

2, supplemental vitamins

During the day, the pet owner does not take good care of the dog's body and lacks vitamins, which can also cause mouth ulcers. The pet owner can feed the dog some fruit and vegetable puree or feed the dog some additional Wang thinks vitamin B to help supplement vitamins to help restore normal physiological functions.

3, oral cleaning care
Dogs suffering from mouth ulcers, there will be drooling phenomenon, and can not brush the dog's teeth, the usual food residues will remain in the mouth, long time not cleaned will have bacteria breeding, resulting in bad breath, periodontal and other problems, and even lead to increased mouth ulcers.
In this regard, pet owners can use the state of fun mouthwash to clean their dog's mouth after eating and then spray it with pet mouth green to take care of oral health. You can also give your dog a pet mouth payment to help maintain oral health.
When mouth ulcers are severe, inflammation can occur, so you can give your dog a mouthwash to ease the inflammation. After the dog's mouth ulcers recovered, regularly brush the dog's teeth to take care of oral health, to avoid its periodontal problems, you can give the dog a dental cleaning once a year.

4, heatstroke: short-nosed breeds, such as pugs, Boston terriers, boxers, and bulldogs, will be more prone to the problem of heatstroke. They are less able to open their mouths and pant to dissipate heat than other breeds. If you imagine that dogs have thick fur and lack well-developed sweat glands on their skin, they are prone to hypothermia in the summer, especially when temperatures are high. Dogs exposed to the sun without water can suffer from heat stroke and salivation.

Why do dogs drool? Is too much salivation a health problem?

To prevent this extreme situation from happening, make sure your dog has access to clean, clean water at all times and a shady place to rest. On particularly hot days, it is best to keep your dog indoors, reduce some exercise, and never leave your dog alone in the car. If your dog has developed heatstroke, call your veterinarian immediately, heatstroke is a very dangerous state for dogs.

5. Motion sickness and anxiety: If you rarely take your dog in the car, and the only opportunity to take your dog out in the car is to take your dog to the vet, there is a good chance that your dog will experience motion sickness and nausea in the car.

Keeping your mouth open to pant and breathe is a sign that your dog is anxious and can also cause your dog to salivate. To get your dog accustomed to car rides, try putting him in the back seat without starting the car and using the pet seat belt for a few moments before starting and driving slowly for a while, driving in and around small areas to keep the speed slow, and repeating this step every day until your dog can relax in the car. If your dog gets very carsick you can use medication to relieve his motion sickness after consulting with your veterinarian.

Why do dogs drool? Is too much saliva a health problem?
6. Diseases of body organs: For example, liver and kidney diseases can cause salivation problems. As dogs get older the chances of getting a sick increase, veterinarians recommend an annual physical examination for early diagnosis of special diseases.

7, toxic plants: common foods such as tulips, azaleas, and chrysanthemums can not only make your dog salivate, but also potentially get sick. Do not let your dog come into contact with, and especially do not let them eat these plants.
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