Why does my dog fart so much?


One, dogs always fart more attention to 3 causes of disease, aging intestines prone to farting

It's no laughing matter that dogs always fart.

Dogs don't have the intelligence to intentionally come up behind you and fart pranks. Dogs cannot control the timing or intensity of their farts, and there is only one possibility for a dog to fart: to signal some level of physical health.

When you hear a dog fart, pay attention to its health condition

5 types of dog farts should be treated differently

1. normal diet, farting because the dog is overfed. Some young dogs are prone to this condition. If you are sure that the dog farts just because it has eaten too much, then what you need to do is to help the dog to exercise properly and then eliminate the food. Do not blindly use medicine, proper exercise can solve this problem very well.

2. Food is eaten too fast, the dog swallows too much air and farts. Some dogs will swallow air when eating. You can observe whether your dog has such eating habits, generally, such dogs can always make people hear a thicker panting sound when eating. Over time, the dog will develop the problem of eating too fast and is prone to farting. If you encounter this type of situation, you should control the speed of dog eating, for example, you can feed the dog by hand following a certain rhythm, and continue for a few weeks to help the dog re-establish the frequency of eating.

3. Problems with the food itself, dogs can have farting problems. Food is not fresh, or the dog is allowed to eat a certain ingredient for the first time encountered, which can lead to dogs being prone to farting. Some dogs like to steal people's food, but also easy to causes gas in the gut, resulting in the dog being easy to fart.

4. The dog appears emotional stress. Some dogs are in a poor mental state, and prone to farting problems. Especially dogs that have just arrived in a new environment, there are many prone to farting many times. This is a manifestation of the dog's emotional stress, the owner needs to be properly reassured.

5. The dog suffers from a hidden gastrointestinal disease, or the dog's digestive function appears to be weak. This is also the most important situation that needs to be taken seriously by the owner, many dog owners think that dog farting is a small matter, thus missing the best time to treat the dog disease.

Dog farting may be a reflection of weak digestive capacity

The digestive system of dogs determines their susceptibility to gastrointestinal diseases

Dogs have strong stomachs, and they can break down most of their food through their stomach muscles and stomach acids. The dog's intestines, however, are not as strong, or rather, the intestines of modern pet dogs are not as high quality as many of their wild relatives or ancestors of the canine species anymore.

There are three reasons for this state of affairs.

1. The food pattern of modern pet dogs is highly dependent on artificial food and lacks natural ingredients. This is the root cause of many dogs developing advocacy diseases in their middle and later years. Long-term failure to eat natural ingredients can upset the balance of the dog's intestinal flora.

2. Blindly relying on synthetic drugs or supplements, such as the wrong use of probiotics. "Probiotics are destroying the gut of modern pet dogs." A great deal of research in the zoological community in the last two years has concerned probiotics, but many of the findings have not been favorable to this artificial product.

3. Modern pet dogs have weakened teeth and are overly dependent on the digestive function of the gut. Many pet dogs have dental diseases, and some of them even start losing their teeth around the age of 6. The eating pattern of pet dogs has changed from the original: teeth tearing and polishing - stomach decomposition and digestion - intestinal digestion and absorption, to teeth simply handling - stomach rapid decomposition - pile up in the intestinal absorption and digestion.

The digestive ability of pet dogs is substantially weaker than their relatives in the wild

One of how this weakened digestion, and especially the aging of the intestinal tract, manifests itself is through farting.

If your dog begins to fart frequently, it may mean that his intestinal capabilities are beginning to become weakened and his intestines are beginning to age.

Cause #1: Increasing age. This is the reason why many dogs are prone to farting, as the intestinal weakness that comes with age is immediate. Pet dogs that have not had special gastrointestinal conditioning during their growth process begin to enter a period of gastrointestinal weakness from about 7 to 9 years of age. Some breeds of pet dogs, such as pine lions, Pomeranian even at the age of about 6 years old, the weakness the intestines.

Reason 2: Short-term food damage to the stomach and intestines. Some pet dogs have an increased gastrointestinal burden because their food has been changed in a short period, or their owners have added some kind of new food. One of the most overlooked situations is when the owner adds animal protein to the pet dog's daily diet species. These animal proteins such as beef and quail are advanced ingredients for canines, but pet dogs are no longer able to digest and absorb this food quickly because of the long-term lack of adaptation. Owners need to slow down and slowly increase the amount of animal protein offered daily.

Reason 3: Dogs suffer from gastrointestinal diseases. Many gastrointestinal diseases in dogs are chronic. When they are finally discovered, treatment is often missed. For these diseases, owners should pay attention to prevention regularly and watch their dogs through the details.

Why does my dog fart so much?

Prevention of gastrointestinal diseases in dogs is important

1. Be aware of the temperature of your dog's food regularly. Many dogs are prone to farting because the food they eat regularly is too cold or too hot. This is especially true if the dog is eating two or more kinds of food and there is a temperature difference of more than 3 degrees. The owner should first rest in the house, and then give the dog to eat when the temperature difference melts.

2. The dog lacks the right amount of exercise, the blood circulation is slow, and cannot ensure the metabolic rate. The long-term result of this is damage to the dog's intestines and stomach. Especially the intestines are prone to cancer. If your dog has good food regularly, but lacks the proper amount of exercise, then you need to pay attention to your dog's intestinal health.
The dog's blood circulation, and the amount of exercise is needed to ensure the rate

3. The lack of sun exposure for dogs affects the intestines over time. Many dogs that are prone to farting actually lack sun exposure on a regular basis. Insufficient sun exposure will make the dog lack vitamin D. This will not only lead to calcium deficiency, but also lead to weak gastrointestinal muscles. Many dogs are unable to digest advanced animal proteins because of the weakness of the intestines themselves, which is directly related to the lack of sunlight.

4. Do not give your dog indiscriminate access to vegetables and fruits. Although the dog can digest many vegetables, but can not feed it vegetables indiscriminately. Many dogs eat vegetables and fruits indiscriminately for a long time, resulting in intestinal problems. This is easy to be ignored, is oxalic acid caused by the stone problem. Many dogs actually don't drink a lot of water on a regular basis. Consumption of some vegetables and fruits that are not suitable for dogs, in fact, can easily lead to the appearance of stones. Over time, some dogs fart because of internal stones.

Dog farting is actually a signal of the body's intestinal health. If your dog often farts, you should pay attention to observe its health. Many gastrointestinal diseases can be initially judged by the dog's farting condition. Pay attention to prevention on a regular basis can be a good way to relieve the pressure on the dog's intestines and stomach.
So when the owner encounters frequent farting of the dog, you can first find the reason from its life and behavior, if you find it accompanied by physical discomfort, it is best to take it to the hospital for examination, prevention is better than cure.
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