Why do dogs cry?


I. The real reason why dogs cry

As we all know, dogs are animals with feelings, we can feel how much it likes us and they will be loyal to us. However, knowing that dogs have such emotions alone no longer satisfies the curiosity of dog owners, so they come to ask the little munchkins, do dogs cry?
1銆丏oes the dog cry? And will not
Can dogs cry? What a good question. But the truth is, although dogs can feel sad, they actually, do not cry like humans. In other words, their sad emotions, will not trigger tears. Humans are the only animals on the planet that shed tears because of their emotional state.

We can break this big question down into smaller questions: Do dogs shed tears? Do dogs cry in other ways? If a dog doesn't cry, how does it express sadness?

2, can dogs cry? Don't be confused by its tear stains
Dogs do have tear stains, these substances serve to keep the eyes comfortable and free of debris, and are draining fluid back into the throat and nose area, rather than overflowing (tears), if the dog tears, it may need to be checked out. And in general, tear stains in dogs can occur for the following reasons.

Dog allergies; dogs can be allergic to many things, including pollen, dust, dander, smoke, or food ingredients, and when they are allergic they can become tearful, just like humans.

Blocked tear ducts; if a dog's tear ducts are blocked, then a discharge called overflowing tears may come out of the dog's eyes, and the area around the dog's eyes will be moist.

It is said that dogs have feelings, so they will cry when it is sad? The real reason why dogs cry
Into the sand or eyelashes; if you find that your dog is scratching his eyes, it may be that his eyes are getting sand or eyelashes.

Infection; if your dog's tears are yellow or bloody, rather than clear, it could be a sign that your dog has an eye infection.

Corneal injury, if an active dog, he may be prone to rough play with dogs or cats, and walking through thick brush, could be the cause of corneal abrasions.

If you notice that your dog's eyes are watering, take a closer look and make sure there is nothing on the surface of the eyes. If your dog has been "tearing up" for a while, it is recommended that you take your dog to the doctor.

3, the dog will wail to express pain and sadness
So back to the question above, if the dog's tears are not real tears, not real sadness, then how do they express sadness and pain?

They will also express painful feelings in an obvious way, that is, they will cry like puppies to get nourishment, comfort, and security. In addition to puppies, dogs also wail or whimper when they feel separated from their owners or companions, which is a clear sign that they are expressing sadness.

Although dogs can also feel a range of emotions, they are usually reacting to their surroundings and impulses, rather than experiencing strong emotions followed by outbursts, as humans do. Therefore, timely observation of the dog's behavioral characteristics can detect abnormal ones. Another example is that if dogs see their owners suffer some form of physical injury, they will make unusual and unique barks to express help, sadness, etc.

So, dogs don't cry and don't be confused by their tears, but just because a dog doesn't cry doesn't mean that the dog doesn't love us and won't grieve for us, rather, the dog will express its sadness and pain in other forms and it will still be that little cutie that will only stand up for our lives.

Why do dogs cry?

II. Reasons why dogs cry

Many people may ask: Why do dogs "cry"? Today I will talk to you about the seven reasons why dogs cry, you see what you know?
1, the dog moved to "cry"
Dogs and people like feelings, the dog's feelings for the master are very heavy, when the master does something to the dog, the dog's heart can feel, will feel very touched, will "cry"

2, the dog is very happy
Dogs also have seven emotions, the dog's feelings are also very rich, we can directly feel the emotions of the dog, especially when the dog is happy, the tail will always be wagging, is very happy, and the owner can see the same.

Dogs are very loyal to their masters, feelings are also very heavy, for some things are very sensitive, if you do not see the master for a long time, the master suddenly came back, but also play with it, the dog will be overly excited tears.

3, the dog was punished by the master
If the owner abused the dog for a long time, the dog's body and mind damage are great, when a combination of the two, the dog will cry. When the owner is training the dog, the dog is always against the master or how the master called the dog, the dog will not learn, this time the master's mood is very irritable, very angry, will be loud scolding, hit the dog, but also punished. The dog will feel aggrieved and "cry".

When training dogs, is not to scold the dog, to patiently and correctly guide the dog, when the dog does well reward the dog with some snacks, this way the dog will be more willing to cooperate, and the master training will be much simpler.

4, the dog is in too much pain
Dogs and people are the same, there will be sicknesses, such as fractures and genetic diseases, dogs do not speak, and when the dog's physical discomfort, it will use its way to say with the master, such as howling, will whimper, or pulling the master clothes and so on. The owner must pay attention at this time, the dog is not pampering, this is to launch signals with you.
Dogs' pain beyond the range of tolerance, is stimulated to the tear ducts and will weep, so when the dog "cries", it is best to figure out what the dog's problem is.

5, dog eyes have foreign bodies
If the dog's eyes into the foreign body, are stimulated to the dog's eyes, will automatically secrete tears to flush the eyes, which is generally not subjective consciousness under the influence of the cause.
If the dog's eyes have other problems, it will also stimulate the eyes, resulting in tears.

6, the dog is sick
When the dog is sick, it will feel very lonely, is very want the master's care, sick during the dog's feelings are very fragile, very easy to tears.
So the owner still needs to pay more attention to the dog's mental state and physical health.

7, the dog's diet is too salty resulting in increased secretion of tear glands
Dogs eat too salty, which will lead to dog fire and tears, but also lead to the appearance of tear marks, such as bichon, VIP, and some other breeds, their tear glands are more developed, and the owner does not help them clean in time, it is easy to have tear marks.
So do not give your dog to eat too salty food and dog food, should eat light and low salt dog food as the main, usually can also be more for the dog wipe eyes, let the dog drink more water, and appropriate to eat some fruit, diet to keep light, the dog tear gland problems will not appear, do not have to keep "crying".

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