Why do dogs eat poop? Why do dogs love to eat poop?


On the Internet once saw a netizen complaining that he was holding his baby in the poop, the result of his dog next to the poop eye, and even running over to eat it, the owner instantly messed up, thought that only dogs in the wild will eat poop, did not think that domestic pets will also do so. Various reasons cause dogs to eat poop, not just because of their nature, and owners should carefully investigate.

I. Why do dogs love to eat poop?

1. Nature
Many female dogs will eat their puppies' feces when they care for them as a way to clean up the environment and keep them free of feces, as well as to prevent their scent from escaping and being hunted by other animals. Because they grow up in this environment, many dogs take after their mothers when they are puppies and start eating feces, not only from their kind or their poop, but also from other species, and this behavior continues into their adulthood.

2. Feeling hungry
Some dogs may eat feces. After all, they feel hungry because they digest quickly, their owners don't feed them enough dog food, they go too long between meals, or they get a lot of exercises that day and they feel hungrier, all of which may cause them to eat feces.

3. Lack of nutrition
Dogs in the case of malnutrition will go looking for anything they can eat. Some dogs may eat a lot of dog food, but there is not enough nutrition in the dog food will still cause them to feel hungry easily. Some feces will contain undigested coarse fiber food that will be more appetizing than regular dog food, and if the dog is deficient in an uncommon nutrient, it may also get a supplement from the feces. Dogs also often go to eat cat feces because it contains high protein, which can meet some of the dog's nutritional needs.

4. Anxiety, feeling stressed
If a dog is stressed about the outside world or has separation anxiety, it may eat feces to relieve itself.

5. Attention seeking
If the owner shows a big reaction when the dog eats feces for the first time, the dog will try to get your attention next time by doing so.

6. Disease
The presence of parasites in the dog's digestive tract. The parasites absorb nutrients from the dog's body and can increase the dog's hunger. Or the lack of digestive enzymes needed to digest and absorb nutrients, which can lead to an increased appetite. Other diseases affect such as diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, and Cushing's syndrome.

7. Overeating
If you frequently give your dog a lot of meat, then over time the dog will certainly develop a heterophobia, there is such a situation will certainly appear to eat poo.
So want to solve this problem, then the owner must control the amount of meat, and meat must be cooked before feeding, raw food is prone to cause a variety of problems!

8. Because of low IQ
Because dogs simply do not understand what is called "poop", and some dogs every time the poop is finished, see the owner rushed to clean up the poop, it will think it is something good.
In the long run, the dog will be mistaken that "poop" is delicious, so when they poop, they immediately eat the poop, so as not to be taken away again by the owner!

9. Parasites in the body
If you do not regularly deworm your dog, then the dog will not only appear to eat poo but also the body will become thin and so on.
To reduce such a situation, then the owner must do a good job of regular deworming good habits so that the dog can live a long and healthy life!

10. lack of a certain element
When the dog lacks a certain element is to eat poo situation, so usually, the owner of the dog supplements the elements is very important, and some dogs will like to eat garbage, and chew the dirt.
If you want to reduce this situation, then it is best to give your dog regular supplementation, and you can choose some pet trace element tablets to supplement the solution!

Why do dogs eat poop? Why do dogs love to eat poop?

II. What are the bad effects of dogs eating poop?

If a dog is eating its feces, it is doing secondary digestion and is not a big problem, but if it does not clean its mouth after eating feces, the bacteria and parasites on the feces can be transmitted to humans or other animals with saliva. When a dog eats the feces of another species, it risks species of intestinal parasites and eggs or other harmful bacteria that can cause disease. For the owner, the dog will have strong breath after eating feces and still need the owner's help to clean up.
1. Spreading bacteria
Some dogs are not in good health, and some have even suffered from infectious diseases without knowing it. If these dogs are allowed to leave their excrement over there, then other dogs that come into contact with the excrement are likely to be infected as a result.
2. Dog poop is not conducive to greenery
Dogs excrete directly into the green space of the poo, without fermentation treatment can not be used as fertilizer, but there will be harm, some turf dehydration, and death.
3. Increase the chance of parasitic infection
Poo in the grass is also a very good breeding ground for parasites, viruses, and bacteria to spread diseases to people and other dogs, including parasites that can be transmitted: whipworm, hookworm disease, roundworms, tapeworms, and so on.
4. Contamination of water
Poo on the lawn, if not cleaned up in time, can enter our water supply with watering water or rainwater through the sewer. The poop with various bacteria and parasites is the best nutrient for algae. The algae growth can cause a decrease in water permeability, which in turn can cause a decrease in oxygen in the water, and then the organisms in the water will face a lack of oxygen and an increase in mortality.
We should not underestimate such behavior, if the dog is allowed to defecate at will, soiling the surrounding environment, may attract the discontent of the surrounding people, and some extremes may even do something harmful to the dog. The most important thing is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are doing.

Three: How can I correct my dog's poop-eating behavior?

1. Check the nutrition of your dog's food to see if it is balanced. Observe the amount of food your dog eats and adjust the appropriate feeding time.

2. If the dog's poop-eating behavior is very frequent, you can take it to seek the doctor's help and have a physical examination.

3. to consume the dog's energy, buy him toys to spend time and energy on. You can also often take it out to exercise, interact with it, and play games to ensure that it has a basic amount of exercise every day to relieve its anxiety.

Why do dogs eat poop? Why do dogs love to eat poop?

4. Keep your dog as far away from the feces as possible. Separate the dog's defecation area from the resting area at home, so that he can leave the area on his own after defecating and the owner can clean up the feces in time. When walking your dog outdoors, clean up after your dog has pooped. If your dog wants to eat other dogs' poop, give him/her a command to come back or sit.

5. Add a stimulating scent, such as lemon juice or mustard, after the dog has defecated to make the dog feel disgusted with the excreted feces and influence its preference at the source.
However, from the owner's point of view, if not for disease reasons, it is best to stop your dog's poop-eating behavior, because you are the one who needs to help him clean up after each meal, and you should not want to be the pooper scooper who also has to work as a poop cleaner!
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