Why would a dog lick you? Can being licked by a dog be a bad thing?


If you have a dog for company, it wants to lick you all the time, if possible. Dog owners all over the world have experienced this to one degree or another, and while it can be a reassuring sign of trust and familiarity, it can also be a mess! Many people are curious about this strange habit of dogs, but there is no clear answer. The truth is, there are many reasons why dogs lick you, but before we explore these factors, it's important to first look at your dog's tongue! While it has many of the same functions, a dog's tongue is also a unique and highly specialized tool that helps them survive and prosper in life!

I. The Dog's Tongue

You probably don't care too much about your dog lying gracefully and sticking out his big, scruffy tongue on the couch, on toys, on water bowls, and anywhere else he can reach. Dogs' tongues don't just drool on hot days. Dogs use their tongues to groom themselves and their pups, just like cats do, although you may not see this happen very often, and not every breed of dog does.
A dog's tongue is also a way to regulate its body temperature. When a dog begins to overheat, it sticks out its tongue and allows air to flow around it, which causes moisture to evaporate and cool. This is similar to the human behavior of sweating. In addition, dogs will not only pant when they are overworked or too hot; they can also indicate that they are stressed in some way, making the tongue a universal communication tool. Similar to humans, a dog's tongue is its primary way of experiencing taste, and although dogs have about five times fewer taste buds than humans, they still have more than cats and can enjoy a variety of sweet, sour, and salty sensations.
Most importantly, however, a dog's tongue is an important means of interaction and communication, both between dogs and between people and pets. This is why dogs will lick you.

II. Why dogs add to their owners

Just as every dog is unique, their specific reasons for licking you at any given moment are always different, but the following features represent the main reasons why dogs seem to enjoy licking so much!

Old habit: Licking is a part of a dog's life, from its first breath. Mothers lick their pups, actually "waking them up" after they are born, and then licking them clean with their tongues to encourage them to start eating. As puppies grow, licking remains an important form of communication between siblings and parents. So if you and your pet form a "pack," it makes sense that you would have some deep-seated desire to lick their caretaker or guardian.
Obedience: In the wild, licking is often used to show obedience; a lower-ranking wolf may lick an alpha male to show his obedience and willingness to submit. When it comes to our pets, humans take the lead (or at least they should), and if successful, your dog may simply be licking you, indicating his acceptance of you as his leader.

Affection: In some cases, it's obvious that your dog is full of love for you simply because they miss you and are excited for you to walk home. Those big kisses filled with boundless energy are caused by their desire to be happy. This simple licking action releases endorphins into the body. When you combine this with the look of your dog's favorite person, the dog licks like crazy for the first few minutes!

Healing: While the idea that a dog can lick a human wound to speed up healing is a myth, a dog's tongue can provide some healing for itself. There are enzymes in a dog's saliva that are antibacterial, but saliva is certainly not a cure-all. Many times, licking a wound is a physical manipulation of dirt or dead tissue away from the wound to speed up the healing process.

Grooming: As mentioned above, dogs don't spend as much time and effort cleaning themselves as cats do, but they don't mind the process of cleaning others. The same maternal or domestic spirit explains the above concerning old habits. Dogs may want to groom you and clean your skin, especially the area where wounds are healing. They also have a keen sense of smell, far more than humans, to detect odors on the skin that may need cleaning up. Dogs may also be irritated by licking their body parts that come into contact with allergies or other external problems in an attempt to eliminate irritation.

Communication: At the most basic level, language is one of the best ways to communicate. If the dog is hungry, has been alone all day, or has some sort of pain/health problem, excessive licking of the dog may be the best way to get your attention. The message may be as simple as, "I like you," but often, the dog's inexplicable licking will tell you something.

Dogs it wants to know about you
Should not be difficult to find, when you go out the dog will be very happy to run to you to pounce on you, will circle you, will also lick you, whether it is hands and feet or exposed face, etc., the dog wants to lick, like to touch you, this is the dog wants to smell you, want to know where you go, want to understand you, but also in re-remember your taste, and welcome you home, oh, miss you very much.

Dogs wants to play with you
No matter what you are doing, the dog is close to you, licking you, that is hoping you can pay attention to it. If the dog is often left alone, then the dog wants to play the desire is very strong and will go to the door to indicate that you want to go out to play. Or is the toy gripped to you to let you play with it, want to interact with you five, want to interact with you?

Dogs it is not comfortable
When the dog feels unwell, it is also by licking the owner to attract the owner's attention, trying to get the owner's attention to their uncomfortable situation, the spirit will also be more disheveled, licking your strength are breathless. Hope to get the owner's attention and care, this is it seeking help meaning ah, the owner should pay more attention to the dog wants to express the meaning.

Dogs it is very nervous
When the dog is nervous, in addition to licking its nose, also licking the master to relieve stress, because the master's breath will make the dog feel very secure, will feel at ease, and will get a sense of security from you. For example, when going out, encountering strangers may lick you, it is trying to see if the stranger is a threat, but also to protect the master needs to be close to the master.

Dogs feel weak
When the dog has been naughty and finds out that the owner, that is you, will be angry and you play with him, he will be weak and not look at you, but also lick you more enthusiastically than usual.
This seems to be a kind of sad, hope you do not get angry, hope you do not get upset, he did wrong, but he knows wrong!

The dog likes you very much
First of all, the dog likes to lick the master, that must have liked your meaning, to like the talent will be close oh, otherwise the dog may look at you do not want to see. The dog's enthusiasm can lick you to express its love, of course, there is some body language, such as wagging your tail, not to you to protect food and so on are love your performance Oh.

You have a taste

Dogs lick people, of course, and you are sure to make out, it will not see who is licking you have a smell, you may say I were to what smell, your nose is not a dog nose is naturally not smell out, but the dog can be. For example, the corner of your mouth is not wiped clean, there is the smell of meat, and it naturally can not help but lick a lick!

Three, can being licked by a dog be a bad thing?

There are many different reasons why dogs choose to lick people "so voraciously," but many pet owners want to know - is licking a bad thing?

Well, aside from being annoying to some people and possibly leaving an unpleasant odor on your skin, licking is usually harmless. However, if it's a dog licking your wound, it's best not to do so because the dog's tongue still has a lot of bacteria on it that could make it worse. In this case, there may be some risk. Again, if you don't know where your dog's mouth is, it's best not to let it slobber on your lips.

Licking itself may not be a bad thing, but it can indicate that something is wrong with your pet. Incessant licking of the feet or a specific area on the body can be a sign of an illness, infection, or allergy. If there is a sudden change in the frequency or intensity of your dog's licking, pay attention because it could be a clear sign of a change in your dog's mood or health. Some people understandably don't want their dog to lick them constantly, but fortunately, there are many ways to discourage this behavior, such as negative reinforcement and other training strategies. Standing up, leaving the room, or stopping playing with your dog as soon as he starts licking are all effective ways to gradually get your dog to change this potentially frustrating habit. But remember, those slobbery kisses are often the best way for your dog to say "I love you".
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