Why do dogs lick their paws? How to treat paw licking in dogs


Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws

Dogs licking their paws is a relatively common thing that many pet owners turn a blind eye to, but licking their paws all the time could also be a sickness that pet owners must pay attention to.
銆€銆€One: the dog has been licking their paws, it may be because the dog's paws are injured, injured when the dog feels pain, so it will lick the paws, but also may be a wound scab, scattered blood itchy situation, the dog can not stand it will always lick the paws.
銆€銆€Usually pay more attention to observe the state of the dog, if you have been licking paws, it is recommended to immediately see if it is injured, see if it is scraped or stabbed by glass, etc.
銆€銆€Two: In fact, dogs and people alike, there will be paws very smelly situation, that is, people's foot odor, the reason why the dog will be so, most likely because the dog usually play water, bathing, did not dry in time, and eventually appear foot odor.
銆€銆€So dogs also lick their paws, it is recommended that every time a dog plays with water or after a bath, the pet owner must help the dog dry in time, otherwise it is easy to appear foot odor, inflammation of the situation.
銆€銆€Three: the dog's paws inflammation, such as dermatitis, intertoeitis, etc., the dog's paws inflammation, the natural itchy situation, so the dog will keep licking the paws.
銆€銆€It is recommended that pet owners put on a collar to prevent dogs from licking their paws, after all, saliva bacteria or quite a lot, continue to let the dog lick their paws, will only make the dog's paws inflammation more serious.
銆€銆€Four: dogs lick paws, but also may be because the dog's paws have fleas or lice, etc., dogs are parasites sucking blood will itch, so the dog will not be able to resist.
銆€銆€This pet owner to do is to adhere to regular deworming, of course, deworming needs to be carried out both inside and outside, so that the dog's health is guaranteed, deworming during the dog may be uncomfortable, and so slow over there is no big problem.
銆€銆€Five: dogs licking their paws, possibly because one of the manifestations of dog anxiety, the dog and you separate, like a compulsive licking paws, may also demolish the home, running around and so on, are the manifestations of anxiety.
銆€銆€It is recommended that pet owners usually take more time to spend with their dogs, as much as possible to cultivate the independence of the dog, so that the dog will not be anxious about leaving you, when you leave, you can provide some dog toys around the dog, or teething snacks, which can make the dog less bored.
銆€銆€Six: dogs lick their paws, there may be because dogs love cleanliness, want to clean paws, most are clean dogs will do so, this situation pet owners or to stop better, after all, paws bacteria a lot.
銆€銆€Every time you go out and come home, it is recommended to give your dog clean paws, you can use water to clean, you can also use commercially available cleaning supplies, remember, after washing paws must be promptly blow dried.
銆€銆€Seven: dogs licking their paws, there may be learning cats licking their paws, many pet owners are raising dogs and cats families, cats love cleanliness, always like to lick their paws, dogs are curious, so they will follow the learning.
銆€銆€For these curious dogs, it is recommended to start training, this time the dog obedience is better, more positive, and training is also best to take some snacks to help training, the best choice of snacks such as chicken jerky, not only can promote the training effect, but also grinding teeth to get rid of bad breath.銆€

Why do dogs lick their paws? How to treat paw licking in dogs

Dogs lick their paws red

1. Physical problems (often accompanied by scratching)

(1) Injury.

When a dog is pricked by a sharp object on its paws or has a wound that is healing, the dog will lick its paws itself, trying to disinfect the itch with the help of saliva.

(2) Allergies.

Dogs live in an environment with allergens, or allergic to certain ingredients in food, such as some grains.

(3) Parasites.

Dogs paws or toes, hidden fleas or other parasites, causing painful itching, making the dog keep licking.

(4) Bacterial infection.

Inflammation or bacterial infection of the dog's paws or nails due to humidity and sweltering heat, etc.

2銆丳sychological problems

(1) Loneliness.

Because of stress, too bored, too lonely, want to go out to play and other anxiety caused by this situation is mostly working pooper scooper, busy work during the day, often work late at night, no time and energy to accompany the dog, and even often shut the dog in the cage.

(2) Genetic or past experience.

Dogs also have a genetic mental disorder, born depressed and rely on paw licking to get rid of depression. Or have experienced abuse in the past and have unfortunate experiences and memories that can make a dog easily anxious, fearful, etc., and thus relieved by licking their paws.

How to treat paw licking in dogs

1. Check the paws for redness, inflammation, moisture and odor, and trim the dog's nails and hair around the paw pads regularly. If there are symptoms of inflammation and redness, smear a little erythromycin and put an Elisabeth ring on your dog to prevent further licking until it recovers.

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2, do a good job cleaning the paws, go out and come back, wipe the paws with a wet wipe before entering; it is now the turn of spring and summer, it is easy to be infected with parasites, spray a little deworming spray on your dog before you go out, do not take your dog to places with deep grass, or wet muddy ground.

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3, after each bath or foot wash, to give the dog's paw slit moisture blow dry. Humidity can easily make dogs suffer from nail infections.

4銆丄ny abnormality that occurs during the change of food for the dog should be paid extra attention to prevent physical problems brought about by the discomfort of the new food. When your dog has allergies, please give preference to dog food with grain-free ingredients.

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5. After work and on weekends, take your dog out for walks more often. Prepare more toys for them at home.

Since you have a dog, you should be responsible for its physical and mental health. When you have time, try to play with it more often, and it will love you more and be more loyal to you.

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6, if found that the dog has no other physical or psychological problems, just habitually like to lick paws, the pooper scooper needs to be stopped and corrected in time, even if there is no problem, long-term licking will make the skin inflammation or even ulceration, hair loss.

Dogs always lick their own kennel銆€
Mark your own
Many pet owners may think it is abnormal for their dogs to always lick their kennels, but it is actually normal because the dog is indicating that the kennel is his and he loves it.
In the world of dogs, staining something they like with their own smell means that the thing is its, that's why dogs always lick the doghouse to tell others that no one can touch its nest.
Dog kennel residual food smell
All know that dogs are very greedy, some times, the pet owner may put some snacks or other food in the kennel, the dog in the kennel after a meal, the kennel will remain the smell of food.
This time the dog will lick around and may also tear their kennel, because it thinks there is food in the kennel, so pet owners usually do not put food in the kennel.
The performance of love of cleanliness

In fact, some dogs, like cats, are very clean, so when it feels their kennel is dirty, it will often lick the kennel, using it to clean.
But this is too dirty for dogs, so pet owners should help their dogs clean their kennels regularly, so as to ensure hygiene and safety.
Psychological problems

Dogs always love to lick their kennels, or it may be that the dog has been in a state of depression for a long time, resulting in psychological problems, so it needs to vent, it always lick the kennel.
When the dog's living environment suddenly changed, send the dog to their friends home foster, etc., can lead to emotional problems.

Deficiency of trace elements
There is another reason why dogs always lick their kennels, and that is the lack of trace elements. When a dog lacks a certain trace element in his body, then he will lick things.

This is when the pet owner has to feed the dog some trace elements tablets, recommended "greedy not greedy trace elements tablets", containing copper, iron, zinc, manganese and selenium and other trace elements, as well as lactic acid CPP, can promote the absorption of trace elements, improve the dog licking problem.
If you want your dog to not lick the kennel, it is best to stop the pet owner immediately, and try to choose some nutritious dog food, rich in a variety of nutrients, such as "greedy dog food", not only contains chicken, fish, duck meat and other meat, but also pumpkin, carrots and other vegetables, vitamins and trace elements, very rich in nutrition. It is very nutritious.
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