Can dogs take a bath?


Can you give a dog a bath

I believe that many owners of dogs will have the experience of bathing their dogs with human body wash, and some owners will bathe their dogs with baby shampoo when bathing their dogs, but personally I do not recommend this practice, because the pH of dogs and human skin is different, and bathing dogs with human body wash will harm their skin health. The choice of bathing gel for dogs is a matter of choice.

Can dogs take a bath?

1: Use the correct body wash

The owner should not use human body wash to bathe the dog, whether it is adult body wash or baby body wash is not suitable to bathe the dog, because the dog and human skin pH is not the same, human body wash is alkaline, dog skin is neutral, the two meet can not be neutralized, the owner should use pet shampoo to bathe the Boomer, such as the state of fun dog Shampoo.

2: Do not overly pursue the scent

Some owners to choose a body wash for Boomer, I believe that many owners will choose some of the heavier taste of the body wash, especially in the summer, many of the smell of the dog will be heavy, some owners like to buy a very fragrant body wash to the dog bath, in fact, most of this more fragrant body wash is added to the flavor or other things to make the body wash so fragrant, so the body wash is not The more fragrant, the better.

3: Do not overly pursue bubbles

Some owners to choose a bathing gel for Boomerang like to buy some richer bubbles to the dog bath, think the more bubbles bathing gel the cleaner, in fact, it is not so, bubbles more bathing gel may be added foaming agent, foaming agent will harm the health of Boomerang skin, bubbles and the ability to remove dirt does not have anything to do with, the owner wants to help Boomerang wash clean to seriously Help dog bathing, repeatedly rubbing to wash clean.

Whether it is to give a dog a bath, or Boomerang sick, the owner should not feel free to take things for dogs, because people can use things that are not necessarily suitable for dogs, so the owner should not use the good.

Whether it is adult or baby skin is neutral, the baby with the body wash or shampoo, but the closest to neutral. While the dog's skin is alkaline, if possible try not to use human bath products.

A. Why can not use human body wash

Dogs can not use human body wash because of the difference in the ph value of their skin, the dog's own skin is weakly alkaline and man-made weakly acidic. The main role of body wash is to neutralize the acid and alkaline, but dogs with human body wash not only can not neutralize the alkaline, but will make the alkaline intensify, causing dry skin, itching, allergies and other problems, while reducing the resistance of the skin, making dogs more susceptible to skin diseases. In addition, human skin has 12-16 layers, while pets only have 2-5 layers, such as the use of human baths, will directly harm the epidermis of pets. So try to choose a canine bathing gel to help dogs bathe.

Second, the purchase of bathing gel recommendations

1, parents are not recommended to choose too much foam body wash, too much foam body wash because of the foaming agent inside, so the body wash is often poor decontamination ability. Long-term use will make the coat lose its original luster, especially for white hair varieties, may also be yellow.

2, many parents are willing to spend money on the dog, some bad businessmen will be in order to make huge profits, through some small factories, small workshops to produce some products, such products will not only cause harm to the dog, and their rights and interests are also infringed. So in the choice of products, it is best to pay attention to see those brands of relevant documents, procedures are complete.

3, parents choose body wash can be based on the texture of Teddy's hair to choose the right, if you really can't decide, you may want to try Ming Rui Ning body wash this shampoo, adding herbal extracts, for dogs without irritation and natural safety, both to clean skin, prevention of parasites on the surface of the role, but not because of improper bathing caused by the damage to the dog's skin and coat.

Does your dog need to have his nails clipped


The reasons are as follows

1, the dog's nails grow quickly, and the blood lines inside will grow longer and longer, and the dog's nails must be clipped regularly. Overgrown toenails are both sharp and bent backwards into the flesh of the foot, causing pain and discomfort to the dog.

2, the dog's toenails if too sharp, and family members when making out, often hook the bad guys wear stockings, skirts, feet, pants, handbags and even carpets, wooden furniture, etc..

How to do help the dog cut nails

1, to cut down decisively
The dog's nails are very hard, and the last cut should be decisive. Because when the dog finds you want to cut nails, will be back to shrink. Never use scissors to hold your dog's nails while he shrinks his paws, this will make him feel very uncomfortable.

2, while cutting the paw hair

Because the paws are too long and easily slippery, so you can trim the paws while cutting the nails. For dogs, the friction between the paws and the ground is very important.

Dog bathing is very delicate

Nowadays, dogs are very common in life, and there are a lot of dog care, in addition to diet care, bathing is also very careful, let me tell you today, which 7 situations can not be bathed in dogs, see if you have made a mistake!

A, just eaten

If your dog is just full of food, then you can not immediately give it a bath, because the bath to the dog just full of food will make the skin vascular expansion, resulting in a reduction in blood flow to the stomach, which will cause the dog to lower blood sugar and indigestion, etc., serious or likely to cause fainting, so you want to give your dog a bath should first let it rest for 1 to 2 hours!

Second, the sick dog

If your dog is just well or in the period of illness, it is not bathing, because the sick dog's physical condition has decreased a lot, it is easy to give it a bath to trigger hypotension, shock, want to give the dog a bath is best to wait for injury or illness, if the dog is just well, it is recommended to let it rest 1 to 2 weeks in the bath, trauma dogs can not be bathed!

Three, strenuous exercise

Dogs need a certain amount of exercise every day, just after the exercise of the dog's blood is still in the limbs, muscles, immediately bathing easy to make the heart and brain parts of the blood supply is insufficient, damaging health, so it is recommended to wait for the dog to calm down before bathing!

Four, just after vaccination

Just after the vaccination of the dog can not take a bath, because this time the dog resistance is very poor, it is recommended to give the dog a bath should be the second week to wash, and vaccination period of the dog try not to take it out, if parents feel that the dog is too dirty, dry cleaning powder is a good choice!

V. Prenatal or lactation

The dog in labor or lactation should not be bathed, especially the lactating dog, because the smell of the shower gel just after the bath will make the little puppy can not find a place to drink milk, the correct should be in a month before giving it a bath, after the birth of the dog nutrients to be higher than usual, to eat less and more meals, usually give it more nutrition, it is recommended to choose the staple dog food can choose some high protein low fat, nutrient-rich good absorption The natural dog food to it to eat!

Six, just arrived home dog

If you just bought a puppy home is very smelly, dirty, try to give it a body rub, never give it a bath, want to give it a bath should wait until 20 days after the home to wash, and puppies in 4 to 6 months will have a period of tooth replacement, it is recommended that the owner to prepare some rubber toys or help it grind teeth, calcium dog snacks (chicken jerky, goat cheese), there is nothing to chew it will chew the furniture!

Seven, the estrus period

If your dog is a female dog, we should pay attention, because the female dog will have an estrus, the dog in heat will lead to bleeding, and this situation must not give it a bath, the owner should take care of it, it is best to wear physiological pants, want to give the dog a bath is best to wait for a week after the estrus period before washing!

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