How to wash a cat


I. Washing cats are always scratched, and it's important to use the right technique

Cats initially appeared in the desert, so what we all know, that is, cats do not like water, usually when the body is wet with water will be particularly nasty!

Many pooper scoopers are even torn about how to get their cats to drink more water, but compared to drinking water, cats bathing in that is even more of a disaster!

Not to mention the inexperienced pooper scooper is often to give the cat bath groomer, sometimes in the cat bath will be the cat to scratch a few claws!

But cats do not bathe okay? In fact, how do cats usually clean up their bodies?

The cat's tongue is with barbs, and usually, when the cat will lick their hair, a group of cats together will clean each other's hair.

Plus the sand cats are using fine sand to clean up the dirt on their bodies, so some cats do not bathe, but not bathing does not mean any smell!

So if the pooper scooper has a cat, reasonable bathing is a big problem, bathing is impossible, not in this life!

So to prevent serious injuries to the pooper scooper, and cats because of the bathing and some problems, then we will see today, what is the correct position to wash the cat!

So let's start with the water for washing cars!

1. when washing cats need to pay attention to the water temperature, please remember that we are not to stew in cat soup, and do not want the cat to catch a cold!

Cough cough, the cat's body temperature is higher than the human, so the appropriate degree of water temperature is 40-50 degrees best, and then the high is hot, and then the low is too cold!

The best thing to do is to turn on the bath so that the temperature loss will not be too fast when bathing, and the cat will not have problems with colds!

2. The correct position of the cat bath, the order to pay attention to!

When washing cats, do not believe in the so-called cat wash, that thing is particularly hurtful to cats, the key is that cats will be very scared! General cat washing is from the back of the head, neck, back tail, abdomen, and limbs in this order, the speed should be fast, not too rough, and pay attention to not let the water into the cat's eyes and ears, you can try to stuff a little cotton in the cat's ears, and then take it out after washing!

3. Washing cats should be divided into cats, for long-haired cats, unless you want the whole body in knots, it is best to comb through before washing!

The hair on the cat is often divided into the outermost layer of the coat and the inner layer of fluff, but of course, short-haired cats are not so complicated, we are talking about long-haired cats!

So before bathing the long-haired cats should be combed all over, combing out all the fluff inside, otherwise, you'll be waiting for knots!

4. After washing the cat blowing must be careful, the cat hates this link!

You do not see the cat so fierce cats are not scared, short-haired cats in the summer suck the water dry, you can let the cat air dry, and long-haired cats, then, when blowing hair must be gentle, pay attention not to scare the cat, or the cat is prone to disease!

5. cat bathing depends on the time, before six months, if the body is not very dirty do not try to bath, and after six months can not be frequent bathing!

The cat's skin is more by the oil protection, once the bath more, then the resistance to decline in the cat is more likely to get sick!

So even for cats over six months, it is best not to bathe more than three times a month!

6. The correct posture of washing cats, kittens try not to bathe!

The resistance of unvaccinated kittens is very low, bathing is easy to catch a cold and diarrhea and even cause more serious problems, it is recommended to wash after two weeks after two shots of the vaccine!

And even after this time, you can not wash more, kitten bathing is the most harmful!

7. Can I use human body wash? Can I use dog bathing gel?

Why do cats need to use a special body wash for cats? The most fundamental point is that the skin pH of cats and others are different, so after using other body washes are prone to hair loss and other skin disease problems!

Plus the smell of dog body wash is very disliked by cats, especially in the removal of grease, dog body washes to grease stronger, and the cat's skin damage is also greater!

So, when the pooper scooper baths the cat, you can follow such an order Oh!

First: prepare a basin of warm water, and put your hand in the water to feel not hot hands and not cold as appropriate.

Second: make sure that the room temperature is appropriate, and will not cause the cat to get cold, close the air conditioning in summer, and remember to open the bath in winter so that the cat is more comfortable, the bath will not resist too fierce!

Third: gently pour warm water on the cat's back, and then add a little bathing liquid after the first from the back of the cat's neck, then wash to the cat's back, belly, and tail, the action should be fast, otherwise it will be beaten by the cat ~

Fourth: Take care not to get water into the cat's eyes and ears when bathing, and try to avoid washing the cat's head. A shower cap can be put on the cat to prevent bath water from entering the ears. If you need to clean the cat's head, use a wet towel to gently wipe.

Fifth: Gently massage the cat's body to try to make it more relaxed!

Sixth: Take care never to let the cat lick the bath gel and bath water to prevent accidental poisoning. After using the body wash, rinse twice more to rinse the body wash off the cat.

Seventh: After washing, use the bath towel to blow dry your cat before you use the hair dryer to dry the fur. Remember not to use too much wind and too high a temperature, and use the wind from the hair dryer to rub the body to dry the cat!

How to wash a cat

II. What are the preparations

First look at a formula for cat bathing.

Cat afraid of water + paws + teeth = injury

One person, one cat, in the bathroom, four eyes facing each other.

If your cat is like me, they do not like water, much less the feeling of being forced into it.
If, like me, you don't want to spend too much money taking your cat to the pet store for a bath, or you want to enjoy the process of bathing your cat.
Some of the methods mentioned in this article may be able to help you.

What "equipment" should I have before bathing my cat?
A set of qualified equipment can protect you and your cat to the greatest extent possible.

Cat bathing tips: How to safely bathe a cat? What are the precautions?
About bathing solutions for cats
This thing is very important, of course, bathing with a bathing solution, otherwise, it can only be considered a "shower".

When choosing a bathing solution, we should choose a bathing solution for cats because their skin is more sensitive to external products than human skin.

Think about how it feels when soapy water accidentally gets into your eyes: it hurts! It's so uncomfortable!

Remember, an unsuitable bathing solution can make your cat's skin feel the same way.

Also, when we use a bathing solution on a cat, we should not let it get into the cat's eyes, as the stinging sensation in the eyes can make the cat very nervous. The cat's reaction to nervousness is "fear" and "revenge".

Bathing gel and bathing gloves

Anti-scratch gloves
Regarding gloves, if your cat meets the following formula, then you can choose to buy them.

Cat + water = crazy

"The way to face fear is to face him, Ollie give!" This statement is full of fighting spirit, but when it comes to the actual situation, I'm afraid that's not the case.

When fear overcomes a cat, it will burst into its most instinctive response - a frantic rebellion to escape this unsettling situation.

Before you know it, you may already have a few bruises on your hands.

At this point, a copy of scratch and bite-resistant gloves can be good protection. These leather gloves are inherently water soakable, so it is safe for the cat during use as well.

Trim the nails
Before you bath your cat each time, we recommend you trim their nails first. Sharp nails can easily cut through the human epidermis. It is best to trim your cat's nails the day before the bath so that she will not associate "nail trimming" with "bathing".

Bathing towel
After the cat has been bathed, wrap the cat in a towel of the right size to avoid water dripping everywhere.
Place the towel where you can easily reach it, and when the bath is over, you can quickly wrap the cat in it.
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