How often should I bathe my dog?


I. Is it too dirty for a dog to be washed once a month?

Some dogs don't like baths.
Some dogs don't like bathing, and whenever they hear the word "bath", they immediately hide. In their eyes, bathing may be similar to going to the torture chamber, and so is swimming in the water!

Dogs do not like to bathe, and do not wash? Some owners only bathe their dogs once a month or two. And some owners are southerners, usually, a daily bath, if you do not often bath the dog, really can not pass the inner that. Each owner baths his dog, and has their habits, some once a week, some once a month, some once every few months. Exactly which frequency is suitable for the dog?

The frequency of dog bathing, mainly by the dog's body odor and the number of times to go out to decide, generally once a week, or once a month can be.
If a dog like Teddy has a small body odor, it's okay to bathe once a month if you go out for less time. If the body odor of this kind of French bucket is relatively large, but go out less, some owners may have to wash once every 2 weeks. If your dog goes out a lot and likes to roll on the grass and rub the trunk of the tree, it is okay to wash it once a week. It mainly depends on the owner's tolerance level, and it is the owner who is more hands-on to give it a bath. However, even if the dog is dirty, give it a bath more often than once a week. In other words, do not 2, 3 days to help the dog once a bath, will lead to the loss of protective oils on the dog's skin, more likely to suffer from skin diseases.

You can also decide the frequency of bathing according to the season
In the summer, the dog's skin secretion oil will increase, and this time parasite outbreak, a little more frequently to the dog bath is possible. Especially dogs that go out every day and have a particularly strong body odor. About 1 to 2 weeks a bath will do.

In winter, the dog's skin is dry and the number of parasites is low, so if the dog is often at home and does not go out, you can take a bath once a month, or even once every two months.

Some owners have a cleanliness fetish, do not help the dog bath is not comfortable, but some dogs are not suitable for bathing, owners do not want to harm them! For example, puppies, new mothers, sick dogs, etc.
Puppies. Many owners just picked up the dog home, can not wait to help it bath! In fact, this time the dog after a long journey, but also has not yet adapted to the new environment, psychological stress resistance is reduced, the rash bath may cause them to catch a cold. Just a day or two after the vaccination of the dog, the body condition is relatively poor, also not suitable for bathing. In winter, it is also not very suitable, the owner does not operate the dog easy to catch a cold.

The mother of a dog who has just given birth. As the saying goes, "pregnancy is silly for three years", although this talk is a bit exaggerated, but the birth of a child is indeed very harmful to the mother's body. Just after the birth of the mother of the dog is weak, the owner had better wait for a month after the birth, the puppy almost to weaning, and then help the mother dog bath. If you help a pregnant mother dog to bathe, you should also be careful not to overheat the water.

Sick dogs. Sick dogs have poorer resistance and can easily catch a cold. If it is a senior dog in poor health, no matter how dirty the body, it is best to reduce the frequency of bathing, or the more you wash, the sicker you get.

Usually help the dog bath, mainly depends on the owner's tolerance, but it is best not 2, 3 days to wash once, at most once a week. And can not take a bath, the owner can first help the dog comb hair, and then take a wet towel to help the dog wipe the body, wipe after blowing dry can also play a very good cleaning effect.
How often do you usually help your dog get a bath?

How often should I bathe my dog?

II. How often can dogs be bathed?

Some owners may think that their dogs must be covered in dust when they are on the floor all day and night. If the dog goes out for walks often, the body is even dirtier and messier. In order to keep the dog from soiling the couch and floor of the house, the owner will give the dog a bath at every turn. Of course, if your dog always rolls on the floor or deliberately leans to the dirty place when you go out, it is true that you should give your dog a bath. But frequent dog bathing, although the purpose of the dog to keep clean at all times, but can lead to other health problems of the dog.

Why dogs should not be bathed frequently?
1. Frequent dog bathing will destroy the protective oil on the dog's skin. This layer of grease is not only waterproof, but also can block bacteria and fungi from attacking the dog's skin. If the owner frequently give the dog a bath, this layer of grease is likely to be destroyed, resulting in dry, itchy dog skin, resistance to decline, and even cause a series of skin diseases.

2. frequent dog bathing may also lead to hair loss. If the dog has more bacteria fungus, then the owner of frequent bathing may increase the scope of infection of these bacteria fungus, thus leading to hair loss. At the same time, most owners will use body wash when bathing their dogs. If the owner frequently adds body wash to the dog and does not rinse it off carefully, the body wash left on the skin of the hair will also cause the dog to shed.

3. Puppies, sick dogs and dog mothers who have just given birth are not suitable for frequent bathing. These dogs have low immunity, if the owner randomly give them a bath, it is likely to cause the dog to catch a cold and flu, or even lead to aggravation.

How often should dogs be bathed?
In the summer when the weather is hot owners can give their dogs a bath every one to two weeks, in winter once a month is enough. But this is only the general situation, the actual frequency of bathing still need to be determined according to the following circumstances.

1. Dog breed, skin and hair quality
Owners need to know whether their dog's skin is easy to dry, and the length and luster of the dog's hair is also a factor affecting the frequency of bathing. Short-haired breeds like the Beagle and double-coated breeds like the Satsuma and Alaskan don't need to be washed once a week, but owners can usually comb their dogs' coats more often. Long-haired breeds like the Maltese, Yorkshire, and Afghan need to be washed once a week.

2. Living Environment
The biggest factor that determines the frequency of dog bathing is still related to the dog's living environment. If the dog has been indoors for a long time, then the owner only needs to ensure that the indoor environment is clean and the owner can comb the dog's hair more often, but the dog should be bathed at least once a month. If the dog often goes for walks outdoors, will roll in the lawn or go to the dirty road, then the owner at most every one to two weeks to give the dog a bath.

3. Whether there are skin allergies or skin diseases

Allergens that cause allergies in dogs often adhere directly to the dog's skin or hair, so if you find that your dog has skin allergies or itching, the owner can give your dog a bath once a week. If the dog suffers from skin disease, then the owner had better take the dog to the vet for examination first, and decide on the frequency of bathing under the advice of the vet, while paying attention to cleaning up the dog's living environment.

How to give your dog a bath?
1. Comb the hair
Before giving the dog a bath, the owner had better comb the dog's hair, untie some knotted hair, so that the owner will be smoother when giving the dog a bath, but also to prevent the dog from catching a cold.

2. Keep the water temperature
Dog bathing water temperature is best in 35 to 40 degrees Celsius, the dog's body temperature will be higher than our people, so the water temperature is more comfortable for them.

3. Wash the dog below the neck first
We always wash our hair first when we take a shower, but when bathing your dog you must not pour water directly on your head, otherwise it will flow into your dog's ears and eyes. Then gently rub, to produce foam, the owner then rub the dog's whole body. After that, the owner must use water to rinse off the foam and body wash.

4. Wash again with water
After rinsing off the body wash and foam with water, the owner has to wash the dog's whole body again with water, do not leave the body wash and foam in the dog's hair. Not only will the dog accidentally eat it, but it may also lead to hair loss.

5. Dry with a towel
After cleaning, the owner should use a towel to dry the dog's whole body in a timely manner, generally the dog will first shake themselves dry, the owner wait for the dog to stop and then wipe with a towel, do not leave water droplets.

6. Blow dry with a hair dryer

Even with a towel can not guarantee complete dry, if you want to let the dog dry naturally, it is likely to catch a cold or even have a skin disease. Owners are best to use a hair dryer to dry the dog's entire body, especially some hairy dogs are to dry thoroughly.

7. Wash your ears and wipe your eyes
In addition to cleaning the whole body, the owner should also promptly clean the dog's ears in the water and earwax. As for the eyes, the owner can use a wet towel to wipe around the dog's eyes, remember not to wipe back and forth, from the corner of the dog's eyes to the other corner can be wiped.

I believe that the owners are hoping that the family dog is always clean and dry, so that they can hug it at will and let it on the sofa to bed, but it is not recommended to give the dog frequent baths in order to dog clean, to avoid half the effort. Does your dog like to take a bath? How often do you all give your dog a bath?
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