Why do cats sleep on you?


I. Cats love to sleep on their owners because of these reasons

Because of the recent cold air, resulting in the temperature here is still a bit low, anyway, on New Year's week inside, rainy weather accounted for more than half!

This time, the northern partners can always turn on the heating to eat frozen pears, while the southerners had to freeze in this so-called above-zero tens of degrees!

Many shovelers with pets shivering together, looking at this bad weather so that the shovelers and owners feel uncomfortable!

This time it can only rely on shivering body muscles to produce heat, unlike those fats, usually good food and drink for them, the results to the time they need, but tolerate the humiliation and refuse to sacrifice themselves to generate heat to protect the master?

So fat can't be relied on, raising cats for many days must eventually be used wow, the body temperature of kittens is higher than people to about two degrees, is to hold the kitten when the special warmth, extra warm hands ~

The daytime pooper scooper holding the cat warm hands, to the night time how to do it? The cat silently crawled to the shovel's bed, hey, you hold me warm during the day, you have to warm up at night!

Here, many pooper scoopers have questions, why do cats always like to run to the side of the pooper scooper to sleep?

Is it because the shovel's bed is warmer? Looking at the bed of the cat that a bed of cat hair ah, the shovel is a little broken, who can tell me, why the winter cat will still be so hairy?

Ahem, of course, this is off-topic, and then we have to say how to prevent cats from losing hair, why do cats, no matter where like to sleep on the side of the master?

There are reasons for this, and it's not just as simple as we think, there are other reasons for this.

Cats love to sleep on their masters, the shovel often woke up in the middle of the night by pressure, just because of five reasons!
Before we think that cats because they like to sleep in people's beds, so there are pooper scoopers specifically to let out of the bed to run to sleep on the sofa themselves, but in the middle of the night dazed, found the chest bar a big fat cat and sleep over ......

Then I thought it was because cats like the temperature on people, but after the change of people over, cats sleep in their cat nests do not be too honest, that the reason is because of what?

1. the body of the shovel will produce heat, warm baked ah, more comfortable than electric heating!

We know that cats are afraid of cold, in the winter time they like to find those warm places to lie down, like the electric heating side, the old version of the TV, the computer exhaust fan mouth place, that is a careless will grow cat place.

The cat's eyes, that is simply the existence of the omnipotent ah, not only can carry food, but also to their massage, the key is to warm their bed, or the kind of 24-hour non-stop heat production, so that cats especially like to stick to the master's side, one of the reasons is to get warm.

2. cats treat the pooper scooper as a family partner!

As we can often see, that is several cats especially like to stick together and shrink into a pile, which, in addition to warmth, is also a way to enhance the feelings of partners and family members!

Other places are warmer than the shovel is not without, if the cat does not particularly like the shovel, why must stick to the shovel to keep warm!

Well, this explanation is like many girls like money, but why does she only like my money? Not like me! The reason is the same as the reasoning behind the drop to

3. cats in and pooper scooper strong who is the head of the family status!

In the world of cats, kittens will start competing with big cats for resources when they grow up, and the pooper scooper's bed looks like a special treasure trove for the head of the family, so cats especially like to lie on top of their master's bed.

This is the same reason why cats always like to lie on their master's body and chest, which is to determine who is the real master of the house.

So many of the pooper scoopers are so pressed under the kitty, from then on to live a sad life of daily poop scooping ah ~

Cats love to sleep on their masters, and pooper scoopers are often pressed awake in the middle of the night, just because of five reasons!
4. cats like to sleep on the side of the master, there is an important reason because the master is the only person who can give it enough security inside the home, around is the only place to feel safe.

All cats have poor sleep quality and will wake up when the wind blows, but by the master's side, the cat can care about nothing, after all, anything, the pooper scooper can solve, this is the cat's trust in the master.

5. sleeping next to the pooper scooper, more importantly, can wake the pooper scooper up at any time with a slap and then let him go prepare breakfast for himself!

The pooper scooper extremely likes to sleep late, so waiting for the pooper scooper himself to wake up to prepare food for himself, will ...... depend on luck! So why not sleep next to the pooper scooper, so that when the cat is hungry on its own, all it needs is a slap, then the pooper scooper will know what to do.

What? Do you ask what if the pooper scooper doesn't know what to do after a slap? Then ...... two slaps!

Cats love to sleep on their masters, and pooper scoopers are often pressed awake in the middle of the night, just because of five reasons!
Perhaps the reason cats sleep on your bed is not that it is your bed, rather, they feel that the bed is already owned by them and they are the ones who allow you to sleep on their bed. In a good way, that is a kind of trust and attachment of the cat to the owner, in another way, it is a handout to the pooper scooper.

If you think about it, do you think the cat has given a lot to the family? Is there a little touch?

Ahem, do your cats like to stick with you in bed?

Why do cats sleep on you?

II. Do cats like to lie on or beside you?

When you are sitting, the cat will climb up your lap, when you are yoga, the cat may climb up your back, when you are lying quietly, the cat may lie on your chest and squint quietly, etc. Why does the cat do all this?

Why do cats like to lie on you?
1. To mark their territory
Never forget that cats are still a wild untamed creature and they still have the habits of wild animals. Laying on your stuff is one way for it to mark its territory. It will mark its "sovereignty" by rubbing, scratching and other behaviors, transferring pheromones from its sebum on top of its face, skin, paws and other organs of the body to these objects. And the height of these items is the higher the better, because they will feel safer and more relaxed.

2. Be warm
As long as there is sunlight, the cat will find it. They love warmth and will happily hang out outdoors all day, chasing the sun. And at night, they may need a suitable substitute - you at 37.2 degrees Celsius is a good choice. Lying on top of you it will be very comfortable and help keep their body temperature up. In essence, you are its very own heater.

When cats curl up on your lap it also means they are safe around you and trust you enough to put their minds at ease.

3. For comfort
Cats sleep an average of 16 hours a day or more, and naturally, they must like to find a more comfortable place to do their favorite activity - sleep. Compared to the hard floor or coffee table, soft and comfortable sofas, clothing, mattresses naturally prefer. And your lap is also a good choice - the perfect size and very warm, if coupled with a soft blanket, it will immediately become the most comfortable place on earth.

Of course, such a situation is not suitable for the hot summer.

4, the cat loves you
You may not believe that this animal with "traitor" is a creature that likes to interact with its owner. They very much want to be pampered, and they love you very much, even if they do not easily express it. This is evidenced by its snuggling on your lap. This is accompanied by a comfortable, relaxed facial expression, a "purring" sound from inside the body and a slight snorting sound. When the cat shows such emotional signs, please gently pet them until they fall asleep.

5. Your soothing breath
When cats sleep on your neck, the steady rhythm of your heart rhythm and breath will help them fall asleep. The cat will associate the nurturing, companionship and caseness you provide for it, so your breath is pleasing to it.
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