How to get rid of cat dandruff?


I. Why do cats have dandruff

A friend found that the cat's fur was very soft and supple, but when he opened the fur, he found a lot of dandruff hidden deep down, which made his scalp tingle! Some of my friends said they were confused when they first thought it was dust on their cats, but it turned out to be "dandruff"! Some people say that cats do not have a ringworm skin disease, but if they do not bathe for half a month, there will be white flakes stuck in the hair, just after bathing better, but not long again, what should I do? Do cats have dandruff too? I give you the "dandruff" trick!

Dandruff, like hair loss, is a normal physiological metabolism (because cats have a lot of hair, sometimes they don't notice it much). The dander is the appearance of new cells instead of old cells, epidermal cell growth, aging, apoptosis, shedding, pooper scooper daily in the process of combing hair, or bathing can help it clean off some dander. But if the dander is too much, it is not normal, roughly caused by skin diseases, parasitic infections, incorrect bathing, dry skin, insufficient oil, poor nutrition, weather temperature, etc.
1. Skin diseases caused by bacterial fungal infections, commonly known as ringworm, may appear as dander in addition to the formation of round or oval-shaped ringworm, redness, hair loss, and itching. Ringworm can be contagious and needs to be treated promptly with Botox spray and Fuente ointment. Once the ringworm is cured, there will be no flakes. You can use skin care bathing gel to reduce the dander.

2. In addition to increased dander, skin problems caused by parasitic (mite) infections can also include thinning of the local coat, complete hair loss, thickening of the skin, and swollen hair follicles that can squeeze out wax-like cortex, and flushed skin.

3銆両ncorrect bathing caused by increased dander. Too frequent bathing, water temperature is too high, bathing time is too long, the use of human body wash, after bathing without timely blowing dry, etc., in addition to more dander, may also cause hair loss, itching, dry skin, so that the skin becomes fragile. The correct bathing position should be: the use of special bathing shampoo for pets, because they fit the PH value of the pet's skin, and will not damage its skin, the cat bath water temperature should be controlled at 37-38Degrees Celsius, the interval between bathing in winter should be greater than 3 weeks, the interval in summer is greater than 2 weeks, the cat self-cleaning ability is very strong, do not go out of the cat need not often bath.

4. There are many reasons for dry skin, such as cats being too thin and too dry, insufficient oil secretion, resulting in more dander, you can give your cat some compound fish oil (containing Omega 3, 6, 9), of which deep-sea fish oil can reduce dermatitis, beautiful hair and bright hair; grapeseed oil can reduce dry skin, bright hair, and beautiful hair. Some cats are too fat because they can not lick their butts, and their butts may have increased dander (either to lose weight and control their size, or the shoveler should help them wipe their butts), too fat cats will also secrete too much oil, too much oil will also produce dander, the shoveler should consider giving it a change to a less high protein content food.

5, a malnourished cat's hair and skin will not be beautiful. The coat needs nutrition to moisturize and maintain, if the nutrition is not enough, the hair will appear dull, and rough, a lot of hair loss, cat nutrition cream because of the compound lecithin, fish oil and egg yolk powder a variety of nutrition, regular consumption, the hair and skin will be more beautiful.

6, weather and temperature changes may also cause increased dander, especially in the hot summer and dry winter, this situation does not need to worry too much, do a good job of daily cleaning, and nutritional supplements can.

How to get rid of cat dandruff?

II. Cat dander may be caused by these reasons

I wonder if you pooper scoopers have ever found little white flakes of dander in your cat's fur? This is considered a relatively common symptom in cats, especially in fat and elderly cats. Today we will talk to you about the causes of dander and how you can do simple care at home.

Cats can't take care of themselves properly
Under normal circumstances, cats will take care of themselves cleanly, and adequate grooming can keep the skin and coat clean and tidy, but sometimes, cats will not be able to groom themselves comprehensively, such to obesity and overweight, arthritis, pain, etc., so that the cat's body loses its original flexibility, which will lead to partial dryness of the coat and skin due to lack of grooming, and finally the accumulation of shed coat and the formation of dander.

Environmental dryness

The living environment of cats is also the cause of their dander. If the environment is too dry and hot, the skin will overproduce oil due to dryness, and drinking too little water will also have this consequence. In addition, if the pooper scooper bathes the cat too often, it will also stimulate the skin to form dander.

Skin problems

Under normal circumstances, cats will have a small amount of dander, but if they have more dander, it may be caused by infected skin diseases or parasites, so you need to deworm your cat on time and disinfect and clean the environment where they live so that they do not live in a wet and dirty environment for a long time.

How to improve cat dander?

Bathing to remove excess oil: Using pet-specific toiletries for cats can not only help maintain healthy skin, help relieve itchy skin and remove excess oil. However, do not bathe too often, and do not use human shampoo to bathe your cat to save money, as this may make the dander situation worse.

Regularly comb the cat's coat: Grooming the cat's coat every day not only removes excess floating hair but also increases human-cat bonding.

Help your cat maintain a healthy weight: As a responsible pooper-scooper, you must help your cat maintain a healthy weight, not only to meet the normal physiological needs of cats to take care of themselves but also for the overall health.

Increase air humidity: For areas with low humidity, especially for homes heated in winter, increasing air humidity also helps to prevent dry skin and reduce dander in cats, as well as being respiratory friendly.

III. Ways to remove cat dander

Dander is a common problem in cats. Dander contains proteins that are highly irritating to sensitive people and is, therefore, a major cause of allergies in humans. Cat dander, like human dandruff, is made up of epithelial cells that have shed and died. Dandruff problems are caused by skin problems, obesity (cats are unable to groom certain parts of their bodies), seasonal changes, or dry conditions. Dandruff is more noticeable on black cats and here are some practical ways to eliminate it

Grooming can remove dead skin cells and shed hair from cats. If your cat is too fat or too old to groom its entire body, you should keep grooming it daily, but not too close to the forbidden areas (such as the tail or rump).

Bathing can significantly reduce dander. Cats usually don't like water, and you need to try to figure out how to get your cat to cooperate. If a bath is indeed impossible, you can use a wet cloth to wipe it down instead.

Change the bathing gel
Some body washes can dry out your cat's skin. A hypoallergenic formula cat body wash should be used in combination with a conditioner that moisturizes the skin. Be sure to rinse well, as too much body wash can cause more dander.

Change the diet
Diet is very important to your cat's skin health.
There are skin supplements available for pets, such as omega-3 fatty acids that are effective in maintaining healthy skin and promoting the production of healthy skin oils.
For cats with dry skin, wet food is an option. Fish oil can also keep the skin healthy and moisturized.
Monitor the amount of water your cat is drinking. If the cat is dehydrated, the skin will also be affected. Be sure the water is always fresh; cats do not like hot water or water that has been sitting for a long time.
Use a humidifier
If the indoor air is too dry, it may lead to dryness and excessive shedding of the cat's skin. Using an air humidifier can effectively avoid this situation.

Use moisturizer
Cold winds in winter can cause dry skin and cats can produce more dander during the cold season. You can choose a moisturizer with natural ingredients to prevent your cat's skin from shedding.
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