How to take care of a dog


I. How to care for your dog

Regular health care for your dog, paws, ears, and teeth "all-around"
It is important to clean and care for your dog regularly, not only to prevent odor but also to prevent fleas and human cross-infection. It is important to note that most dogs do not need to bathe as often as humans, excessive cleaning of dogs is not necessary but will affect their health.

Do these points for your dog's care, and its health will never go away
Some considerations for bathing your dog

Most dogs need to be bathed 4-6 times a year to prevent unpleasant smells. Again, it is best to help them develop this habit at a young age, and thereafter dogs will not be afraid of bathing. Exhibitor breeds need more frequent baths than regular pet dogs of the same breed, and often need to be dried with a hair dryer. They may be afraid when drying, so the hair dryer is also something they need to learn to adapt to from a young age.

It is important to note that after the dog is bathed, the hair dryer should be set to a low setting so that the noise is low and does not produce too much wind, and the air blown out is warmer and not too hot. While blowing, use your hand to pluck the dog's hair to allow the air to pass through, which can speed up the drying process.

The care of the dog to do these points, its health will never go away
Use a hair dryer to dry the coat

Do not over-care your dog

Never over-care your dog with cleaning, it is not necessary. Dogs give off a pungent odor that is unpleasant to us, but important to their socialization and life. When taking your dog outside after bathing them, you need to be extra careful because they may look for things to approach that emit odors, such as feces of their kind. Do not bathe them again right away, as too many episodes like this can create a nervous state in many kinds of dogs.

Some breeds of dogs do not need a bath, such as long-haired dogs. If you have a long-haired dog, you don't need to worry about them being covered in mud after a walk, and you don't need to bathe them, just wipe down the mud for them with a towel, and the mud that remains will dry up and come off, and you will easily brush them off.

Do these things for your dog's care and its health will never go away
How to bathe your dog properly

Do not bathe your dog where you bathe him, not only for hygiene reasons but because the dog will struggle restlessly and may scratch the ground with his paws. It is best to bathe your dog outdoors because it is a tedious process. Before you start, take off the dog's collar. If the dog struggles during the bath, you can use a nylon collar, which is easier to control.

1, you need to prepare some tools before bathing your dog, you can prepare a plastic children's bathtub. In addition, you need a clean jug, a plastic cup, an old towel, and a bottle of dog-specific bathing solution. It is important to note that the bath water after using the special bath for dogs should not be used to water the flowers, let alone pour them into the community garden.

The dog's care to do these points, its health never go away
2, in the pot filled with warm water, pour it into the bath, and then put the dog gently into the bath, to give it comfort so that it is not afraid. Wash the dog's legs first, and use your hands to scoop up the water to wet the body. Dogs may not like this and want to jump out, you need to control them.

Most dogs will allow their bodies to get wet, but not their heads, so you can wash their heads last.
4, take your bath or dog bathing liquid according to the amount applied to the dog, lather, pay attention not to get into the eyes of the dog, the best use of wet towel for the dog to wipe the face.

Care of the dog to do these points, its health never go away
5, with water, will be stained with bathing liquid fur rinsed clean. If your dog is cooperative, you can choose to use a hose to rinse him, preferably with cold water, not warm water.
6銆丄fter you have rinsed your dog, take them out of the bath and stand them on the floor. The first thing they do is shake their bodies vigorously to get rid of the water on their coats. After that, call him to you and take him indoors to dry his fur to prevent him from catching a cold.

Ear Care for Dogs
Most of the time you don't need to clean your dog's ears. But with spaniels, because their large, thick ears cover their ear canals, the warm, moist environment can harbor bacteria or fungus that can lead to ear mites. The itching sensation makes the dog keep scratching at the ear, and it is important to deal with the problem immediately or it will damage the ear. Constant scratching can also be due to bleeding inside the ear, resulting in a very red and swollen ear.

Close-up of dog's ears
Long-lasting tick preventatives will control ear mites, but will not help with fungus and bacteria. At this point, you will need to get special medication from your veterinarian, which should be administered as prescribed. It is best to also clip the hair inside the ear to prevent blockage of the ear canal. Do not stop taking the medication when the situation improves and the dog stops scratching. Because the infection may still be present and will likely become persistent, the surgical opening of the ear canal may be necessary.
Veterinary cleaning of the dog's ears

Paw Care for Dogs
Check your dog's paws regularly to prevent overgrowth. The most likely problem is with long paws, which grow on the inside of the paw without contact with the ground. If they are not trimmed regularly they will grow onto the paws of the feet. You can get special scissors for trimming your dog's paws, or you can ask your veterinarian to do it for you. Do not cut their nails too short, as they will bleed. If the dog has light-colored paws, you will see one area of pink on each toe that is the newborn nail. You want to start here and cut away the old spent nail tissue. Paper cutter-style nail clippers are easier to handle and use for accurate positioning. For dogs with black paws, it is difficult to see the pink area, so it is best to get veterinary help.

About paws
Every year at the end of summer, most dogs have itchy paws and they will keep chewing on them to relieve the itch. This may be due to a proliferation of mite eggs that they contracted while out and about, which are invisible to the naked eye. Be careful when checking your dog's paws, as they will feel pain and bite you. A dog that is always docile and friendly may also bite you at this point, so be sure to be safe. The easiest way to deal with the mites is to use a bottle of solution to kill them.

Dogs licking their paws
There can be other reasons for their itchy paws, such as grass bugs sticking into their paws, which can also be very painful, and the dog may even limp along. A veterinarian will need to be called in to help find out what the problem is. If necessary, sedative medication should be given to the dog to facilitate detection and management of the problem.

Veterinary paw trimming
Dental Care for Dogs
Dogs can develop dental problems due to tartar at an older age. Tartar can cause inflammation, recession, and loosening of the teeth. At this time bacteria can take advantage of the opportunity to invade and cause pain and gum swelling. Therefore, it is recommended that dogs get used to brushing their teeth regularly from a young age to prevent tartar from developing. You can buy toothpaste and toothbrushes for dogs.
Do not use the toothpaste we use for humans, as some ingredients may not be suitable for dogs. Pull your dog's mouth open and gently brush their teeth, as long as they are cleaned regularly, dogs do not need daily dental care as humans do.

Clean your dog's teeth regularly
Cleaning and caring for your dog is vital to your dog's health, but owners must pay attention to the frequency of cleaning and caring, and never overdo it. Dog cleaning and caring are different from the frequency of human body cleaning and caring.

How to take care of a dog

II. How to care for a dog for a novice

The first time a new dog owner will not know how to take care of the woofers, and become frazzled, but also on their own to search for a lot of information about dog ownership, today through the four aspects of clothing, food, housing, and transport, so that beginner shovelers can quickly start to learn to take care of puppies.

Many pooper scoopers want to dress up their dogs, so they will buy them a lot of clothes, but the dog's hair itself has the role of regulating its temperature, even if the dog is not dressed they will not catch a cold. If you dress your puppy just to look good, try to choose something light and thin. When washing clothes, you must remember to wash your dog's clothes and your clothes separately!

A large part of the dog's health is from the diet, the owner is careful not to give the dog too much and should not eat things. For example.

1, do not give it to eat grapes and chocolate
Grapes contain a fairly high level of glucose and fructose, dogs are unusually sensitive to sugar, and consumption may lead to allergic poisoning. Chocolate is also all dogs can not eat, eating it may lead to death, owners pay attention not to let them eat, or the consequences are unthinkable.

2, do not give it to eat stimulating food
Shovelers should pay attention to never giving dogs eat onions, ginger, garlic, onions, and other stimulating spicy food, these vegetables will make dog hemolysis or chronic poisoning, and spicy food will make the dog's sense of smell dull and cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

3, do not give dogs to eat too salty
Human food is too salty for dogs, and long-term consumption will lead to kidney failure in dogs, so do not want to be convenient to feed dogs with leftovers, the most suitable food for dogs is dog food, the owner can buy some easily digestible dog food to it, like this "greedy natural dog food" is low salt and low oil does not contain any additives. The meat content is high, and the balanced ratio of meat and vegetables, rich in vitamins and minerals, fully meets the daily nutritional needs of dogs.

Choose the right kennel
Dogs in addition to eating, sleeping is also a major event in their lives. Sleep well to grow up healthy, the owner can choose the right size dog kennel, or crate, so that the dog also has a home of its own.

Keep the living environment clean
Some people may not feel the need to clean the kennel, but in fact, the kennel for a long time without cleaning will cause odor mites and other health problems, and even threaten the health of the puppy and the owner's family. Keeping the dog's living environment clean and tidy can reduce many health problems, and can also prevent health problems brought about by hygiene problems.

1, go out to the dog with a leash
As a responsible pooper scooper, going out to the dog to wear a leash is basic literacy. Wearing a leash on your dog can avoid a lot of risks and stop your dog from hurting people, ensuring the safety of others and also for the good of your dog, while also controlling your dog from seeing too many people and getting excited.
The newbie pooper scooper: teach you to take care of your dog from the four aspects of "clothing, food, housing, and transportation".
2, more for the dog to do exercise

For the sake of the dog's health, the owner can take it out for more exercise, which helps to enhance resistance and immunity, more sunlight can also promote the development of the dog, do some training games during the exercise to promote your feelings with the dog, training can be used when the dog loves to eat chicken jerky as a reward so that the dog obediently listen to your instructions.
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