Can dogs eat strawberries? Precautions for dogs eating fruit


Can dogs eat strawberries

Dogs can eat strawberries, but not more than that. Because strawberries are high in sugar, if you eat a lot of the sugar contained in them, this is a heavy burden on your dog's kidneys. The kidneys can only consume slowly and harmful substances will be excreted from the body. If a dog eats too many strawberries, more than the normal limit, the kidneys will become more and more overburdened, leading to serious kidney failure in dogs, and death is inevitable.
1, dogs can eat strawberries, but not more than they can eat. Because strawberries are rich in sugar is very high, if the dog once ingested a large amount of sugar, the burden on the kidneys is relatively heavy. The kidneys can only slowly consume and then discharge these harmful substances out of the body.

2, if you eat a lot of strawberries, beyond the normal range, the burden on the kidneys becomes increasingly large, serious will lead to kidney failure in dogs, death is inevitable.

Can dogs eat strawberries, dogs eat strawberries good

3, the strawberry itself is cold. If you use too much, it is easy for the dog's gastrointestinal also cause a certain burden, endocrine disruption. Parents may know that if the dog's endocrine disorder, the main thing is likely to lead to hair loss. It will take a long time if you want to bring your dog's endocrine secretion back to the normal state.

4, in addition in the process of planting strawberries, will certainly spray a lot of pesticides, if parents do not clean before feeding strawberries to their dogs, directly to the dog use. Think about it is quite terrible, the lighter will cause the dog vomiting diarrhea, the heavier will be directly poisoned to death.

So that in the process of daily feeding, parents can properly add some fruits and vegetables to the dog, but must not give it too much fruit, regardless of which fruit. And when the dog is eating fruit, be sure not to feed it those with more seeds and large nuclei, which can also easily cause the dog to get stuck or poisoned.

Dogs eat fruit precautions

Do not give your dog fruit with a core such as: pomegranate, lychee, apricots, plums, etc.. If you can not remove the core of the fruit, do not give your dog to eat. Because dogs cannot chew seeds or cell nuclei and their stomachs cannot digest them, there is no difference between a lychee core and a pebble in your dog's stomach. In addition, some fruit seeds contain toxic substances that dissolve in the gastric juices when the dog bites them and may kill the dog. Simply put: Fruit seeds or kernels should never be eaten by a dog.

When owners give their dogs fruit, they should be careful not to eat too much fruit, because dogs are especially prone to diarrhea. Some rotten fruit also can not be given to the dog, because it is particularly easy to indigestion, not to mention poisoning. Owners should always be careful never to give their dogs food with seeds or kernels, which can easily lead to dog poisoning.

Can dogs eat strawberries? Precautions for dogs eating fruit

Can dogs eat yogurt-infused dog food


Foods other than dog food, whether snacks, canned food, bones, plain meat, yogurt, or egg yolks, should be fed simply, not mixed with dog food, and these supplements should not be given at the time of feeding dog food, preferably two hours after. For example, feed dog food at six o'clock in the evening and yogurt at about eight o'clock. Or, feed dog food at six in the morning, and feed some dog snacks at eight.

Feed your puppy three times a day, for example, 3-4 times poop, and the poop is soft and hard, the feeding amount is appropriate. If the poop is soft, partly unformed, and fed three times to pull 4-5 times, is to feed more, to reduce the appropriate amount. If the stool is formed, or even sometimes hard, and fed three times only 2-3 times, or less, is feeding less, should increase the amount.

Dog food to maintain the nutritional dog food, growth and development of nutritional dog food, health care and prescription dog food, which can be more carefully divided, such as: bright hair and hair effect, vitality and bone effect, gastrointestinal health effect, urinary health effect, weight loss dog food.

Extended information

Dogs do not eat dog food solution measures.

1, only feed him two meals a day, morning and evening.

2, each dog food at most let him eat 20 minutes, if he does not eat, directly take away the dog food, only give him water.

3, do not put the dog food has been laid out with him to eat.

4銆丏o not ask him to eat.

5, the whole family should cooperate, do not secretly feed him snacks.

6銆丗ormulate the habit of feeding regularly.

7, last 3-5 days.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Yogurt for Dogs

The benefits of yogurt for dogs
1銆丠elp digestion and promote absorption
Because yogurt is rich in lactic acid bacteria, these lactic acid bacteria can very well improve the digestive rate of dogs, help digestion and promote the absorption of nutrients. If your dog eats some food that is difficult to digest, you can give your dog some yogurt so that it can promote the peristalsis of the intestines and help digest food, but it is recommended to feed some pet probiotics better.
2, neutralize the absorption of calcium
The yogurt and milk compared, not only the calcium content is not reduced, but also more lactic acid bacteria than milk. The lactic acid bacteria can effectively neutralize the absorption of calcium in the dog's body, but also increase the number of good bacteria in the dog's intestinal tract, so it is a great benefit to give dogs to drink yogurt.
3銆両mprove resistance
Yogurt is also rich in vitamin B, the role of vitamin B is to effectively improve the dog's resistance. Yogurt not only has vitamin b, but also rich in protein and other elements, which can be very good to help the dog to improve the body resistance and immunity.
4銆両mprove appetite
Usually because of illness, hot weather, depression and other reasons, the dog will easily lose appetite, these times owners can be appropriate to the dog in the dog food plus some yogurt, so that not only can improve the dog's appetite, so that it is willing to eat dog food, but also to supplement it on some other nutrients, but also to help digestion.
Second, drinking yogurt precautions
1, in the choice of yogurt for dogs to feed, it is recommended that owners first look at the composition of the yogurt table, the best selection of lactobacillus, do not choose the milk blend of yogurt, or dogs drink easily diarrhea and diarrhea, do not spend the money but harm their own dogs.
2, dogs drink yogurt must pay attention to the temperature, preferably room temperature, so as not to have a great stimulation of the dog's stomach, if it is just taken out of the refrigerator yogurt, must be fed after a period of time.
3, some dogs also can not drink yogurt, drink will be diarrhea vomiting. When you give your dog yogurt, it's best to feed him a little bit first and observe if he has any symptoms of discomfort, if there are no symptoms of discomfort, you can increase the amount of yogurt and observe again the next time you feed him. Generally speaking, it should not exceed 5ml a day.
Three, dog feeding attention
1, yogurt is only a supplement that dogs usually use to relieve slander, the main food for dogs, of course, should be mainly dog food, because the nutrition of dogs need to get from the dog food, the good or bad dog food will directly affect the health of the dog, it is recommended to choose low salt and light, containing probiotics dog food, such as "greedy natural dog food", which is easy to digest and absorb, and can also be directly affected by the dog. This is easy to digest and absorb, but also to protect the dog's gastrointestinal, so that the dog can also grow better.
2, because people drink yogurt inside the probiotic is based on the human intestinal needs of the beneficial bacteria to produce, is not particularly suitable for dogs. The beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract of dogs and people are different, it is best to buy probiotic products for dogs, now there are a wide variety of probiotics on the market, owners can select high-quality pet probiotics, such as "greedy pet probiotics", effectively promote gastrointestinal digestion, rapid treatment of vomiting and diarrhea, and can also improve the dog's immunity.
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