What to do if your dog chokes?


I. Do not get your hands dirty when your dog chokes on food

The dog's eyes are always full of good food, even if they don't eat it, they have to smell it. But the dog's eating face is not good, this is because as soon as the dog eats the food will become careless, its attention is all focused on the food above, and can not care about the eating face.

The word "gobble" should be the best description of the state of the dog when eating. Dogs love their food, in their eyes, food is very hard to come by, so they must always try to eat all the food in front of them. But it is this characteristic of the dog, but also behind the scenes hides a potential problem, which is that they are easy to choke when swallowing.

To say that the dog choked on this thing, say big and small, to say the big is choking to death. Therefore, if the dog is in a choking situation, the owner must promptly take first aid measures, otherwise, the dog is likely to say goodbye to the owner. To properly respond to this unexpected situation when raising a dog, the following content will teach you some first aid choking dog tips.

Dogs choking on food, do not fumble
Choking refers to the throat being blocked by a foreign body, the feeling that can not swallow and can not spit, it is very uncomfortable, and is like being choked hard, is a state of suffocation, and very easy to cause panic.

Why do you say that choking will cause panic?
The fact is that when we are choking, we will certainly be very anxious, and if there are other people present, they will be equally anxious, which will make it easy for people to make some irrational responses. In addition, we may be in the relevant aspects of knowledge and experience are relatively lacking, but also easy because of this situation and increase the degree of panic, simply put, it is confusing.

But after all, dogs and humans are different, humans can still control their emotions, but dogs choking can only show anxiety, and even directly twitch on the ground, the expression is also very painful.

If you find your dog is choking, the first thing you need to know is to avoid the anxiety and fumbling situation, because anxiety is often easy for people to make the wrong decision and judgment. Once the rescue is not timely or the rescue method is wrong, it will lead to more serious consequences appear.

The world of dogs is very simple, they lack these common-sense lives, once choked, certainly do not know what to do. In addition, dogs are not like humans who can use their fingers to pick out food. All kinds of situations illustrate down, the dog choked, must be the owner's help to do, so the hands and feet is certainly a big taboo.

Under what circumstances can a dog choke
As mentioned earlier, dogs always gobble up food, and they often choke on food when they eat. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that dogs originally have a gluttonous nature, which can be seen from the dog's food habits, food has great importance in their eyes. If dogs are not taught about eating habits when they are young, those who are greedy are especially likely to choke on their food.

And dogs choking on food is also related to their chewing habits, although the dog's teeth are sharp, they do not chew slowly like humans before swallowing, but simply chew a few times and swallowed.

Nowadays, dog owners generally focus on the entertainment of dogs, but also will be prepared for the dog some small toys, but some of the smaller size, and poor quality, easy to chew, will be easy to swallow by the dog, increasing the risk of choking.

Hamrick's method is to deal with human first aid, but its principles can also be used on dogs. But before using the Hamrick method, you first need to see how deep the foreign body is stuck in the dog's mouth. If it is a small dog, you can pick up the dog's hind legs and shake the foreign body out by shaking it rhythmically. If it is a large dog, you can make a fist with both hands and squeeze the dog's abdomen from the bottom up to achieve the purpose of discharging the foreign body.

To be on the safe side, pressing on the depression in the middle of the scapula at the position of the dog's neck can also help the dog expel the remaining foreign body.

The Hamrick method is a very useful set of life-saving techniques for dealing with choking, and with this set of techniques in hand, you will be well on your way to resolving such unexpected situations.

What to do if your dog chokes?

II. What to eat for dog constipation

Dogs' constipation can also give it some pumpkin because pumpkin is good for the health of the urinary tract, and contains high dietary fiber, for constipation and poor gastrointestinal dogs, are very helpful.
If the dog has constipation, the owner can give it to eat pumpkin, it is best to steam feed!

2, apple
Apple is a very common fruit, and for constipated dogs, you can also eat some apples, because the pectin in apples, helps dogs' intestinal peristalsis, to help digestion.
Eat some apples to help reduce dog constipation, but for the dog to eat apples must pay attention to its seeds do not give it to eat!

3, bananas
Banana is also a very common fruit, it can also help dogs solve the problem of constipation, and bananas are rich in a variety of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which is good for the dog's body.
Owners can give the dog a week to eat 3 to 4 eat bananas, so the dog's intestines will be better!

4, sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes can bring benefits, I believe pet owners understand it, in fact, for constipated dogs, sweet potatoes are also a very effective laxative food, can promote the dog's intestinal peristalsis, and improve digestive function.
If your dog has tear marks, you can eat some purple potatoes, to relieve tear marks is also effective!

5, dog food
Want to solve the problem of dog constipation, then the owner is best to feed the dog a high absorption rate, containing the fructooligosaccharide composition of dog food, which can help dogs improve absorption rate, and solve the problem of constipation.

Dogs constipation, gastrointestinal discomfort, etc., then the owner can also feed the dog some pet probiotics, which can help dogs solve constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, and other problems.

7, blueberry
Owners can usually give their dogs to eat some blueberries, because blueberries are very helpful to the dog's body, not only to remove the undigested food in the dog but also to reduce constipation.
And blueberries also help regulate the balance of the dog's intestinal microflora, good for dogs' cardiovascular!
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