Why are my dog's eyes red?


As more and more people have dogs, many questions have surfaced. The dog's pooper scooper knows that raising a dog is not that simple, and there is nothing different from taking care of a small child. The pooper scooper has to take care of the dog's food, drink, and food, and if they are a little uncomfortable, the pooper scooper is more anxious than anyone else. It can be said that the heartache of raising a dog only the pooper scooper knows himself.

The fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items. The first thing you need to do is to ask your dog about the redness of his eyes, what is the reason, and how to do it. We know that the eyes of healthy dogs are relatively clean, generally sick dogs may have increased eye droppings, eye swelling, eye redness, and other phenomena. And one of the most common ophthalmological symptoms is the redness of the dog's eyes.

The reason for the redness of the dog's eyes is a variety of reasons, some pooper scoopers feel that the redness of the dog's eyes is distemper, this statement is certainly not correct, pooper scoopers do not make too much fuss, understand clearly the cause is the key.

If your dog is in a serious situation, it is advisable to send him to the hospital for a checkup. This way the pooper scooper can also feel at ease a little. The following is to tell you a few of the more common reasons for the redness of the dog's eyes! The pooper scooper can learn about it!

Why do dogs' eyes get red?

I. The dog has done a lot of exercise

This is more common, and it is normal for dogs to have red eyes after doing a lot of exercises, so you don't need to be too anxious about it. The reason for this is that the dog is usually not available for walking until the dog is free. The dog may be too excited to play with the shoveler and they have been running non-stop, with no sense of fatigue, and the shoveler sees the dog so happy and also think letting them run a little more should be fine.

A lot of exercises in dogs will make the blood circulation speed up and thus lead to the dog's eyes red, but this situation will naturally be fine after the dog's body temperature drops. This is a great way to get the most out of your life.

II. The dog is on fire

If you suspect that your dog's eyes are red because of fire, you can first observe your dog's eye condition. Usually, dogs with fire will have more eye boogers and the white part of their eyes will turn red. And the dog will frequently drink water, but also with a little breath.

This condition is caused by internal fire, the pooper scooper should improve the dog's diet, and give them appropriate fiber such as fruit and vegetable food, but also bear in mind that there are fruits that can not be given to the dog to eat, and to reduce greasy and high salt food, like canned food, ham is not recommended to the pooper scooper to feed the dog. You can follow the instructions to give your dog anti-inflammatory canine eye drops to use, adhere to a period, and the dog's eyes red problem will be improved.

Three: Dogs are infected with bacteria and parasites

If your dog's eyes are swollen, or if he scratches them with his paws frequently, causing them to become red, it may be caused by parasites or bacteria. In this case, the dog's eyes will feel painful and itchy, so it's better to treat them immediately after the shoveler finds them, in case the dog scratches his eyes.
It is also always stressed that the deworming of dogs is to be done well, usually, the pooper scooper should not let them go to too dirty places better. If the dog's condition is light you can give them a saline rinse 3 to 5 times a day and then drops of anti-inflammatory eye drops can be used, but if the dog's condition is serious it is still recommended that the pooper scooper take the dog to the hospital for treatment.

Fourth, your dog has a foreign object in its eye or is fighting with another dog

If your dog's eyes are red, you may want to think about whether your dog has been fighting with other dogs in the last few days, or if it has been beaten, you may want to take your dog to the hospital.

The other situation is that the dog has a foreign body in its eyes, if this is the case shovel can not be anxious, observe for a few days, and the dog may return to normal on its own.

Why are my dog's eyes red?

V. Dogs with inward-looking eyelids

Some dogs have upside-down eyelashes, which can irritate the dog's cornea and make the dog's eyes feel very uncomfortable. The dog's eyes will be red as well as teary, and the shoveler can help trim off the excess eyelashes or take the dog to the hospital for surgery to solve the problem.

The last thing to say is that the redness of the dog's eyes is not only for the above points but also for dogs suffering from lacrimation or distemper and other diseases, which will also lead to the redness of the dog's eyes. The only thing you need to do is to feed your dog scientifically, and if your dog has symptoms of red eyes, find the treatment early.

The dog's eyes may be red because of excessive exercise or bacterial infection of the eyes, inflammation, and other reasons. Owners' pet owners need to find out the specific cause before treatment. Today, Dr. Paw Paw is here to talk to you about the causes and solutions for the redness of your dog's eyes.

1, a lot of exercises: If the dog's eyes are red after taking it out for a walk home, the dog may have too much exercise or after a long run outside, the dog's internal blood circulation is accelerated resulting in red eyes.

Solution: The owner can take a clean soft towel wet with warm water or saline, to the dog's eyes for cooling treatment to relieve the redness of the dog's eyes, and so the dog's body temperature down, its eyes will return to a normal state.

2, bacterial infection: If the dog's eyes are infected by bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc., there will also be signs of redness, accompanied by eye pain, scratching with paste-like eye droppings. At this time the dog will frequently scratch the itchy area with his paws, thus causing the eyes to become red.

Solution: If the redness of the dog's eyes is not serious, the owner can first use salt water at home to clean, and then give the dog antibiotic eye drops for treatment, the follow-up does not improve and the symptoms are getting more serious, the owner will have to take it to the vet for medical attention.

3, eye inflammation: dog eye redness may also be caused by inflammation of the dog fire, mainly because the owner usually feeds the dog food too hot, dry, especially spicy and greasy food, or food containing too much salt, and the dog does not drink much water.

Solution: If this is the case, then the owner should adjust the dog's diet, do not feed the dry and hot dog food, but replace it with fiber low-salt dog food, as well as appropriate feeding some fruits and vegetables to the dog to help the dog supplement vitamins at the same time can also alleviate the condition of eye stool, eye redness.

4, lacrimal glands: dog eyes will be red and may be caused by lacrimal glands. Usually, the dog's lacrimal gland is infected, resulting in excessive and abnormal secretion of tears, so that the dog has been flowing tears, thus triggering the dog's eyes to appear red and swollen.

Solution: It is recommended that the owner promptly take the dog to the vet to check and prescribe medication, and then use the medication according to medical advice, remember not to use the medication at home for treatment, to prevent the dog from drug poisoning.
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