What to do when your dog is in heat? Dogs in heat time


As the weather gets hotter, the smell of hormones starts to fill the air, and dogs are sending out their unique electric waves to attract the opposite sex and breed the next generation. That's right, dogs are about to come into heat, which can be a big problem for first-time dog owners or those who don't know much about it. Today, we will share with you practical tips for dogs in heat.
This is a normal physiological phenomenon for dogs, usually twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, in detail, once between March and May, and another time in September to November this period. This is inevitable for all dogs, and many times pooper scoopers will be bothered by the dog's heat problem, when the dog's heat period to do what is good? What are the precautions to take?
To prevent your dog from going to other dogs, you can prepare a plush toy for your dog that is about the same size, which will attract your dog's attention and will satisfy your dog's riding behavior during the estrus period.
If you have the idea of having your dog breed, you can find a female dog for your dog to mate with. Once the dog has settled this time, the estrus period is almost over.
There is also the easiest way to keep an eye on your dog and keep him within your sight! If you're going out, it's best to keep your dog away from other dogs, keep your dog on a leash, and keep your dog away from other dogs.
In addition, when a dog comes into heat, there is a most convenient solution, which is spaying and neutering surgery. The dog will not be in heat when spayed or neutered, and then spayed or neutered dog will not be bothered with courtship, and the life of the pooper scooper will be much cleaner. However, there is still a lot of controversy surrounding spaying and neutering, and there are advantages and disadvantages.
In addition, the dog in heat should pay attention to nutritional supplements, this stage of the dog's appetite will be much less than usual, so pay more attention to nutritional supplements when preparing food for it, but also can be appropriate to give the dog additional meals, add meat, so that the dog more appetite.
The fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

I. When the dog comes into heat

Generally speaking, dogs come into the heat twice a year. In March-May and September-November each year, the entire estrus period lasts 6-10 days. Both male and female dogs change in temperament during the estrus period.
Smaller dogs will reach sexual maturity earlier than larger ones, and the first heat is not the best time for a female to mate, but the second heat is the best time to mate.
If you don't want your dog to procreate or deal with the hassle of heat, then it's best to take your dog to be spayed after her first heat is over, there are many benefits to doing so, but everyone's opinion is different and it's advisable to think before you decide!

II. Dogs in heat

The performance of male dogs in heat
1. Male dogs in heat can also become irritable and irritable, and may also exhibit aggressive behavior when they encounter things that don't go their way, especially with strangers and other male dogs.

2, male dogs in heat will appear to climb across, hug legs, and other embarrassing behavior, sometimes found female dogs, a strong rush up.

3, male dogs like to pee everywhere and occupy the territory to attract other female dogs close, if there are other strangers or dogs close to their territory, the reaction will be very intense.

The performance of a female dog in heat
1, the pubic area will swell and bleed, just like a girl's "period", mucus will flow out along with blood.

2, the bitch's temper will become irritable and restless during the estrus period, and she likes to grunt.

3. Always want to run outside, even if some go out and come back after a while, still with a pregnant body.

What to do when your dog is in heat? Dogs in heat time

Three: What to do if your dog is in heat?

1. Pay attention to hygiene
The female dog will have her period during estrus, and the pet owner should always wipe up the secretions coming out of the female dog. One is to be clean and avoid the female dog from being infected, and the other is to avoid being door-to-door by the male dog smelling the smell. Another thing to note is that in the middle of the dog's heat, it is best to wash its hind legs and buttocks with water every morning and evening.

2, close the windows and close the door
Pet owners should not belittle the male dog's sense of smell, even at a distance of two kilometers, the male dog can smell the female dog in heat. And female dogs will also try to sneak out of the house to find a partner, so it is best for pet owners to close the doors and windows of their homes during the rut. In addition, you should also reduce the time to take your dog out, even if you go out, do not let your dog out of your sight.

3, stimulate the dog's appetite
During the dog's heat, it only wants to go out every day to find a partner, so it is likely to have a loss of appetite. In order not to let the dog lose weight due to heat, pet owners can feed their dogs some probiotics to promote digestion and improve appetite; or prepare some very fragrant food for dogs to stimulate their appetite.

4銆乄ear protection
For the dog in heat, pet owners can also give to buy some special physiological pants for dogs to wear. This will not only prevent the dog from dripping blood into the house but also prevent their dogs from being violated by unknown male dogs. In addition, it can also avoid the female dog from getting infected by licking her pubic area.

5, diet to pay attention to
The dog in heat, more nutritional loss, and will appear to lose appetite, so to ensure that the dog can replenish nutrition, then the pet owners do not feed the dog leftovers, it is best to feed the dog some natural food containing probiotics, palatability, easy to digest. Also remember to feed some fruits and vegetables, more comprehensive nutrition.

6, soothing emotions
During the heat of the dog's mood swings, often appear restless, treating strangers more aggressive, pooper scoopers at this time must pay special attention to soothe it or give it favorite toys, and let it relax.

7銆乀ie the leash well
During the heat of the dog food uncontrolled, like a hungry tiger, to avoid their female dog the male dog to spoil, but also to avoid their male dog scourge, other girls, shovel officials must be tied to the dog good leash, even if the dog is not in heat also have to do so.

In addition, the dog in heat to pay attention to nutritional supplements, this stage of the dog's appetite will be much less than usual, to pay more attention to nutritional supplements when preparing its food, but also can be appropriate for the dog to add meals, add meat so that the dog has more appetite.
The dog in heat should pay more attention to looking after them, some dogs may have a big personality change, and some dogs may not recognize their owners, so pet owners in this stage of feeding to pay extra attention, but also understand them more, usually do not let the dog out of their sight.
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