How many times a day should a dog eat? How do you know if your dog has eaten enough?


As the saying goes, "people are iron, rice is steel, a meal is not hungry", we eat following the "three meals a day" standard, but how many meals a day dogs eat is healthy, is unclear. I believe that this is the more concern about dog friends, probably we have heard that dog food can not eat more, easy to support, but also can not eat less, easy to starve, then how do we grasp this "degree" it depends on the dog in which age.

If the dog is just weaned puppy period, under the care of the mother dog, we do not have to worry about its eating problems. By the time they reach 1.5 months or 2 months old, the mother's milk is not enough for their appetite. At this time, the owner can decide how much to feed based on the puppy's weight by using goat's milk to make dog food and eating once every 8 hours, 2-3 times a day, increasing to four times a day, or once every 6 hours, as the mother feeds less and less.

When the dog is 3-6 months old, you can feed them three meals a day, which is three times a day, morning, noon, and night. Pay attention to the time interval as evenly as possible, so that they develop the habit of eating regularly. For those dogs that don't know they are full but are still eating, the owner can observe from their poop if the dog has eaten too much.

The normal poop is a little soft but formed. If the puppy's poop is soft and unformed, it contains undigested dog food that is eating too much. This time the owner should reduce the dog food content oh.

After 6 months you can change the number of times the dog eats to two meals a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

When the dog is 1 year old or adult, feed in the morning after defecation and play. Some people think that one meal a day is enough, while others think that two meals a day are appropriate. In my opinion, this depends on the actual situation of the pooper scooper to decides.

For example, the owner works from 9 to 5 every day and has a small dog such as Teddy or Bichon. One meal a day is fine. Because the dog is less active at home, it is easy to eat too much indigestion. Small dogs do not eat much, one meal a day will not starve them.

If you feel that one 24-hour day is too long to feed your dog one meal. Feeding your dog two meals will keep them healthy, such as an active Husky or a Labrador who likes to exercise. Give your dog twice a day and take it out twice a day, this is better for gastrointestinal health and to meet the dog's exercise, and for the owner, it also serves the purpose of the exercise.

I. What can go wrong when you freely feed your dog?

Some pet owners are free to feed their dogs, preparing dog food for 24 hours a day and letting them eat when they are hungry, but free feeding can easily lead to problems.

1, dog food is placed for too long, it is easy to breed bacteria, or dog food is easy to mold, deterioration, the dog ate bad.

2, dog food-free ingestion, that the dog is likely to eat into a fat dog.

3, the development of improper dietary patterns in dogs, the body is prone to disease.

4, snacks freely ingested, over time, the dog may appear picky eaters.
Free feeding since does not work, how many times a day does the dog eat the best?
Dogs are an animal that does not know full, as long as there is food to eat, will keep eating until very full, and this very much affects the health of the dog.
For adult dogs, it is possible to eat 3 meals a day, and if the pet owner does not have time, it is okay to feed only two meals in the morning and two in the evening. For puppies, such a feeding frequency is not good for their health, after all, the puppy's digestive system is not fully developed, and can only eat fewer and more meals, and eat 4-to 5 meals a day.
So how much dog food does a dog eat a day?
Generally speaking, dogs are fed a percentage of their body weight. Small dogs are fed 1.5% of their body weight a day, and medium to large dogs are fed 2% of their body weight a day, divided into 2-3 feedings a day.
For example, a Bichon weighing 6kg should be fed 90g of dog food per day, divided into 2 times, that is 45g per ton.
Of course, different dog food has different nutritional composition, so the feeding amount is also different. Those with good nutrition can be fed a little less, while those with poor nutrition should eat more. Also, it is important to adjust the feeding amount according to the dog's age, breed, and exercise level.

How many times a day should a dog eat? How do you know if your dog has eaten enough?

II. How do you know if your dog is full?

1, feel the dog's stomach, the abdomen is full, and not rising is appropriate.
2. Look at your dog's poop. If you feed him more, his poop will be soft, and if you feed him less, his poop will be hard and pellet-like.
The fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items.

Three, reasonable feeding methods

1. The feeding system is clear
Regularity: the time to feed your dog every day should be fixed, not earlier or later, the dog's digestive system and so on is also required to form a fixed biological clock, and need regular feeding to form a conditioned reflex, which can make the dog's digestive system regular work and rest, to improve the absorption of food utilization.
General one-year-old dogs within three meals a day, within three months a day feed 4 times, within two months, 5 times a day, within one month 6 times a day, and winter and more than 1-year-old dogs can be fed once a day in the morning and evening, respectively, it is best to eat after exercise, defecation.
Quantitative: quantitative is to pay attention to not letting the dog overeat, or hungry for a full meal, if too full easily indigestion, too little, the dog will be hungry and can not be quiet, can not rest well.
Fixed temperature: "warm in winter, cool in summer, warm in spring and autumn" to adjust the temperature of diet and water according to the seasonal temperature.
Fixed quality: to specify different standards of food according to the different physiological states of the dog.

2. Fixed dishes and places
Dogs should have a fixed food and water bowl, to be cleaned regularly to avoid illness, but also in a fixed place. Fixed dishes and places help dogs to develop good eating habits.

3. Sufficient drinking water
To give the dog a fixed water bowl, the water bowl should always have sufficient water. Water to choose tap water, well water, and other clean water, to provide warm water in winter, summer attention to increase the amount of water.

4. Often observe the dog's appetite and eating situation
To often observe how the dog's appetite, as well as the number of dog meals, eating when the mental state how. If the dog's appetite is suddenly poor, first exclude objective reasons (dog food is not appetizing, the surrounding environment is noisy, etc.), if not objective reasons, then pay attention to whether the dog has been sick.
The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

Fourth, what should I give my dog to eat?

Many people say that dogs nowadays are too pretentious, the previous dogs lived well-eating leftovers, but now they want to eat dog food. Although dogs are omnivores and can eat anything, leftovers from humans can easily lead to malnutrition, hair loss, rough hair, and other problems, and can also affect a dog's lifespan.
So usually although you don't have to give your dog to eat expensive dog food, also to ensure that your dog eats some nutritionally balanced dog food, here is recommended "greedy dog food", not only balanced meat and vegetables, and contains deep-sea fish oil, and kelp powder, to ensure balanced nutrition at the same time, can also increase the toughness of the dog's hair, slow hair loss, beautiful hair. You should also give your dog some vegetables and fruits, etc. The nutrition will be more comprehensive.
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