Is a dog better than a cat?


I. 6 advantages of owning a cat

Is it better to have a cat or a dog? It has always been a topic of debate, I have carefully calculated a plate of accounts, in fact, better to have a cat than a dog, no lie, having a cat has these 6 "advantages,"

1, dog toys are expendable, cats a teaser stick to go around the world
Buy a cat teaser stick for cats, you can play for two years will not be bad, 29.9 cat claw board is still alive!
But the dog it, the dog this ability to demolish the home is very great, Frisbee, dolls, bite the ball, playing with all wear a hole, I have to say that the dog is a walking toy crusher.

2, dog bathing trouble, cats simple
Raising cats know that cats do not need to take a bath, the number of baths a year is only a handful of times, but also do not need to go to the beauty store. Cats basically will not have any big body odor.
Dogs are different, at least once a week in the summer to wash, winter can be 2, once a week, and each bath or a huge project, plus some dogs are extremely uncooperative, bathing is a headache.
And if the dog is not bathed, the dog smell will be too heavy to keep at home. Like Alaskan dogs, these large breeds, once a month go to the beauty store, the money is clattering.

3, dogs are easy to disturb the people, and cats will not
Some places are forbidden to people who have dogs, and cats are different, can be kept indoors, and will not be pointed out. Some people dislike dogs very much, and if your neighbors are people who do not like dogs, then you may have to be told every day.

And dogs can bark and easily disturb people. Cats are less barking, and can always nest in the house, you do not say that others do not necessarily know.

4, the dog to walk, the cat does not have to go out
I believe that most people are working people, keeping a dog is too unfriendly to working people!
Because the dog has to be walked, morning and evening, to go out. If a day did not go out, the dog will be at home to do damage, or owl all day. Everyone 996 to home themselves wants to stall, which has time to walk, not to mention for walking the dog up half an hour early.
The cat does not have this trouble, the cat does not go out much, you sit on the sofa, and it comes over, and enjoys jerking off on the line.

5銆丏ogs will poop and pee, cats do not
Although the owner has also taught the dog to defecate at regular intervals, the dog will still be at home to poop and pee. And some dogs will also go out to urinate and defecate around, the behavior is very uncivilized, the pet owner to strengthen discipline, and pick up the dog poop when a civilized pooper scooper.
While cats generally solve the problem of defecation in the litter box, pet owners only need to regularly go to clean up the cat's poop can be, relatively easy and simple.

6, in terms of food, dogs have greater expenses than cats
Although the unit price of anything for cats is more expensive than for dogs. But the cat only a month to eat how much, a cat family, food costs only 150 ~ 200 yuan a month, has included canned food and snacks, this is because the cat's a meal would have eaten little.

And raising a dog, even though you have a small dog, but the dog is very able to eat, a day to eat two spoons of dog food is not enough, but also add meat, freeze-dried, vegetables, etc., at least a month are more than 200 yuan.

So raising cats and kittens is relatively frugal, although raising cats and kittens saves money, the pooper scooper also has to choose a quality food for the cat is right, this is to ensure the health of the cat, the cat is healthy, spend less money.

Is a dog better than a cat?

II. The advantages of having a dog

The question of whether it is better to have a dog or a cat seems to be a question that has never had an answer, with everyone sticking to their guns. A Japanese variety show also took to the streets to survey dog and cat owners, asking them whether they were happier with a dog or a cat. After interviewing a circle, basically dog lovers are generally happier, they love life and the people around them more, and are more social. So what is better than having a dog than having a cat? The following will take you to reveal the 5 reasons why it is good to have a dog.

1. There will be no odor in the house
For owners of cats, cats in the litter and the smell left behind will be smelly and pungent, no matter how you clean the home or spray air freshener, there will be odors from the cat litter, and cats may also urinate in the corners of the home until you have a chance to see the traces of the cat when you clean up. But if you have a dog, this kind of trouble will be less, the owner can take the dog for a walk when it is convenient in the field, the owner just prepares the poop bags, and timely clean-up can be. This will reduce the chances of dogs leaving odors in the house. Even if the dog will urinate and defecate at will in the house, the owner can also be trained to let the dog find the right place.

2, dogs adapt to the environment faster
Generally, speaking cats are more sensitive than dogs to changes in the bad situation, and dogs tend to accept changes, especially when the owner can maintain a normal mind in front them. Of course, some dogs will be anxious and fearful because of changes in the bad situation, but on the whole, dogs in the face of changes in lifestyle and bad situations, tend to be calmer.
When owners bring their dogs and cats home, cats need a long time to explore to adapt to their new home, they need to leave their smell. While dogs only need to familiarize themselves with the owner's smell and a small area of their own.

3, dogs are easier to train well
I believe that owners of cats will admit that dogs are easier to train than cats, most cats are my way, while dogs will care more about their owners. A lot of training is based on treat rewards, while a cat just wants to get something for nothing, and after knowing that the only way to get a reward is to act on command, it may get bored and leave. A more dominant cat may also just grab your treats.
And dogs themselves are much more comfortable with training, which for them is an opportunity to play with their owners. The dog's desire for snacks is a little higher, and the dog himself will be happy and proud when he succeeds in making the movements his master wants. In the training process, the dog can also consume their energy.

4. It is easier for the owner to stop the dog from destroying
If you can control a cat to prevent it from destroying itself at will, then cat owners will probably wake up laughing in their sleep. Cats will always wander around the house, jumping to places you don't want them to jump, knocking over table cups, and sitting on the keyboard in front of your computer, can you stop an incoming cat? Although the dog will also demolish the home to do damage, the owner can train to stop the dog, and the dog demolition of the home is also a certain reason and solution. If not, the owner can also lock the dog in a cage to avoid further damage. But if you want to put the cat in a cage, then you may anger the master of the house, hands and face with more than a few scars are an instant thing.

5, having a dog will have a healthy life
Cats tend to stay at home, even if they go out without the owner's company, and the owner can not follow, after all, cats can go up to the sky and disappear, but also drill alleys. But dogs are different, dogs need a certain amount of exercise every day, at this time the owner is taking the dog for a walking exercise at the same time, they also get enough exercise. Not only can consume the dog's energy, so that it no longer demolishes the home, but also the master himself can be strong and healthy to maintain health, killing two birds with one stone.

The most important reason is that dogs are our best friends, which has been proven by time, in history, dogs have always protected humans. There is no doubt that the bond between humans and dogs is the real deal. Of course, the reality is that dogs and cats are not opposites at all and have corresponding advantages and disadvantages to each other. I believe that the issue of whether it is better to have a dog or a cat, ultimately depends on each owner's preferences, the above reasons are just some references. If you are torn, why not just cat and dog to become a winner in life! Children only make the choice!

Do you prefer dogs or cats?
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