Do dogs get period cramps? Why do dogs have sudden cramps


Does a dog get period cramps

Will. There are many different causes of cramps in dogs, such as epilepsy, distemper, encephalitis, calcium deficiency, etc. They can all cause cramps in dogs. If a dog has cramps for a while and then gets better later. This is likely to be caused by epilepsy, and at this time the owner had better send the dog to the doctor and administer the medication under the guidance of the doctor. However, if the dog's temperature rises at the beginning of the convulsions; appetite decreases; lack of energy; vomiting, etc., it is likely to be distemper. Calcium deficiency is usually only found in large dogs.

Do dogs get period cramps? Why do dogs have sudden cramps

Why do dogs suddenly twitch

For those of you who have a dog at home, have you ever seen a sudden twitch in your dog when you live with them? I'm sure you have, because even if you take extra good care of your dog, they will definitely have twitches at times. Why do dogs suddenly twitch? There are 5 reasons why they suddenly twitch, which is why you take good care of the dog, the dog will still twitch.

The first reason: feeling scared

Even if you take good care of your dog, you can't protect it very well, it will still encounter something that scares it. When it encounters something that scares it, its body may appear convulsions. If in this case, the dog's body twitching, you do not have to worry too much, because you just call the dog over, soothe the dog, let its emotions stabilize, its body will not twitch again. Now it's almost New Year, New Year's firecrackers will be set off, the dog will likely be afraid to hear the sound of firecrackers, you can be prepared in advance. The second reason: sick

Dogs body twitching, definitely not a normal performance, is definitely a problem. Most likely, it is it has a disease, so it will twitch. For example, when the dog has distemper, its body will twitch, and, its body twitching will also be very strong, has been twitching non-stop. If you find that your dog is always twitching, it is best to take him to the hospital and have him checked out. This disease is treated in a timely manner, there is still a high chance of recovery.

The third reason: having epilepsy

The above distemper is treatable, but this epilepsy is different, if the dog has epilepsy, life will always appear convulsions. Sometimes, it will always convulse, sometimes, it will intermittently convulse, even if you take it to the hospital, but there is no way to cure it. You take it to the hospital, but also just let the doctor control its condition, simply can not do eradication. It is for this reason that we must take care of our own dogs, as long as they are well taken care of, the chances of the dog getting epilepsy, will be much smaller.

The fourth reason: body cramps

Of course, there is another situation, if the dog has a convulsion, you can ignore it. When the dog's body cramps up, it will also twitch, however, when it twitches a couple of times, it will be fine. This situation mostly occurs in juvenile dogs, they are developing, the body "parts" are not perfectly integrated together, so there will be twitching this situation.

The fifth reason: lack of calcium in the body

When the dog's body is deficient in calcium, its body will also appear convulsions. However, in this case, it twitches only a twitch or two, and there is no other performance. If you find that your dog only occasionally twitches a couple of times, then you should prepare it for calcium supplementation. As long as you give him a good calcium supplement, he won't twitch anymore.

Causes of dog cramps and what to look for

Walk in the street more or less attention will be found, some dogs in the trot, especially the hind legs, a bucking, sometimes a leg bucking, some is two legs in turn bucking, because in life, there is no impact, so dog owners generally do not care too much, much less consider whether it is pathological, whether it needs treatment, some people say this phenomenon is a dog cramps, is a lack of nutrition, it should be given to supplement Trace elements or calcium tablets. My dog Bichon in the small time, and do not remember from what time, the hind legs appeared cocked, began to be two legs, gradually into a leg, I listened to the dog friend's advice, to add it to the dog special joint Shu, also known as complex gluconate amine . Chondroitin, in fact, in the early days of the dog, I added calcium tablets and trace elements to its food, although it is now better, occasionally still crossed legs, but I still understand more or less, the dog in what circumstances, there will be cramps and what to pay attention to in life? The following and the majority of dog friends to share the exchange, I hope to have the same situation of the dog to help.

The first situation: the stimulation of low temperature and cold, because my dog Bao is a Bichon three years old, the hair self-perception is quite thick, so the winter never gave it through the clothes, the past also did not appear in the situation, last year's winter that is a cold ah, a day in the morning after a heavy snowfall, as usual community walking, dog friends know that most dogs like snow, that day plus meet a good friend (dog friends of the family dog), my family I suddenly stopped moving, I called him out of the snow, but he just looked at me stupidly, his expression was not right, and then I saw his hind legs lifting and stretching straight, I suddenly realized that the dog had a cramp in his hind legs, immediately took him in his arms, gently gave him a wisp and wisp, wrapped his body with a down jacket, and gradually returned to normal.

In fact, dogs and people are similar, muscles under the influence of cold air, if not adequately prepared or timely warmth, it is easy to lead to cramps occur, is what we often call cramps, it is recommended that in the cold winter dog walking, especially the breeding of small dogs or short-haired dogs dog friends, must give their own dog treasure to do a good job of warmth.

The second situation: the amount of overload exercise, we often hear that a certain athlete muscle strain, the reason is overload caused by a lot of initial dog breeding people, without understanding the dog's physical condition, with the dog to walk with more road and also forced traction tug, which is easy to leave the dog muscle cramps hidden trouble. Then when walking the dog must try to avoid, because you a careless, habitual action will bring harm to your dog treasure hidden danger.

The third situation: nutritional balance pay attention to calcium, not to mention the dog, is a person nutritional deficiencies or calcium deficiency, there will be problems, leg cramps at night is a typical column, the dog's diet does not pay attention to nutrition will lead to calcium deficiency, especially those large dogs, in the growth, faster bone development, the calcium required is relatively large, usually in the food with some calcium and vitamins appropriate.

The most important thing is to make sure that your dog has the right amount of money to pay for it.

What are the causes of leg cramps in dogs

We know that cramps are very uncomfortable and the pain they cause can be very intense. Dogs can also get cramps and they can be in pain, so it's important to understand the causes of leg cramps in dogs and to avoid the conditions that can cause them, because they are not comfortable. Dog leg cramps may be due to the winter weather is too cold, because of the freezing, the dog is prone to leg cramps. In this regard, in the cold winter must give the dog a warm living environment, prepare a thick warm sleeping pad for it, do not let them get cold. Dogs leg cramps may also be caused by a lack of calcium, when the lack of calcium to a certain stage, the legs will become weak, the occurrence of cramps and shaking situation. In the face of this situation, it is advisable to take your dog to the vet for a detailed physical examination to determine whether the lack of calcium is serious and then develop a reasonable plan to supplement calcium for your dog to alleviate its leg cramps. The dog's leg cramps may also be due to injury or being whacked by someone. If you can be sure that your dog has no calcium deficiency or other abnormalities, then check your dog's legs carefully for trauma and internal injuries, and if necessary, take your dog for a radiograph to check the condition of the bones. It can be seen that there are many reasons for dog cramps, the environment, calcium deficiency, disease and other reasons may cause the dog cramps, so for different situations to be treated differently, for their care should be careful, if the cramps are serious may be life-threatening.
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